Bix Weir‘s been writing about the impending collapse of the global elite banking cartel for many years. At first, most thought that he was delusional and that no market could be controlled for so long, by so few. Now, there’s little debate about extensive market rigging. We see it in every major market around the world. The only question on most people’s minds is when will it end. No one knows for sure, but sooner rather than later. No sane person could ever have expected it to go on as long as it has. But Bix believes that we’re watching it come apart before our very eyes.

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I love silver volatility – up or down.  It means something is happening behind the scenes that is forcing the silver market riggers to “shake the branches”. The latest slam is great news and as long as you have taken my advice and removed your silver from their clutches you are safe. Very safe. As a matter of fact, you should be rooting for $0 silver because that would mean the rigging game is over!
I also love to bring out my “Silver Pacifier” article every time the price of silver is taken down farther than most expect. It helps ease the fears and helps sooth the nerves. I have said many times that “they” can PLACE the price of silver at $0/oz or $1M/oz in a stoke of a key on a keypad.
I particularly love the 4 questions posed and answers given in the Silver Pacifier article and here they are:

QUESTION #1: Is the Silver market rigged?

ANSWER: YES. Everyday and every trade the silver market is “controlled” and has been for at least the last 40 years. NOBODY knows the true Fair Market Value of silver anymore so all prices for silver are currently irrelevant.

QUESTION #2: How is it done?

ANSWER: The silver market rigging is accomplished by running computer market trading programs to “steer” the price of silver up and down flushing out weak hands on the price slams and covering short positions that were previously put in place to cap the rising price. These silver “trades” have little to do with physical silver but everything to do with paper derivatives of silver. There is no floor or limit to where “the controllers” can place the price of silver.

QUESTION #3: Why are they doing it?

ANSWER: To save the unbacked fiat monetary system. Unless you control the prices of all commodities, especially the monetary metals, an unbacked paper/electronic monetary system will fail in rapid fashion. As such, when the US went off the Gold Standard in the early 1970’s, Alan Greenspan wrote and implemented the original computer market rigging models to PROLONG the acceptance of unbacked fiat money. This was the implementation of the 1960’s economic theory called “On The Road to The Golden Age” by Bertil Näslund which dealt with Nobel Prize winner E. Phelps’s “Golden Rule Theory” of equal capital accumulation. The ultimate conclusion of this theory was to print as much unbacked currency as possible for as long as possible to reap all the rewards before returning to the discipline of a Gold Standard.

QUESTION #4: When will it end?

ANSWER: There’s the $100 Trillion question which actually has a very reasonable answer…The market rigging will end when the benefits of printing unbacked fiat money no longer outweigh the costs. The United States has hit that point as the “Bad Guy” banksters who abuse the system and have practically taken control of the country are in the process of transferring all that “VIRTUAL WEALTH” into their own pockets. Of course in the end THEY are the fools for believing in their own flawed monetary system where paper and electronic blips equals REAL WEALTH! The first attempt at ending the GAME was thwarted by the Bankters in 2008 but don’t despair… The next attempt at crashing the system is right around the corner and we have made SURE that they will not escape this time.

Those are the answers to those 4 very big questions. As for what will happen to the price of silver during the transition to a gold and silver backed monetary system…IT CAN GO ANYWHERE! But in the end it will be FEAR of losing all your virtual wealth that will drive the price of silver to the moon.
Here’s your Silver Pacifier once again:
Your Silver Pacifier
Once again we have to suffer through the idiotic media explanations of WHY silver is falling but once again we will return to silver strength as it is the ONLY way to protect your wealth outside of the rigged game.
Load up the truck with physical silver baby cuz it’s getting exciting again!
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir

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