I’ve been waiting for the new US Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, to tip his hand as to how he plans to play the silver manipulation game and today’s price slam is the first sign. Every person that has taken over the reigns of silver manipulation has tipped his hand in the first couple months of taking over. In the case of Bill Daley it was his first weeks as Obama’s Chief of Staff that he began the famous 2011 Silver Drive By Shooting…
JP Morgan Operation Silver Slam
Jack Lew replaced Bill Daley as Obama’s Chief of Staff and now Treasury Secretary so you can be sure that he was all about controlling the silver price. It is, and always has been,  the #1 most important issue that must be contained to continue the unbacked fiat monetary system.
So Jack’s signature has been the opposite of Bill Daley’s. He is not going to “jack” the price up to $50 bringing in all the weak hands and then slam the market with silver derivatives. That’s too obvious for this rigger. He’s been lulling us to sleep with his silver price rigging. Wearing us down such that there is absolutely NO excitement around the precious metals. And now he has forced the price of silver down below $28 with massive silver derivatives on the COMEX and LBMA. Looks to me like he is going to try and “choke us all out” of silver.
It won’t work. If you have followed my writings on the Road to Roota you know that there IS NO freely traded silver price discovery exchange on earth and there hasn’t been since the early 1970’s. With the use of computer trading programs “THEY” can place the price of silver at $0 or $1M per ounce in a fraction of a second. It’s very easy to hit that computer key!
That is why the MOST important thing you can do as a silver investor is to buy PHYSICAL SILVER and remove it from their system. No ETF’s or 3rd party storage and definitely no safe deposit boxes. Physical metal in your own possession ONLY!
The latest slam is a sign of the END GAME so I am very happy to see it.
If you are sitting on the sidelines with your metal in hand as I have suggested for years…then you should be happy too.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir