bruce lipton

The political season is upon us and the divisive rhetoric, extreme polarization and caustic discord is just another sign of our impending evolution. In regard to the state of the world, we are exactly where we are supposed to be in this unfolding evolution.

Insight is offered through the fact that we are playing out a fractal version of a previous evolution-the fall of the reptiles and the rise of the mammals. Our reptilian version of civilization originated with the evolution of the “lizards,” the rise of small “Mom and Pop” manufacturing shops at the onset of the Industrial Age, and culminated with evolution of the “dinosaurs,” the giant corporate conglomerates.

The imminent demise of our reptilian phase is revealed in two facts: 1) oil, the “blood” of the dinosaur, is fast running out and 2) the reptile’s “food,” the source of its energy (money), is also rapidly disappearing. Historically, the crash of the dinosaurs leads to the “meek,” the nurturing mammals, taking over the world.

In the historic pattern of evolution, the origin of birds appeared between the age of reptiles and the origin of mammals. Civilization’s evolutionary bird-phase originated with Wilbur and Orville Wright’s first flight at Kittyhawk in 1903. The fullest evolution of humanity’s bird-phase ended with astronauts landing on the moon in 1969. The image of our Earth taken from the moon was the seed that conceived the mammalian phase of human civilization.

Our cultural mammal phase was physically represented by the emerging community of Hippies and has been silently growing and reproducing below the vision of the ruling dinosaur class ever since. It is no coincidence that as our reptilian phase is coming to an end, we are seeing the rise of the Hippies’ progeny, the “Millennial Generation” (those under 40 years of age). They now represent nearly half the world’s population, they are an internet-connected global community, and they could give a crap about Dinosaur politics as usual. The coalition of the Millennials is the raw material that will provide for a radically new version of human civilization!

My dear friends … We are the meek! We are the new breed of “mammals” here to nurture the planet and all of its life forms. I am proud to be among all of you, for we are also planetary “imaginal cells” offering a new direction for the emerging mammalian civilization, one that will nurture the planet and ourselves.  Recognize, that we cannot build what we imagine possible on the cultural foundation that now exists. Anything we try to do to repair the current culture would be tantamount to putting a bandage on a festering sore.

It is time to focus on the emerging, and imminent, planetary evolution. Indeed there will be widespread pain and hardship for many during the chaos of this passage. It is inevitable that there is always a certain amount of unavoidable trauma associated with birth … in this case the birth of a new civilization. The new biology emphasized on my web site offers an understanding of how we may regain control of our lives and provides insight on how we may safely evolve into the future as the old system falls away.

This is a time to attend to the “new” baby and not focus on the disintegrating afterbirth. We must let go of our unsustainable current civilization and become the midwives of a brave new world!

1) Chaos is necessary part of our evolution and will have a heartbreaking and heavy toll on human life.
2) A new generation, the “Millennials” will inevitably take over as the chaos evolves into order
3) Civilization requires new knowledge that will empower us to move into a new way of life.
4) Civilization’s evolution will lead to a spontaneous healing of the Garden

With Love