[ 08/06/2013 – 01:02 PM ]


Depositphotos_7653440_xs protestSpokesman for the global march to Jerusalem (, Zaher Al-Berawi, said that the march that took place in different countries around world sent a message to the Israeli occupation regime that Jerusalem is a red line.

In an interview conducted by the Palestinian information center (PIC), Berawi stated the message also includes a warning to Israel that its persistence in its ethnic cleansing and Judaization measures in the holy city can no longer be tolerated by the Arab and Muslim nations as well as their supporters from around the world.

“If the world’s governments have failed to protect Jerusalem and stop its Judaization, the peoples of the world would not stay silent and would try to practically bring real pressure on the occupation, so that it can know that the peoples of the world are able to act and their will should be respected,” Berawi emphasized.

He noted, however, that the global march faced difficulties in the West Bank because the factions of the Palestine liberation organization (PLO), especially Fatah, showed no interest in the march and its events.