Ben Fulford Alleged to Have Been Rescued from Montserrat Torture

2012 MARCH 17
Posted by Steve Beckow

Well, here is a story to be very circumspect about. But it is out there so we very cautiously post it. There has been much speculation about the “screeching” that Ben has been doing lately, which pointed at there possibly being a clone loose.  But there are many alarm bells that go off with this account.

The allegation that reptoids are still at work on the planet would need to be confirmed for my peace of mind. Why the galactics could not have rescued Ben is also an open question.  That Ben would be so cheerful after the treatment he is alleged to have gone through seems a stretch. So do use discernment. Thanks to Joyce.

Benjamin Fulford Rescued from Montserrat, Alive, and Safe — But Now There are Two Fulfords!

by Former White Hat, Confessions of a Former White Hat Operative

(Undated but probably March 16, 2012)

Missing since December 13, 2011, and replaced by a clone, the White Dragon Society, along with members of the Knights of the Silver Sword, received credible intel that Fulford was being held hostage on the island of Montserrat, in an underground Cabal base near an active volcano.

Montserrat is a United Kingdom protectorate and owned by the Rothschild.

Fulford was being held by reptilians and Cabal human mercenaries. The battle left all Cabalists dead and three of the White Dragonsand one Knight were injured. Fulford was not injured in the battle but he had broken bones, cuts, and bruises from three months of daily beatings and sexual abuse by reptoids.

Returned to Tokyo, Benjamin Fulford was shocked to come face to face with his clone. Fulford did not known he had been replaced, saying, “It’s what these evil Satanists do —dupes everywhere we look!”

What will happen now, a world with two Fulfords, is unknown. Last report is that the clone remained in the original Fulford’s residence after two operatives from the Brethren of the White Robe fixed and re-prgrammed the clone. It was orginally Fulford’s idea that instead of terminating his malfunctioning clone, it could be useful.

“I can be in two places at the same time,” he told his rescuers.

Fulford is expected to write about his ordeal on his website on March 19, 2012, and talk about it on the Mopal show.

Now, here is what I am wondering: how do we know that the Fulford who was rescued isn’tanother clone? That this rescue was a set-up to insert what people will think is the real Fulford but is actually a controlled doppleganger?

A clone expert is supposed to run some tests on Fulford to make sure.

I’m told he is looking thinner…