bix weirNews out of HSBC that their fraudulent and corrupt operation is shutting the doors on it’s co-conspirators has sent the “conspiracy nuts” out in the streets (on line) to yell…”I TOLD YOU SO”!!!
Consulates and the Vatican in Chaos as HSBC tells them to Find Another Bank

“Diplomats in London have been thrown into chaos after Britain’s biggest bank, HSBC, sacked them as customers and gave them 60 days to move their accounts.”

“Their situation has been made far worse because other banks have been closing ranks and refusing to take their business.”

“More than 40 embassies, consulates and High Commissions have been affected. Even the Vatican has been given its marching orders.”
The “signs” are everywhere my friends…the Banksters are going DOWN!
Your job is to understand just what that means to our Global Fiat Monetary System and how you can protect yourself from the chaos.
Was that a big enough hint?!
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir