leap-of-faith-hampiIMPORTANT: Well, due to the realization many of you have had after Kevin Annett delivered a stand down order to the RCMP Officers and the Canadian Supreme Court over the Burnaby Mountain Kinder Morgan protest, it has been proven that Common Law works! A call to action was delivered and the response by many of you was outstanding.  If you haven’t done so, take another step and join the movement to take back our land!

Revoke your allegiance to the government of England and the government of Canada!

Revoke your allegiance to any of the genocidal churches and dis-establish these institutions!

No matter where you live, join this movement now! Ride the wave now!

Contact republicofkanata@gmail.com OR go to their website at republicofkanata.com

Take back the country and win over these police agencies. Officers are opening up their eyes, seeing the corruption, and switching allegiance to THE PEOPLE.

kevin annettChris, Sandi, and me on the Rupert adventureThis interview covers:

1) The Republic of Kanata and its implications.

2) The beheading of King Charles in 1649 and its significance.

3) The propaganda campaign by The Vatican and other religious leaders  to demand the end to human trafficking (REALLY???)

4) The reaction from people after the stand down order was given regarding Burnaby Mountain.

5) What’s percolating with the Dutch People’s Tribunal.

6) The correlation between child sacrifice and Roman Festivals/Holidays – go to this link for all of the Roman holidays and festivals (it will blow your mind!)


7) Transhumanism.

This will also be aired on BBS Tuesday afternoon from 3-4:55 p.m. PST