Sunday, June 2, 2013 5:42

(Before It’s News)

Ever wondered what it would be like to ‘fly’ over Mars? Now you don’t have to! This video shows fantastic shots of canyons, valleys and lava flows: The global map of Mars is almost complete. Mars has always inspired the imagination of mankind. It is more similar to Earth than any other planet in the Solar System. Scientists have been trying to uncover the secrets of Mars for more than 50 years using unmanned spacecraft. Water – essential for the development of life as we know it – has left clear marks on the surface of the planet. Searching for these traces is one of the goals of ESA’s Mars Express mission. It has been returning measurement data and images reliably from our planetary neighbour since 2004. The images from the HRSC camera on board the spacecraft offer new possibilities for investigating the complex geological history of the Red Planet.

Join us on a trip to our planetary neighbour. See breathtakingly beautiful pictures of its surface. Find out more about its geology, climatic history and moons, and learn about the history of its exploration.

Published on Jun 2, 2013