The Bigfoot Research Organization (as seen on the hit Animal Planet program ‘Finding Bigfoot’), is holding registration for non-members to join their next expeditions to search the wilderness for the elusive and mysterious Sasquatch.

Bigfoot Research Organization group photo
On the trail of Bigfoot

All of the expeditions last four days. Arrive Thursday evening. Go home Sunday morning. See links below to register.

Alberta, Canada
(Kananaskis Area)
[Leader: Gary Cronin]

Aug 23 (Thurs) – Aug 26 (Sun)Motel option 25 min from camp. 2WD & Trailers OK

Northern California
(Mount Shasta area)
[Leader: Bill Brewer]

Sept. 6 (Thurs) – Sept. 9 (Sun)No motel opt. 2WD & Trailers OK


Eastern Ohio

[Leader: Mark Maisel]

Oct. 11 (Thurs) – Oct. 14 (Sun)Motel opt. 15 minutes from camp. 2WD & Trailers OK

East Texas
[Leader: Sybilla Irwin]

Oct. 25 (Thurs) – Oct. 28 (Sun.)
Motel option 30 min from camp.
Vehicles: 2WD & Trailers OK.

Small boats and canoes will help

Steps for Registration:

1) If you have never attended a BFRO expedition before then you should read this page to prepare yourself mentally.

2) Click here for REGISTRATION and FAQ

A long weekend with the BFRO will allow you to learn what would take years to learn on your own. The BFRO has identified many potential habitat zones after collecting thousands of sighting reports for more than 15 years. The expeditions target these habitat zones.

We select territories with a history of credible sighting reports, etc. The reports you see posted on the web site are only a fraction of the information we have. They are only the first hand reports, and the ones that witnesses have allowed us to post publicly on the web site.

The expeditions are scientific in nature, but you will only understand where these efforts fall in the scientific process once you have experienced it for yourself. No other scientific efforts will happen with respect to these animals unless these expeditions happen first, because the BFRO is figuring out how these animals can be studied.
One of the purposes of these expeditions is to show people how these animals operate, so more people can help us identify other habitat areas in the US and Canada.

At this stage, many previous expedition attendees have managed to encounter these animals in other areas, after learning our techniques for identifying habitat zones and provoking an encounter there.

Some comments from participants:

… “My expectations were not high for this trip. I really had no expectations of hearing or seeing anything, so I was pretty amazed when we finally found tracks.” ….

Ken Fitzpatrick – NY, NY

….. “This was the first time in four years of investigating this subject that I actually got to hear one.” ….

Mark Harrison – Roanoke, VA

….. “I would like to thank the BFRO for allowing me to attend the Sierras expedition. This was a true learning experience for me. I was very impressed with the high quality and the knowledgeable individuals.This BF mystery will only be solved by a team effort like this.”…

Roy Cowan – Bakersfield, California

…. “The [New Mexico] expedition was fantastic! If you do more expeditions next year I would like to participate.”

Paul Mateja – Buffalo, NY

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