Do you remember how long it took you to realize that something was not right about the “Official Story” surrounding 911? Don’t you wish you were clued into the conspiracy as the events were taking place so you could see all the moves of the bad guys in real time?
As I reported yesterday, something stinks to high heaven at the DTCC as documentation damage has been officially announced yet the bottom floors are still flooded…HOW DO THEY KNOW THERE IS DAMAGE?! Hell, my safe at home is waterproof and fire proof and they are trying to tell me that there was a failure at the DTCC vault? What – did they send divers down to OPEN THE VAULT to check and see if there is damage?…Ooops!
It is a rarity when we can watch the Bad Guys in “real time” perpetrating a false flag operation with fraud cover-up and the use of a crisis to forward an agenda. What is happening at the DTCC in New York right now has given the Banksters an opportunity to “wash away their sins” again and it’s part of a much larger Banking Cabal cover-up.

Here’s my latest interview on the subject with Sean at SGT and AndyHoffman of Miles Franklin:
ALERT: The DTCC’s $36.5 TRILLION Flood Fraud** Bix Weir & Andy Hoffman
Stay ALERT and stay SAFE out there.
The battles are RAGING!
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir
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