As we wade through the European events as they unfold over the next few weeks we need to keep in mind that a “smooth transition” is in the best interest of everyone of us. There is no need for violence or chaos – there is only a need to awaken to the true reality that our system is permanently broken even through those in power try to fix it. That which we call our “assets” are only electronic illusions. Our virtual debt is unpayable no matter how much austerity or how much growth is promised. We are not at a “Fork in the Road” but rather at the “End of the Road”.
Now, as planned, the system will crash and the most likely culprit will be the multi-trillion dollar derivative market headed by JP Morgan. When Warren Buffett called derivatives “Weapons of Mass Financial Destruction” he was not exaggerating one bit. This is the poison pill. The self destruct button for the monument to financial insanity that we live in.
After all virtual wealth is destroyed in the coming derivative meltdown we will be given a choice of which NEW Road to travel down. The choices will be:
1) The Fear Road where we try to resuscitate the old system by reallocating more virtual wealth in the same proportions as before keeping the rich, rich and the poor, poor.
2) The Freedom Road where there is no resuscitation of the past misallocation of virtual wealth and we move forward using our Constitutional money of Gold and Silver fairly allocated amongst the people.
I’m going to choose the Freedom Road and I have a firm belief that the 99% will choose that Road as well.

May the Road we choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir