I couldn’t agree more with my friend Lance’s words.  Now more than ever it is imperative for us not to slow down on our personal work and FOCUS on the here and now!-A.M.
thought_of_the_day_logo_1“Many are using the words, “The Event” so that obfuscation is not only likely, but the net effect.  The dark run the show.  Period.  They also run the false light matrix through which many similar posts are making “announcements”, pronouncements and predictions.  Life’s “events” happen multi-dimensionally – if we are kept on bait with a carrot dangling, drooling for some “future event”, then we are NOT FULLY PRESENT.  It’s fine to be informed, but be present and observing your Self…rather, let your Self be the Observer of this earthly play.  It is a drama in a dreama!  Don’t fall for anything that sounds too good to be true.  Keep working on your own highest path.  That is my “take” on these things.During the 20 interviews with Andrew Bartzis, he described the Event as happening in 3 or 4 stages.  We are already in the process which is telepathic and synchronistic in nature.  Relax, breathe…create the life of your wildest, highest dreams!”