All Eyes on London, UK!
by Peter Tongue

The Olympic Games has just begun and the two weeks will provide some very interesting viewing. Believe it or not, the Games are being used by the higher realms of consciousness to make a positive impact on humanity-they always do! When there is a focus of millions if not billions of people on one event, it provides for this opportunity. Let me illustrate this particular occasion.

I am indebted to Anthony Thorley, the leading expert in landscape zodiacs in England, for this information. The traveling Romany Gypsies of England, traditionally went on an annual journey around twelve different sites in England, Ireland and Wales. They would stay in the same location for the same month each year before moving on in a clockwise direction. This was their own landscape zodiac pilgrimage with each site related to one of the sun signs. It was called the Gypsy Switch after the light whip they used to move their horses on in the wagon train. Anthony discovered which sun sign each location corresponded to and then endeavoured to locate the position of the Galactic Centre on the landscape which is to be found between the Scorpio and Sagittarius constellations. He was amazed to discover it was Clapham Common in London, the site of the Olympic Stadium-coincidence? So the Olympic Games is happening directly under the Galactic Centre which aligns precisely with the Sun and the Earth forming the Sacred Tree on December 21st, 2012!

To add to the mix, the dates of the games are also synchronistically significant. In addition to the most important solstice and equinox dates, there are four similarly important cross-quarter days midway between; November 1st, February 1st, May 1st and August 1st. The latter is called Lughnasadh after the Celtic God, Lugh, who was revered throughout western Europe as the most powerful pagan God.

His Festival was an early celebration of the coming harvest, under the summer sun, and was characterized by playful summer games!

So here we have the Olympic Games happening during Lughnasadh under the Galactic Centre. Add your consciousness to the event!

To what end might this energy be directed? This is an amazing conclusion and I will leave you to discern for yourself, but one potential is a focused energetic consciousness for the conception and birth of the first child of Kate Middleton and Prince William. You might think this is way out there, but I have been tracking Prince William for some time.

The arrival of a comet that appeared in the sky in the 1600’s, signaled to the Rosicrucians the activation of a prophecy that the first person to become King from this particular bloodline lineage would herald in a Golden Era of Peace. That person is Prince William! The bloodline is the original Merovingian bloodline of Jesus transmitted through Elizabeth Vernon who was the Dark Lady in Shakespeare’s Sonnets. She had a daughter Penelope who married into the SPENCER family-yes the ancestors of Princess Diana! Her son William is the first member of that bloodline who will become king! Its all there in the History books-look it up!

If he is to herald in a Golden Era of Peace, perhaps his first born child will have an even more important role to play. Just before the Olympic Games started, I received this stunning information, suggesting that the ley line activations during the Games lead directly to Kensington Gardens where William, Kate and Prince Harry have recently taken up residence. Are they going to be influenced at the deepest part of their being by these powerful energies for the greater good of humankind? I certainly hope so!

To add to the mix, I have just had a remarkable interview with Frank Albo on the revelation that the Manitoba Legislature in Winnipeg is actually designed precisely using Hermetic Principles as a perfectly aligned King Solomon’s Temple! It is really important to connect to this knowing, as Winnipeg is the actual Geographic Centre of North America and its activation just completed is going to impact all of us in a powerful way. It is the HUB of the entire North America Landscape Zodiac! Standing in the centre of the power vortex on an eight-pointed star, toning, enabled us to, “ENACT THE LAW!” The real original Law of “As Above, So Below”. The manifestation of Heaven on Earth.

That frequency of vibration is now being made available to all of us as it pulses from Winnipeg out into the entire North American star grid system and beyond. I can’t believe how blest we are!

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