(See video in the Darkened Room)Bill Wood was a member of Navy Seal Team 9, with three teams of three men. Their mission was to infiltrate North Iraq and other Middle East positions, to get close enough to see targets. The targets would be attacked by Tomahawk missiles. While these missiles were programed to fly to designated coordinates and hit targets matching the photo in its programming, there existed a high level of error. The Seal Teams provided final electronic guidance to the missiles from their ground positions increasing accuracy.

The only problem with this is that the attacks were conducted from 1992-2000. As the U.S. was not at war with Iraq during those years, this is State Sponsored Terrorism! The State is, of course, the United States.

According to Bill Wood, in the 1995-1997 time frame he and others began questioning what they were doing. The targets they were destroying were not military facilities. He called them “soft targets”, in that they did not have either military or strategic purposes. The targets were civilian in nature and the apparent reason for the attacks was to piss people off and create terrorists. After all, without terrorists how could America fight a “War On Terror”?

They often shot two missiles at a target and in 1997 the second missile targeted against a small, two story building on the outskirts of a small town came in 5 minutes after the first missile. By that time rescue workers and other towns people were at the site, trying to help the injured. When Wood realized the actual target of the second “late” missile was the humans reacting to the first missile strike, he sent the missile into a mountain and a harmless detonation.While Wood was put through the “ringer” in justifying his actions to his superiors, nothing came of it. Then a month later Wood was court-martialed for having sex with a sixteen year old girl when he was 24 years old. This consensual sex occurred in California two years earlier where it was actually legal at the time. Wood was given the option of serving 11 years in prison or plead guilty, keep silent and go back to work. Wood went back to work.

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