bix weirWhat we are experiencing is no accident. It is not some random event brought on by the greed and deceit of a system full of corrupt bankster types.
This was all well planned. Planned very carefully back in the late 1960’s by a handful of Americans heavily connected to the financial system who knew our country was in serious trouble.
Originally, it was Fed chairman Arthur Burns and his young protege, Alan Greenspan, that had decided to take on the Bad Guys. Greenspan was one of the first computer programming experts in the world.  Along with his childhood friend, John Kemeny, he invented the very first sharable computer programming language called BASIC and incorporated it into our banking system in the early 1970’s. In a way, Alan Greenspan INVENTED the electronic money we so dearly covet today!
Greenspan used this programming skill, along with the immunity given by the Federal Government, to rig the financial markets and control the unbacked fiat monetary system for over 40 years. A miraculous feat by any standards. 
These two articles spell out how it happened and what the ultimate END GAME is…
The Original Road to Roota

Greenspan’s Golden Secret

Believe it or not we are on the brink of something extraordinary happening to our way of life and if you can hang on long enough for it to work through the inevitable birthing  pains…you will experience an awakening like never before!
– A world with no debt.
– A world with no poverty.
– A world of no war.
– A world of no disease or hardship.
– A world free of ruthless controllers.
– A world where The Golden Rule is law.
– A world where you can experience your true calling in life.
These are just some of the things that are possible directly following the END of unbacked, fiat money. This is the world as we CAN MAKE IT….
…if we choose to.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir