This article especially got my attention because it appears this guy has caught UFO’s in the vicinity of the chem trails!!! And if that is the case, then there is a strong likelihood that they are neutralizing their effects on us! Once again, a small but HUGE consideration that we are being assisted!-A.M.


This website was created to share images of unusual craft (UFOs) that we have been photographing in the day-time sky over our house in Darlington in the Perth hills of Western Australia since early November 2012. We don’t see these craft with the naked eye but detect them on the digital images when viewing and enlarging them on a computer screen. I use a compact digital camera, the Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100, which has a 20 megapixel / 1 inch CMOS sensor to take high resolution images which are later enhanced using a photo-enhancing program like Adobe Photoshop.

These craft are fast-moving and fly at fairly high altitude as I usually focus the camera on the edges of mid- to high-altitude clouds. I usually take a series of 20 to 30 photos on continuous shooting mode with a fraction of a second between each photo. When captured, most of the time these craft are present in only one and occasionally two of the series of 20 images. I usually take about 300 images at a time, especially when there are wispy high-altitude clouds. On some days there may be craft present in more than 5% of the photos, although many are too small for enhancing. Now I only look for the really good ones.

The big question is who is flying these craft? In some images we can see what looks like people inside the craft. Here is my view on things. This investigation continues…

Here’s a brief story of how we got started with this new hobby, including the very first craft we discovered in my photos: My story.

Here are my instructions on how to photograph these craft (UFOs).

Here are some of the better examples of different craft/objects (UFOs) that we have captured over the Perth hills to date:

DSC00825vsDSC00826-chemtrail-with-craft Two consecutive images of a craft (UFO) travelling along part of a chemtrail over Darlington. This is not a contrail from a plane. You can find out more about chemtrails here. It is possible that craft like this one is cleaning up or neutralising the chemical/biological agents in the chemtrail. Click on the image for a larger version.

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