So here’s the deal….
2013silvereagleI have partnered with Coins for the Cause to create a silver coin that illustrates the real Road to prosperity for the United States: The Road to Roota!
We have set up a special website for the coin and you can check it out here:
There are a few things about this coin offering that I wanted to get RIGHT when it comes to helping my subscribers with the online ordering process.
Here’s what you can expect:
1) These coins are .999+ pure silver. You don’t have to worry about fake coins or low silver content. As silver prices break free from manipulation and prices skyrocket all forms of silver will become suspect. With these coins the testing is done for you in the minting process and the quality is guaranteed.
2) I have long recommended the pre-1965 coins and Silver Eagles as the top silver investments. Given the high premiums and lack of availability of these coins the next best investment is 1oz silver coins that you KNOW are real .999 silver like this Roota coin. For you “heavy stackers” we are also offering discounts on orders over 5 coins.
3)  Delivery time frames will depend on the order volume at the time but when your money has cleared the bank the physical silver is assigned to your order. If there is no onsite silver for your order then orders will not be accepted. This insures that any physical silver shortages experienced during the fulfillment period will not affect your order.
4) We expect the initial order fulfillment time to be 1-3 weeks from the time the payment has cleared the bank until the order is minted and shipped therefore wire transfers will be processed faster than personal checks. After the initial offering period this order fulfillment time will become much shorter.
5) The idea here is to get as much physical silver as possible off the market, into your hands and out of reach of the manipulators. You can help by buying coins and, if you have a website or are a coin dealer, by becoming a distributor of Coins for the Cause making a commission in the process. Here’s info on that program:
Coins for the Cause Affiliate Program
I will have more on what this coin signifies for me and all the hidden meanings on the coin as related to themes on the Road to Roota 🙂
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir