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Author: Pam Lemieux

Testimonial- ‘a heartfelt, sincere thank you’ from Tammy

Hey there Alexandra Just a quick, sincere message to pass along my thanks to you for all your hard work. I imagine it takes a huge amount of work, time, commitment, etc. to get each program ready to air. This doesn’t go unnoticed to most of your viewers. So, from myself (and I’m sure I speak for the majority of your viewers), a heartfelt, sincere thank you. Please keep the quality programming coming. All the best with it all Take care...

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Dear Alexandra, Jeff, Sandy and TeamI would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the great work you have done and still do with me and all others. These were very exciting processes that I was able to experience! At the moment, I am still and often very tired and I try to lay down as often as possible or try to slow down at the office. It does not always work, but mostly.I'm not able to describe specific changes in my life so far, since most of the time my liver is still strongly working (I have a chronic hepatitis B diagnosed since 1993, which makes me still very often very tired).But I would like to describe what happened in the 3 processes (step 1-3):Step 1, IRP: I felt Jerry all of a sudden in my head as he worked there and removed things. It all felt very interesting: energy whirled inside me and around me, I also felt him in my abdomen, lower back, kidney area, etc. I also felt a tingling in my face and I was very, very frozen since I did not dare to get up and get a thicker blanket. I didn't want to interrupt the process. Some things were not exactly localizable, but I felt that he worked in many places inside of me. During the first two...

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Testimonial – ‘I came to this realization.’ from Franco

Hi, to begin I like to apologize for not writing any feedback on all the previous processes and the reason was that to me there was nothing to write about since in my mind I’ve not experienced any changes in or around me while I was having them done to me, well to my surprise all this changed and the mind set I’ve had about what was really going on with me went out the door when I met Jerry and the reason I’m saying this is because up to that point I have read a lot of people’s...

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Testimonial – ‘Your essences are the bomb!’ from Logan

Hey Alexandra, I just recieved my essences in the mail and I’m emailing to to schedule an appointment with you.  When are you free?  By the way thank you so much for everything you have done and are doing:)  The healers that work with galacticconnection have helped me so much on my journey! Your essences are the bomb! They really help me stay grounded.  Thank you so much again, looking forward to speaking with you! Much love,...

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Testimonial- ‘I’m being freed’ from Jean

Dear Sandi and others, This is my testimonial, or rather report on what I’ve experienced since my implant removal. Right before my appointment, my landlord called to tell me he sold my place and that I had until June to move.  My first reaction was feeling a sense of being released from a tangled situation, as his beginnings of dementia are making my interactions very complicated and that I’m being freed to find a more stable situation.  I suspect and hope it is a 3-D metaphor for my emotional release and release from my implants. The next day I...

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Testimonial- ‘Keep up the good work’ from Simone

Hi Alexandra, i wanted to compliment you on the interview with Richard a Miller you have a great personality for stealing people in a friendly open manner! If you see the interview with kerry cassidy and him from last night, she struggles much more to tame him hahaha.. You are looking great btw…Keep up the good work Alexandra! love,...

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Testimonial- ‘Donations’ from Lisa

Alexandra, Enjoyed your interviews and articles for some time. Indeed, the info you have brought forth has changed my life more than once. For this I am eternally grateful and hope this small contribution helps. What you are doing is so critical for the planet and you are amazing. With love and gratitude...

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Testimonial- ‘Thank You! ALL of You! So VERY, VERY much!’ from Alice

Implant Removal  Day 1 I feel very ‚soft’ like a delicate dough that you can shape and form in a gentle new way. Also, there is an almost kind of feeling of weakness of body-strength. I allow it to flow through my body. Or probably is a kind of cleansing. I too think a kind of ‚diet’ is advisable – for example, I took my first remedy a few moments ago this Sunday morning on an empty hungry stomach. When I looked at my cell phone before I started to open WORD for this journaling, I felt the matrix;...

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Testimonial- ‘truly transformative’ from Amanda

Hi! It has been difficult for me to put my many pages of notes into a succinct testimonial. I can’t thank you enough for you what you have all done for me. The journal with my notes ran away for some time, but I found it recently. And so here it goes… THANK YOU Alexandra and Jerry! This healing process was deep and truly transformative to my being. It enabled me to see past the illusion of this matrix, forgive and love all aspects of my Self, reactivate my psychic gifts, launch me on my Earth mission, unlock my...

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Testimonial- ‘donations’ from Ellen

A special thank you Alexandra for your invaluable support and services.  I cannot describe in words that would really express how important your services have been for me, that’s why it is so important that I support you monthly as an energetic exchange. I was initially a little upset that I blundered the automatic payment upgrade today but I will just correct it next month per the teams advise....

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Testimonial- ‘EXCELLENT interview with Stephen!’ from Cassandra

Hello! Sorry to see you don’t allow comments on your videos. I just wanted to say EXCELLENT interview with Stephen!!  One massive component that he is totally missing and that is any sense of spirituality.  I was SHOCKED at how dumbfounded he was when you gave your ideas about the near future.  Your comments shut him right down,, he was stumped! (MEN!!)  You handled him very well, with kindness, consideration and professionalism.  But its just shocking that he is missing the most important aspect and that is a sense of spirituality, faith, connection to Source, etc… Our Star Family will come...

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Testimonial- ‘HOW impressed I was’ from Ron

Dearest Alexandra: I’m a professional healer and author with my own practice and organization and I’m a consistent viewer of your videos.  I wanted to write and express HOW impressed I was with the handling of the interview with Stephen Basset (which I just viewed).  I got nearly nauseous when he expressed his vision for the next 5 months — not necessarily because it was so bleak (which it was) but because it is so far removed from what my guidance tells me.  You finessed that transition so incredibly well by standing in what you believe based upon your guidance,...

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