October 22, 2012

by Mitch Battros – Earth Changes Media

I, Mitch Battros, pledge to you that neither I nor Earth Changes Media will be silencedin presenting to you hard factual scientific data which has an influence on all of our lives – even with the threat of jail or harsh civil damages. Yes, it’s that important…..


However, let this also be a warning to those who may have forgot that yelling FIRE in a crowded theater is a crime. When I tell you a warning has been issued by NASA/NOAA, I better be able to produce such evidence or I too would be subject to yelling FIRE.


Six Italian scientists and a government official were sentenced to six years in jail on Monday for multiple manslaughter in a watershed ruling that found them guilty of “underestimating” the risks of a killer earthquake in 2009.



They were also ordered to pay more than nine million Euros (almost $12 million) in damages to survivors in the devastated medieval town of L’Aquila in a case that has sparked outrage in the international science community. Under the Italian justice system, the seven remain free until they have exhausted two chances to appeal the verdict.


Prosecutor Fabio Picuti had asked for jail sentences of four years for each defendant for failing to alert the population of the walled medieval town to the risks, days before the 6.3-magnitude quake that killed 309 people.


Having followed this case, I can tell you the scientists involved did nothing wrong. There is no scientific evidence which suggest a scientists (seismologist, geologist, or astrophysicists) can predict the exact time or place where an earthquake will occur. What we can tell you, such as my research, is the potential of an earthquake occurring.


Specific to my “equation”, I can tell you to watch for extreme weather events – related to solar activity – but I cannot tell you exactly where or when such events will occur. Evidence will show that extreme weather events do occur after heightened solar activity, but the science in not yet advanced to tell you exactly where and when.


I need your support now more than ever. If you appreciate what we present at Earth Changes Media, now is the time to show it. I hope you will join me to fight for presenting factual scientific data as well as ancient text – even if it is unsettling. (see support announcement below)


Update coming in a few hours. This issue will probably get lost in today’s news due to the last presidential debate, but I can assure you, it is not going away. Every scientist in the world is watching this very closely.