Thank you Suzan for this one!  A very inspiring message for all of us Light Warriors out there.  I love you!-A.M.

October 7, 2012.

Lightship★ You think we do not hear your cries, Great Warriors, but we do.  You feel you are fighting the noble fight alone, bereft of any means of support and without a lifeline unto which you might cling when the seas begin to rise.  And rise they shall, yet not in the literal sense in which I sense you might take my words.  I refer instead to the rising tides of change, the sweeping winds of truth and clarity.  The utter and complete overhaul of what you have come to know of as “normal life.”  the pain and strife shall soon fall away and leave in it’s past a glorious New Earth-a wondrous world of peace, unity and beauty.   Those with open eyes shall clearly see it.  Those with ears attuned shall heed the call.  And those ones whose hearts are open and in loving grace shall be the ones who lead and comfort the befuddled masses.  Despair not, I say, please do not be afraid.  You are surrounded by more loving helpers than you possibly could know.   It is quite unnecessary to attempt to perceive us with the frailty of your limited Human sense, in order to trust that we are here; legions of Angels, The Masters, The Hosts of Heaven and your Brethren of the Home Worlds.  All are close at hand, and we watch.  We are the unseen hands which guide you and yours across the fields of battle, unscathed and victorious, to the Paradise which lay beyond.

★ We cannot do the work in your stead, Dear Ones, and it is now, upon this day, that you shall find that the most rigorous labor thus begins.   Gather within you every ounce of faith and strength and optimism you possess, then multiply these a thousandfold.  Make thyself whole and healthy again, should you be wavering somewhat with your commitment and belief in the larger plan.  And this is a natural progression, believe me when I tell you, for it is wise to question that which you are seeing taking place all around you.  By all means, do.  It is understandable that you may feel vulnerable whilst dwelling in the denser Human vessel.   So allow these feelings to reside with you, just for an instant, and examine why it is they have arrived in the first place.  Welcome the fear, welcome the uncertainty, welcome the almost crippling exhaustion.  Ask much of very these things, for there is precious learning to be garnered in these miraculous times.  Once you are satisfied that you have taken all that you need, set them free.  Surrender and cast forth to Creator any and all that once pained you, and almost immediately feel thyself reborn and gifted with a renewed sense of conviction.  Trust without question the guidance of your inner being, as this voice is the Creator’s voice.  You shall thus be guided to fulfill your own unique role.

★ The final battle has begun.  It is a battle fought with weapons so powerful, so infallible, that victory has already been assured.  All time is no time-past, present and future are all occurring simultaneously, rendering what is as yet unknown to you to be a foregone conclusion.  In this battle, your weapons of choice are love-so much love, forgiveness, discernment, and a rock-solid and unshakeable faith in the principles and positive changes for which you continue to persevere.  Know well that the light you bear is blinding, and is disabling to dark.  They can no longer see, they are set alight, Lord willing, and shall find they are  incapable of wreaking havoc anymore.  Indeed, there is s faction still struggling to stay here, but know that they are weak.  They are stubborn and refuse to see the dawn breaking over the horizon.  This is what you are witnessing now, Dear Ones.  They are buzzing about like tiny flies, crashing helplessly into walls.  Akin to rats in a cage they are, racing hopelessly in circles.  They thrash about like a dying fish cast ashore at low tide.   They are free to choose-shall it be freedom or captivity?   The doorway to the Crystalline New Earth is wide open to all of the Creator’s children, be they bright and pure of heart.  They are here amongst you now, these cities, yet are not visible to the eye.  Lush and resplendent, they await only the rising of the collective vibration of Humanity to make their presence known.  And it is there that all shall reunite and live united.

★ And so it is.  Be resolute in your faith, and take these next days to prepare for transformations that shall be soon upon your world.  I advise that you expand the work you are doing on your energy bodies to encompass at the least, two hours or more per day.  Build up your light reserves, and endeavor to raise up your frequency a tiny bit more with each meditation you complete.  Consider your energy reserves as your own personal currency, more priceless than silver or gold.  Where are you placing your energy and to whom and to what shall you give it?  How wisely are you choosing to spend your treasure?  Do not place your awareness on anything that is not of the most joyous vibration, and do all that you can to avoid the lower vibrational traps which abound right now.  These may be found everywhere;  in your workplace and social settings, and some  may seem entirely innocuous on the outside.  The same may be said for your internet and written publications.  In short, be wise and shielded at all times.  Do strive to remember that the end result is so very worth the effort you must undergo to get there. It is Paradise beyond all imagining.

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