gold and silver barsWhile working on the Friday Road Trip for this week I have come up with some conclusions that even startled myself and are massively bullish for the price of silver in our “post monetary crash” world.

Here’s a couple of passages from the report:

“I have recently been in contact with one of the insiders in this monetary game of chicken and he relayed to me that my call on Silver vs. Gold was 100% correct and that there is massively MORE gold than is reported and massively LESS silver.”

“Now, more than ever, I believe this to be true. The current silver to gold ratio is 56-1! In the very near future, after the monetary implosion, this ratio may REVERSE in such a way that will astound the world. Off the cuff, I estimate that given all the above ground “secret gold” there is more than 2M tons or 64B ounce of above ground monetary gold.”

“I also estimate that since the US was in such desperate need of physical silver in the 1990’s that they had to shut down the Manhattan Project’s Y12 facility in Oakridge, TN to extract the 500M ounces of silver there is now less than 1B ounces of above ground monetary silver.”

“The looming global monetary meltdown will require the world to take stock of what is left standing. That would be gold and silver. Inventories will need to be recounted. Bars of tungsten/gold and molybdenum/silver will be revealed and recast. Laws and regulations will be developed to make gold and silver fraud a major capital offense promising the strongest of punishments. And in the end, the world will return to a fair and equitable monetary system using gold and silver coin as money.”

“The result of this “recalibration” of gold and silver will provide shocking results REVERSING the silver-gold value ratio such that gold will emerge as the new “People’s Money” and silver will replace gold as…


The full analysis can be found in the Friday Road Trip that will be released at the end of the week.

There is still time to make the move from gold into silver…

but the window is closing fast.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir