Activist Max Bliss is contacted by aviation industry insider and confirms geo-engineering via chemtrails in a program code named “Hydra”.

By General Maddox. Contains excerpts from a blog post by Max Bliss.

whistleblowerIt appears that activists around the world who oppose the covert geo-engineering aerosol programs, have just had their theories as to whether such programs actually exist, confirmed by an industry insider. The individual wishes to remain anonymous for reasons of self preservation. Nevertheless the information provided to activist Max Bliss appears genuine.

It all started when the insider contacted Max Bliss after viewing one of the many videos on Max’s YouTube channel (MrMaxBliss this is a video on his channel so you can find him). It appears he had become overrun with guilt for taking part in the mass poisoning of people and the environment and decided to speak out about it.

One of the main problems with atmospheric aerosol spraying (Chemtrails) is that never before had there been confirmation of exactly how the dispersal and logistics of it all was done takes place right under the noses of airline staff including pilots. All other information including, but not limited to, actual patents on the types of aerosols, patents on the delivery systems, military and other NGO’s official papers discussing geo-engineering and weather manipulation and much more is now readily available to prove that it’s not a myth or a theory but in fact 100% real and going on every day all over the world.

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