By GLR ANdReA – Posted on 28 June 2012

The Rumor Of A Military Takeover Of The United States Is Outed By Mr. Drake Bailey On Global Voice 2012 Radio Show This Evening – The Green Light Is Given Wednesday 27 June 2012 (TCP)CHICAGO

By Brian Sidler – Lead Writer (TCP)Chicago

(TCP)Chicago – Opinion 27 June 2012 – Tonight at 6pm CDT over the Global Voice Radio program carried in the Blogtalk Internet radio application interface, Mr. Drake Bailey, a citizen of West Virginia and alleged former armed forces veteran of Vietnam announced that in the next few days, perhaps by or before the 4th of July 2012, a mass movement of United States Armed Forces will force perceived enemies of “we the people” into a mass arrest event, and later to be held for adjudication.

In our previous article, written by the chief editor, with compilation and research from myself and Jan O’Toole from (TCP)London, we enumerated, as best as we could, the facts and allegations surrounding this story, as well as, other things we thought pertinent. This story was first brought to our attention listening to George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM radio show during an interview with one Mr. David Wilcock. In this particular episode of Noory’s show Mr. Wilcock claimed there would be mass arrests of “the powers that were” as he referred to them, meaning the banking families belonging to the Federal Reserve System cartel and the politicians along with corporations beholden to them.

This sent our antennae up. We started scouring the web to find where this “rabbit hole” went. What we found, simply put, amazed us.

We found sundries of websites of people believing that aliens are living among us. We found The Patriot Movement, disaffected veterans of our latest wars from Vietnam forward. We found one Mr. Drake Bailey, who claims he’s a voice for an alleged consortium of present high up command structure within The Pentagon, and that a “Plan” which has been in the process of coming to term inside the highest echelons of the military, fomented since the late seventies, would be enacted.

The enactment conditions center around legal wranglings concerning the court actions of one Mr. Neil Keenan, the current trustee of the Soekarno Gold Trust lent to the Bank of International Settlements or BIS. The Soekarno trust was to have been paid a per annum interest rate of 4%  from the period of years between 1933 and 1998 according to our understanding. The central banking cartel has not honored its commitment according to the suit. Publication disclosure of the suit took place at Mr. Wilcock’s website.

Another part of the enactment of this “Plan” concerns sundries of filings with The Hague, wherein individuals assembled under the organization of Mr. Drake Bailey, who had been allegedly asked by Pentagon insiders to duplicate an action that had taken place by a citizen from Pennsylvania, declaring that state it’s own “nation state” separate and apart from the United States and free from the de facto government currently in control. It appears, from our research, and listening to interviews given by Mr. Bailey over the last 7 weeks, that when The Hague sent back notification to the person in Pennsylvania as being registered, it set some imaginations to work.

The legal notifications are in accordance with “common law.” Common law dates back to biblical days. According to this Mr. Bailey, it supersedes admiralty law, which according to Mr. Bailey, the United States is currently held under. This is counter to its original charter by the founders of this country.

According to this Mr. Bailey, there needed to be a way for the military to honor its oath of service and not go against the “posse comitatus” act. The notifications to The Hague satisfy that condition.

So for months, Mr. Drake Bailey, aided by other citizens, allegedly, have worked to file this paperwork following the same legal line as the original filing from Pennsylvania, which, allegedly, excited individuals connected to the “Plan” within The Pentagon. Apparently, the protocols called for within it have been in process since around the beginning of 2012.

For six months, Mr. Bailey, and then joined by Mr. Wilcock, has been building up expectations of followers of the allegations made about the “Plan.” Another part of this plan concerns NESARA. The National Economic Stability And [Reformation] Act. There are sundries of websites that follow this document as well.

As we continue to monitor the Global Voice 2012 Facebook group, and having all three members of our organization join it, we found a “cult” of followers, who, at least in blog postings, will defend this Mr. Bailey to the death. We also found a compendium of skeptics too. Those skeptics have found their way to our mail boxes.

What we hear from this cult of individuals is they’re pinning fervent support and hope Mr. Bailey, an affable fellow according to our perception of his vocal delivery and easy southern drawl, has brought their deliverance to them. These folks include senior citizens congregating in sundries of chat rooms, who, it would appear are wringing their hands over the matter. Many of these seniors are social security dependents. Many are women. Others include armed forces veterans, and from the sound of it, would be ready to take up arms against this government.  We have seen Mr. Bailey and another individual, a Mr. Rick Light aka “Minuteman” has warned the vets to stand down on that activity. Still others are people that follow folks like Mr. Wilcock who attest they are certified channels of paranormal “ET” information.