Whew!  Sorry to take so long getting the Pele Report this week but as you can tell from the aspects, this is a wild and crazy time!  Just finished up the Kaypacha Healing Festival tour with a grand slam ending at the ECETI ranch with James Gilliland and Scott Huckabay!

What an amazing month!   I feel so blessed to have met so many amazing people and gotten a real taste of what a New Paradigm based upon balancing the masculine/feminine dynamic within a community of healers is all about.  We had many healing circles for shadow work, clearing, opening, and healing ourselves so we could be more fully present for others.  Indeed, in so many ways we are our own healers, and we saw ourselves more as facilitators of healing as the festivals went on.  It could all make a good book/video one day, and I only wish we had succeeded in live streaming/recording more of it to share.  The video gods were not working with us on this one!

On another note I am now looking forward to sharing more astrology in Florida this coming October for east coasters!   I will be presenting at both the IN5D convention and doing another solo workshop afterwards.  Please check the details below to see if you can join me!  Until then I wish you the best!  Aloha!



The path to joy and happiness,
Is laughing and dancing along,
The more I sing, the more I see,
That Life is but a song.

This is one of the most powerful weeks to enjoy, let loose, and free your spirit.  It is time to celebrate the growth that began last January and was birthed in late March and is now coming back to you.  If you are not getting good returns, you may take it that you need to give out some more next time around!  While some in the consensus stage of evolution may not be able to contain this energy resulting in overdosing and losing it, most will experience the high of free self expression opening new channels of love and creativity!  Let it out!