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The financial King of the world himself Baron David de Rothschild who runs the Rothschild Banking Business today and who sees a New World Order in Global Banking Governance – Yes Folks that’s what he said – His Exact Words – The Rothschild’s have helped the British government since financing Wellington’s army to fight the French in 1815 and continue to pull the strings of the world today.


The true “Axis of Evil” – The City of London

The citizens of Britain have been warned we could face decades of painful austerity measures in order to get our country back into surplus and we all continue to sit back and accept what our extremely corrupt government tell us.

It is time for all the sheep in this country to become shepherds and start asking some serious questions as to how this state of affairs occurred and who was behind it……..You would be shocked to learn the truth.

I have always believed it is our duty of care to expose any form of corruption in this country but when one points a finger at our past and current Prime Minister or any of their corrupt cabal it becomes increasingly difficult for obvious reasons and you are certainly not likely to see any of this appear in the Zionist controlled media.

Why is it that when you do write an article on such topics the British public simply carry on with life as usual and allow these corrupt MP’s and Members of the House of Lords to continue ripping them off?

I will now attempt to explain the background to the world’s financial meltdown in 2008 and which continues to haunt us to this very day. This catastrophic event was no accident but a well orchestrated plan by the Zionist controlled New World Order.

 No doubt you are thinking that it’s all over and the world will return to normality in the not too distant future but believe me this is far from the truth as there will be a much bigger financial tsunami over the next 12 months………this next one will focus on the European Union and possibly take out the Euro and dismantle the EU as we currently know it!!  

Whilst all the sheep have been grazing in fields of Britain our Prime Minister and his fraudulent partners in crime have been stripping this country of its wealth to a point where we are very close to not only losing our sovereignty but also the ability to protect our shores and police our streets.

You all may not be aware of a very powerful court case that is currently underway in New York that is attempting to expose the workings of the New World Order in what I call from the “Top Down” and over this side of the pond, here in the UK, there is another case involving myself and Gordon Bowden which is attempting to do the same from the “Bottom Up”……….both of which are very much connected to the same gang of thieves.

This evil and very satanic New World Order has a web that encompasses the world but few people know that its heart is actually here in the City of London……the true axis of evil!!

It is clear that the spider’s web consists of extremely powerful people who are a mix of ex German Nazis who entered the US illegally and believe it or not Christian Zionists and Jewish Zionists.

I was shocked to learn that within the Jewish Zionist’s are elements that can only be described as the “Jewish Mafia” who are prominent bankers who work hand in hand with the ex German cabal (also bankers)……rather ironic don’t you think when we take into account those behind the Holocaust are now partners in crime in massive fraud and corruption!!

Over the last week or so I have been in communication with the two leading players in the New York court case, Neil Keenan and Keith Scott in an attempt to bring the two cases together as they are so closely connected and I am glad to say that information is now flowing that not only exposes the inner workings of the New World Order but also gives details of who is involved in this elite organisations, where the money comes from and where it goes.

I will now give you the brief I received concerning their court case which I am sure will arouse your interest and may even incite you into asking questions of our past and current Prime Minster and the corruption and fraud that exists within the corridors of Westminster!!

The report I received is published in its entirety below:


When Banks and Politicians lie together, the losers are, we the People


A Trillion Dollar Lawsuit filed on the November 23, 2011 in the United States Federal Court, New York Southern District  with docket number 11civ 8500 may well be a defining moment in history for economics and banking.

The Neil Keenan Trillion Dollar lawsuit is a lawsuit about theft and deception, but may well end up exposing the Bankers and Politicians who run the largest criminal enterprise that has ever existed. Dark secrets and criminal conspiracies between politicians and bankers are what impoverish the people.  It is all executed through what is known today as the Central Banking System, a privately owned enterprise made of privately owned banks that are tied into the geopolitical spectrum. Secret funds and secret controls with market manipulation, that in dire secret, steal from the masses.

The people are never taught about money, what it is and how it works. The people never know how they are entrapped into being chattels and slaves of bankers. The people are not allowed to know that the operations of banks today is all based on the fraudulent use of licenses banks hold that allow them their special and privileged position in Society. The people are not allowed to know that when a bank forecloses on a mortgage and takes possession of a home, that in fact and in law, this is theft and fraud. The banks are almost never a party in interest.  The banks use administrative procedures to steal the hard won property of the home owner. The people are m not allowed to know that when a bank lends money on a secured loan, that the bank never actually loaned them anything. What the bank did was simply ledger the loan as a debt of the National Treasury and as an asset of the bank. This is fraud against the People and theft against the National Treasury.  The People have no idea how much Banks steal from them.

The Keenan lawsuit may well lead to the end of financial tyranny and financial terrorism created by the banks.  More than anything that has ever happened in the past, the Keenan lawsuit threatens to expose the truth behind twenty first century economics, money and banking.  Keenan and his supporters are setting about exposing a world of parallel and off ledger accounts containing funds in amounts that stagger the imagination, and how these secret accounts are illegally used by Banks to manipulate capital markets as well as cheat, steal, defraud and deceive, we the People. .

Through this lawsuit that is well founded, it may well be that we all will see who is stealing and cheating and how they do it. The world cannot afford these lying, thieving bankers anymore. They are deliberately bankrupting countries so they can gain control of the infrastructure and through control of infrastructure, they in turn control us, the People.

When we consider how all this stealing and cheating by Banks began, we must ask, “how did this happen” It happened because our politicians and Central Bank regulators allowed it to happen. Not only did they allow it to happen, they facilitated it. These are the core criminals. The world has no need for Central Banks, they merely rob and subjugate, we the People, for the benefit of their owners. All Central Banks are privately owned and controlled and those who run them do so for the benefit of the Banks owners. The banks achieved this power by buying the politicians.

Let us look into the stealing from National Treasuries through a process known as securitization. Even Christine Legarde has pointed out how banks have circumvented their legal powers and now realizes how banks are robbing the people and how they robbing National Treasuries. The average family in every developed society are now paying approximately €6000 or US$9,000, or an equivalent amount in whatever currency, to banks every year and does not even know that the banks are stealing this money from them. The politicians are paid by this vast criminal enterprise to pass laws that ensure that we the people are stripped of all we own.

The Neil Keenan lawsuit threatens to bring out the truth about how banks are robbing us all.  It threatens to expose how the entire global banking system is the greatest criminal enterprise that ever existed.

End of brief

At this stage I cannot publish information regarding our own court case here in London but at the opportune time all will be revealed…… the meantime I hope to publish a series of articles on the current financial situation and the causes.

We have to understand that some of the key players in this massive ongoing fraud is none other than the Rothschild Empire in London and the world bank’s it controls (including our own Bank of England)….not forgetting those on the other side of the pond i.e. the Rockefeller’s, Henry Kissinger and the Bush/Walker family (Bush is not their proper name) who arrived in the US illegally to set up the massive banking and financial infrastructure which is all under the control of the City of London and the European Central Bank with the Rothschild’s and the Royal Families of Europe pulling the strings!!

Stay tuned for a more in depth look at this evil and satanic New World Order as more information arrives.

You might ask what can I do about this “Rip Off”………firstly you must be informed and spread the world ( the best tool is to become educated and then simply pass the information on)…….eventually the masses will learn the truth and take to the streets in a peaceful manner and demand the end to the New World Order and the removal of our Prime Minister and many other very senior MP’s and members of the House of Lords that are so deeply involved in the massive fraud that has crippled this country.

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