Or was it really just another desperate ploy on the part of the government and cabal to pull off a false flag operation?-A.M.



extra extra newspaperJoe DiGenova, a lawyer representing a witness to the Benghazi massacre last year, claims that 400 surface-to-air missiles were stolen from the CIA’s annex to the embassy in Libya and are now in the hands of extremists. He said that Obama closed down 19 embassies recently because he feared they could be attacked with the missiles. [Be careful with this story. Things to consider: Were the missiles really stolen or were they delivered to the rebels in what was supposed to look like they were stolen so there would be a plausible cover story later? Could that be the “unspeakable secret” that is now being covered up? Is DiGenova wittingly or unwittingly creating disinformation? If Obama was worried about the missiles being used against US embassies (which implies that he and Hillary had nothing to do with their getting into the hands of terrorists), why did he take a year to close the embassies? Aren’t regular missiles capable of blowing up embassies also, and isn’t it true that the rebels have had regular missiles for rears? This story has all the earmarks of being a mixture of fact and propaganda. Be careful.] CNS News 2013 Aug 13 (Cached)