It’s been a very wild ride in silver as we have been put through an extremely arduous learning process over the past few years but it’s now official…
The Manipulation of Silver is OVER!!!!
bix weirCongratulations to everyone who now understands what just happened. The failure of the computer rigged silver pricing mechanism on the COMEX and LBMA has shaken the world AWAKE! The latest market rigging slam was met with massive physical buying around the world and the buying continues unabated. There is NO LONGER anything that can stop physical silver from it’s rightful place in our global monetary system. Silver is MONEY first and an industrial commodity SECOND!
The total and complete failure of the #1 silver manipulation tool in the hands of the market riggers, the artificial electronic silver pricing scheme, has now made that tool irrelevant. The world is now buying physical silver on the ups, downs and sideways moves in the electronic price and will continue to do so!
So what happens now? With physical silver removed from the bondage of artificial pricing should we expect moves up or down on the electronic exchanges…or does it even matter? Silver pricing in these electronic markets at $0/oz or $1M/oz will be ignored by the awakened silver investors as they won’t part with their physical silver at any price. Basically, understanding of the fraud will be the motivator at $0/oz and fear of total collapse will be the motivator at $1M/oz.
The electronic price of silver is now irrelevant.
I have long said that our global fiat monetary system cannot survive if silver was allowed to be traded freely so I guess that’s where we are headed now…THE END OF THE GLOBAL FIAT MONETARY SYSTEM!
Bravo to those of you newly awakened and bravo to those of you who have understood it all along.
I am now going back to the traditional RoadtoRoota format so no more daily Silver FREEDOM Updates but there are many more battles to be won on this Road.
Tomorrow’s Friday Road Trip will lay out some of the bigger ones.
Feel free to buy physical silver at will now…it is FREE FROM MANIPULATION!
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir