from Bix Weir

bix weirJust a quick note to put a few things into perspective on the latest announcement in the Mainstream Media that the Gold market is rigged.
First here’s the article on Bloomberg:
Metals, Currency Rigging is Worse Than LIBOR, Bafin Says
and right on the heals of this announcement:
Deutsche Bank Withdraws From Gold Fixing in Commodities
You may recall that exactly 1 year ago Germany asked for 674 tons of their gold held at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to be returned and the Fed said it would take 7 years to fulfill the request.
Of course this is a ridiculous story line since the LBMA claims that close to 2,000 tons of physical gold transactions are processed EVERY DAY!
But never the less, it is important to understand that although there is likely “an agenda” behind the latest announcement it IS related to the ENDING of gold and silver manipulation.
The reason I say this is that GERMANY is playing a big role in ending the US gold rigging operations. Do you remember when Obama and his economic team FREAKED OUT during a behind the scenes Oval Office interview a few years back.
Gold Panic in the White House
It was touted as an “all access” day in the life of the President but at 7:15 minutes into Part 1 Larry Summers and Austan Goolsbee come into the Oval Office for a call with “the Germans”. Summers is obviously on edge and shuts down the cameras when he begins to discuss the problem.
Summers: “Life has changed..ahh..since the briefing…ahh”
Obama: “For the better or for the worse?”
Goolsbee: “Net-net for the better…wouldn’t you say Larry?” (Goolsbee speaks loudly and unconvincingly for the cameras.) Summers: “(nervous laugh)..there’s elements of both. The Germans…actually we should stop (the cameras) here.”
The cameras and staff are quickly “ushered out” of the Oval Office.
Amazing that this was all caught on camera IN THE OVAL OFFICE!
I analyzed this and subsequent events further for Private Road Members here:
Gold Panic in the White House…Part 2
And now we have Germany declaring that the Gold market is Rigged AND their largest gold trading entity and a main trading/control arm of the Bad Guys has immediately withdrawn from the gold market implying that they are GUILTY!
In the Road to Roota Theory…I’m about to say I TOLD YOU SO!
But not yet.
Here’s where this is going:
-Gold and SILVER are traded by the same people in the BANKSTER trading rooms so when they say gold is rigged they are also implying the SILVER IS RIGGED TOO!
– Obviously, Deutsche Bank has Bankster accomplices in their Rigging Operations and they will be announced shortly.
– The official rigging of gold and silver will be under a spotlight FINALLY.
– Lawsuits will be filed by all participants against the riggers.
– At some point the rigging will have to end and both metals will attempt to find their true Fair Market Value
– Without the rigging of gold and silver prices precious metal investors will finally get their moonshot.
-Soon after the metals are released from control ALL UNBACKED FIAT CURRENCIES will be called into question and abandoned.
– The chaos in the market will trigger HUNDREDS OF TRILLIONS of losses in the derivatives world exposing the counter-party risk.
– Too big to Fail turns in to TOO BIG TO BAIL!
The rest is new territory for the world. I have my theories of when this will all take place and how we will get out of it. I plan on releasing a new “Timeline to RootA” by the end of the week which lays it all out.
We have arrived my friends. ANYTHING can happen in the chaos so stay out of their system. COMEX “prices” for gold and silver can be set at $0 or $1M by the click of a mouse so you need physical ONLY in your own possession and must have the emotional strength to ride out anything as related to prices.
Oh, and get yourself some bitcoin because it will survive the crash as well…na in the future it will THRIVE as a means of exchange!!!
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir