I normally avoid the gun situation but this is just too amazing to pass up!….B of A is now declining purchase of firearms/ammo?  This has just got to be setting some sort of legally oriented precedent which will bite them in the butt!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 21:56

1-15-2013  Bank of America Gets $138 Billion Bailout as Merrill Takeover Backfires   LINK:  MoneyMorning

  extra extra newspaperWhen Barack Obama hands you Billions of dollars in bailout money, you better do as he says. 

  Video of recorded call to Bank Of America telling customers that they will no longer allow the purchase of Firearms or Ammunition with Bank Of America Credit or Debit cards!!

  If this doesn’t clearly reveal to you that perhaps there could be more to the story than just ‘protecting children’ and ‘public safety’, it’s willful choice to keep those eyes, ears, and mind closed..

  Bank of America has decided that they are our lords telling us what we can and can not purchase!!!! ASK THE JEWS OF GERMANY HOW THE PROCESS WORKS!

  First it was Walmart and Dicks not selling ammunition, now it’s bank of America not allowing the purchase of Ammunition with Credit or Debt cards?

   America here is your chance to be heard loud and clear. There should be a ‘RUN On The  “Bank Of America”   TODAY! That is something that would be heard LOUD and CLEAR!!!

  You have to hear this to believe it! Please Share!

UPDATE: There are rumors on the net that the B of A  video was a hoax, it has been removed from the net. Chances are Bank Of America had a bad day from supporters of the 2nd Amendment. 

So another American patriot went to walmart to try his own Bank Of America Credit Card. That Video is posted below. 

Does this clearly demonstrates that Bank Of America Credit Cards have been blocked from purchasing ammo?

Maybe your debit cards work, but Bank of America Credit Cards may have been Blocked?

I have come under heavy criticism for the video that was taken down so quickly  today. It seems that there are those who claim it was debunked, not creditable and that I intentionally mislead my audience. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In response to L.A. and MHR from Below.

I am a independent citizen journalist, I appreciate the beforeitsnews platform for writing my articles. Beforeitsnews is the last frontier of free press in America today. No censorship like the news that comes from the 6 largest corporate owned media giants in the world. They report only what their puppet masters dictate to them. Which is propaganda to manipulate people just like you. But because all 6 media sources read from the same script, you believe every word they say. Congratulations, you’re a Honest man aren’t you now.

With that being said, you are quick to criticize a person who does their best to report the facts. When there is breaking news, a journalist does his best to present the facts from the sources available. You are quick to tear down alternative media, but the fact is, while I watched the Sandy Hook operation by the “Professional”  Journalist, They were reporting misinformation by the minute, were you so quick to insult their journalistic talents? Or does Mainstream Media continue to get free a pass when their reports are not factual?

LA, Then you go on to say that alternative media “Makes the rest of us honest people look manipulative and crooked”  Coming from a passive observer such as yourself, this means very little to those who work in alternative media who actually are working hard to defend your 2nd amendment rights by reporting on the news that Mainstream Media ignores! From my experience, there is going to be times when reporters, whether from mainstream media or independent media, make mistakes at their jobs. The world I live in is not as perfect as yours obviously. The link you claim debunks the video that was taken down today, actually doesn’t debunk the whole video. In the video that was taken down, the Bof A representative said that the B of A  “card” had restrictions on them for ammunition. Your source claims he called B of A and they said Debit cards were not banned from purchasing guns and ammo.  Do you realize that there is a difference between a Credit card and a Debit card?  Here is the quote from your source: EDITORS NOTE: I PERSONALLY CALLED BANK OF AMERICA TO CONFIRM THE VIDEO AND I WAS INFORMED THAT BANK OF AMERICA HAS NOT SUSPENDED USERS DEBIT CARDS.

Considering the B of A representative in the first video referred to it as the “card” and was not specific as to whether it was a credit card or debit card., that first video is still not debunked in my opinion.

So here is the second video I was able to find on this subject. (Above)

Editors Note: I have no knowledge of the producer of the 2nd video nor am I in any way affiliated with the second video, I am simply publishing this second video and you can do your own research and make up your own mind as to the validity of this second video. But I suggest you hurry, Videos that don’t fit the Obama gun control agenda don’t stay active very long. I notice Journalist that don’t fit the Obama agenda don’t live very long either.

Radioactive: I believe that you are mixing up “Mainstream Media” and “Alternative Media”. As we all know the dramatic growth in sites such as beforeitnews is because they carry stories and opinions not covered in the “Mainstream Media”. The legacy of “mainstream” media is shrinking and one could say that much of their informational (or disinformation) platform that now exists would collapse without their airtime monopolies through the FCC. The other sad truth is that most mainstream media outlets are owned by other larger companies that trade the media spin for other government favors-and use MM as a “stop loss” Leader. Therefore much news is not reported…and most of it is cheaply written propaganda. A site like B4INS simply puts a huge amount of information at your fingertips and you should do your own research, then think and decide what you want to believe. If you find that independent think is too difficult or the truth is too unpleasant-yes there are plenty of heavily filtered and ninnyhammer places for you to view! But calling me a liar says a lot about you, while you seem to feel that mainstream media is so truthful. Considering independent citizens like me put themselves at risk from inflammatory remarks from people like you, Your opinion means nothing. I feel unless you are in journalism somewhere, you are yet just another passive observer who will never risk criticism from the public. A site like B4INS is for independent thinking people that are objective, free thinkers

Bottom line here is B of A has long ago taken a stand against our 2nd amendment rights, for people who support the second amendment, that should be reason for them to show their disappointment with B of A’s actions. Which from the majority of the comments below, I can see they are active in taking action to show their disappointment with B of A.

God Bless all of you who are standing up and taking positive action to support your beliefs and your constitutional rights.

Here is just one of many links to demonstrate how B of A has taken a stand against our second amendment rights: http://www.ammoland.com/2012/04/bank-of-america-refusing-businesses-that-support-the-2nd-amendment/#axzz2I9HXUITe