bix weirWe have come to the end of a very long Road for the CFTC investigation on Silver Market Rigging. The CFTC has strung this case along for so long that on FRIDAY 8/30/2013 the case will bump up against the 5 years Statute of Limitations.
The following article explains what is going on and I have linked an interview with an SEC Whistleblower that exposes that the delays are PLANNED by the regulators (and their controllers) to let the perpetrators avoid prosecution.
Deadline Arrives in Silver Investigation
It is an open fraud that is on going and now it is up to YOU to tell the regulators AND the world that FRIDAY will not come and go without a ROAR from We The People!
Send this article to the CFTC Commissioners and DEMAND action. Email them this question…
“Does the CFTC plan to file charges against the Silver Market riggers prior to September 2013 deadline or will they let the Statute of Limitations expire on the investigation allowing the perpetrators walk free?”

CFTC Commissioners Email Addresses:

Post this all over the internet as it is very important for our cause: the cause of Freedom and Justice.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir