Please join our New Group: World Affairs

This group was created as a space where everything is shared about what is happening on the planet. The articles and videos about the events covered around the globe also gives us a reference point as to where we are in the Timeline,  the sequences of events that will begin, as this program is closed. When the events on this planet begin speeding up, the time that is left is very short. It has already begun!

We are not covering these events in the main section of this site any longer. Those who wish to get this type of information will need to join this group in order to be informed in this manner.

So, you are invited to this group, if you are a Light “Warrior”…. a Light “Warrior is one that is busy working, as defined by being immersed and “involved” in the planet they chose to come and help. This person is one that:

1)does not bury their head in the sand,

2)is not afraid or paralyzed by the doings and accomplishments of those that do not serve the Light, nor the chaos that ensues as a consequence,

3)is busy informing others, speaking to others, sharing information, attending meetings and workshops in their local communities – doing something to help shift consciousness on the planet with respect to planetary situations ( as most of humanity find themselves in this reality and not anchored in the spiritual as of yet )

4) perhaps serves as a public servant and works in the public sector, hoping their Light and wisdom helps to change policies and injustices.

5) makes it their business to know what is going on in the world that they have chosen to help and does not sugar coat, nor pretend that things are better when the are not,

6) takes a stand and is well grounded,

7) is not squeamish when having to deal with the realities of this world, especially with respect to the negative aspects and consequences of actions perpetuated by human beings that do not serve the Light.


This group is for those that have the courage to look at the ugly aspects of humanity, for those who have the “Will” to make a stand, and for those that are capable of using their Divine Power to make a difference to change the circumstances of this planet by helping create “Awareness”, so that others are no longer victims, but empowered to take a stand all on their own.


Those that want to be a part of this group are the ones that are drawn to take action – whether it’s signing up for a cause, signing a petition, participating in a silent march for peace, sharing information through the internet, writing blogs, posting videos, viewing and listening to disheartening news around the planet, being constantly vigilant. This is a Light Warrior!



If this is you, please join this group! We need you help. There are not many of us on the surface of this planet and the war is long and the battles are hard. 


We ask for your Presence, your Light, your Tenacity and your Courage.


What say you????



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