Greetings Love Beings, At the Beginning of the Month we announced we would have Massive Energetic Movement and we have not been let down. From Earthquakes to an Asteroid, to a Significant Meteor Hitting the Planet, to the pope resigning, and so much more. We are experiencing Event after event and we have really only Just Begun! We are Moving so Quickly and events will continue rolling out as the Energies push forward in intensity. For those who are still in process of releasing the denser energies you may be experiencing extreme tiredness as a Part of the Cleansing Required In this Energy Upgrade, while others Will Feel Extra Energy.The Meteor and the Asteroid coupled with The New Earth Energies gave the Planet and Everyone On the Planet an Upgrade! These energetic Upgrades will Continue all throughout 2013 until The Planet is completely Immersed In the 5D Frequencies. Up and Up We Go and Everyone On The Planet Comes Home!


 Quoted Gillian MacBeth~LouthanAs you can tell something has changed and we all feel it….. I felt the energy of the asteroid as an eye in the sky, not a human eye but something just watching, taking notes. It felt living as a turtle within a shell. Head tucked deep looking like just a rock. I have had some very unusual dreams as this space rock has moved past.  Our gravitational presence has been changed FOREVER.  We have been escorted into a higher ring of the Fibonacci spiral.  What can we do?  Well, considering we are on the most intense of all roller coaster rides, all we can do is be divinely human and keep an eye out. It is said that new life springs forth from meteors bringing more stellar DNA to grind in our soul and soil. There are no accidents in the universal scheme of things….” End of Quote