bix weir

As the media is all a-gaga about the new DOW high hit this morning all I’m thinking about is the timing. Obviously, if you’ve been on this Road for long enough, you know that the computer market riggers can PLACE the price of the DOW and any other market to wherever they want on any given day. But why did they choose today?

I believe for two reasons:

1) The 4 year rigging operation that I discussed in March 2009 ends this week. Unless it is extended…the banks are on their own without Official US Government rigging support. Go check the Stock Market Lows for the last attempt to take down the Banking Cabal in 2008/09. You will find that the exact low for the last market crash happened on March 9, 2009. That gives them 4 days to “make something happen”.

2) Tuesday is the reporting cut off for the CFTC Commitment of Traders Report and any major moves (up or down) in COMEX gold and silver positions happen AFTER the close on Tuesday because the data won’t be reported until the following Friday. That gives them 10 days to make big moves without alerting the Sheeple COMEX Data Watchers :-)