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“Most people will not believe any of it, I’m sure. It seems too incredible. No “reasonable” person would ever believe a word of it. However, it only seems “incredible” to an IS-BE whose memory has been erased and replaced with false information inside the electronically controlled illusion of a prison planet. We must not allow the apparent incredibility of our situation prevent us from confronting the reality of it.

Frankly, “reasons” have nothing to do with reality. There are no reasons. Things are what they are. If we don’t face the facts of our situation, we’re going to stay under the thumb of the “Old Empire” forever! The biggest weapon the “Old Empire” has left now is our ignorance of what they are doing to all the IS-BEs on Earth. Disbelief and secrecy are the most effective weapons they have!”

— Excerpt from a letter written by US Army Air Force Flight Nurse, Matilda MacElroy. This letter was included in a package with Top Secret military transcripts of a series of interviews with the pilot of the UFO that crashed near the 509th Bomb Group in Roswell, N.M. in July of 1947.

PART ONE VIDEO – I Have added all of my notes from both videos if you don’t have 4 hours to listen to this!!!



My notes from listening to this video:

On July 9, 1947, an interview took place with Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy and one of the aliens in the Roswell crash.  The female type alien that was captured had no internal organs, no sexual organs, only an electrical circuit system that ran throughout the body. Approximately 40 inches tall with disproportionate limbs compared with the size of the head, she had three fingers and toes.  There was no mouth, ears, or nose.  The large eyes seemed to be able to sense electromagnetic waves.  The body did not require any food, water, or oxygen, let alone any external source of energy.  A smooth grey covering, the body was highly tolerant to temperature and atmospheric conditions.  She was basically not a biological being.

There are no germs in space.

They got hit by an electrical discharge from the atmosphere.

They were investigating radiation (burning clouds).

Ships flown by thought.

The purpose for their investigation was to “protect the property of the domain.”

Claimed that they have ongoing periodic observations going on of Earth.

She came from a planet of 2 stars and 3 moons.

The state of development of her civilization was infinity.

Her concept of god is “we think….it is…make it continue….always.”

The alien Airl could not communicate with others if they fear her.

This interview was considered one of the biggest events in the history of the earth.

Hard to tell if she was alive unless she moved a hand or something.

She could not read or write Earth languages.

She was an officer/pilot/engineer.

She referred to herself as feminine because she was a “creator…mother…source.”

 She learned English in 15 days of reading and studying.

She was part of the Domain Expeditionary Force for several thousand years and had not been on earth since 5965 BCE.

She was fluent in 347 other languages.

It was part of her mission to assure the preservation of humanity.

The only reason for our existence is because we decided to be.

She suggested to be above the body – realizing that I am a spiritual being, not my soul.

They use their doll bodies/alien bodies like a mechanical tool to operate in the physical world, like that of a radio receiver.

They leave the body when not on duty.

Her mission is to “secure, control and expand the territory and resources of the domain.”

The location of the asteroid belt is important for the domain because of some low gravity space stations in the area. this is because the 

space station lays along an expansion route towards the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

“Althought time runs consecutively, events do not happen in an independent. linear stream.  In order to view and understand the history

or reality of the past, one must view all events as an interactive part of the whole….events happen interactively and concurrently.”

Every spirit is unique in identity, power, awareness, and ability.

She said that the suns have been burning for nearly 200 trillion years, probably 4 quadrillion years since its inception.

The Universe has been made up of magical  illusionary pockets that are not solid.

She says that matter can not deteriorate and can only be altered in form.

The asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars serves as a low gravity jumping off point for incoming space craft traveling towards the center of the galaxy.

She said her fleet entered this galaxy about 10,000 years ago in order to conquer the home planets of The Old Empire that served as the central government

for this galaxy and other adjoining regions of space (located in the tail of the Big Dipper). 8200 years ago they set-up a base for their own forces around

the Himalayas, around the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The hollowed out a mountain top in order to house ships for their personnel. They set up an

electronic illusion of the mountain top so ships could enter and exit but be unseen by homo sapiens. Unbeknownst to them, a hidden underground base on Mars

operating by the old empire, wiped out their forces and captured many of the personnel.  They sent further forces only to experience the same thing, where all

were given amnesia, all memories were erased and replaced with false pictures and hypnotic commands.  They were then sent to planet Earth to inhabit biological bodies.

They are still part of the human race today.  It was determined that the old empire had been operating covertly very extenisve operations for millions of years.

This lead to major open combat between the domain and the old empire.  Supposedly in 1235 AD, the domain destroyed the old empires last remaining space crafts.

In 1914, the Archduke of Austria discoverd the old empire base and was taken over by an officer of the DEF (a walk-in) so that they could gather information about current events on

Earth.  He was assassinated.   It was discovered eventually that Earth and this part of the galaxy is monitored by an electronic force field, where those who come from outside are detected.

If captured, they are subjected to severe brain washing treatment through billions of volts of electrical shock.  This wipes out all of the accumulated experiences of a nearly infinite past.

Their identity is wiped out as well.  The shock is intended to make it impossible for them to remember who they are, where they came from, their knowledge or skills, their memory of the 

past, and their ability to function as a spiritual entity.  They are overcome into becoming a mindless automaton.  After the shock. a series of post hypnotic suggestions are used to install

false memories and false time orientations.  This includes the command to return to the base after the body dies so that shock and hypnosis can be done again and again forever. They are

commanded to forget to remember.  It is possible that the earth has been a prison planet for millions of years.

Once a body dies, it is detected by the force screen. captured and orderd by the hypnotic command to return to the light.  Heaven and the afterlife are all part of the mechanism.

They are commanded to return back to the planet earth as if on a secret mission and to inhabit a new body. Each body is told they have a special purpose for being on earth.  Untouchables

are sent to earth, which can include; sexual perverts, unproductive workers, political prisoners, free thinkers, revolutionaries, those with previous military records against the Old Empire,

anyone who did not pay their taxes or was perceived as not filing proper tax returns, artists, painters, singers, musicians, writers, actors, and performers of every kind. Untouchables also include intellectuals, inventors, geniuses in any field sine their knowledge is considered

antiquated and unneeded for a few trillion year old empire. Basically anyone who does not go along with mindless servitude of the empire is sentenced to permanent imprisonment on earth.

Therefore escape is virtually impossible since they can not remember where they are or who they are.

The archduke was imprisoned in a mars underground base but when he escaped 27 years later, he returned to his base in the asteroid belt and ordered to destroy that base. That was done

however the majority of the force screen technology used for electroshock/amnesia/ and hypnosis has not been uncovered.

Since the Old Empire was destroyed, no one is there to prevent other planets/systems from dumping their own untouchables onto planet earth.  Thus earth has become the universal dumping ground for this entire region of space.  This explains the variety of races, languages, religions, and moral codes on planet earth.  Usually this is extremely rare.  no one has figured out how to

free the planet since it is so heavily protected by screens and traps.  There has been no operation to seek out and destroy the old empire electronic screen at this time.

A resurgence of science and culture occurred on earth around 1150 AD since the destruction of the old empire space fleet took place.  the influence of the remote control programming diminished slightly at that time. The repression of remembering began to be lifted a little after the Dark Ages where some began to remember where they were from.  What scientists etc began to discover was merely a remembering since it would have taken billions of years to create in other societies.

The hypnotic commands between lifetimes continue to cause earthlings to mistreat one another.  The purpose is to keep us on earth forever, using war, ignorance and superstition to ctipple them.

Those that have participated in dumping their laggards are Sirius, Pleiades,  Aldebaron, Orion, Draconis and countless others. Star people over 400,000 years ago came to establish Atlantis and Lemuria when the untouchables were not here yet. They were the beginning of the oriental races beginning in Australia.  Those that ran the old empire were run by a totalitarian society with brutal social, economic, and political heirarchies and a royal monarch at its head.  It becomes a breeding ground of paranoia and an inability to self regulate.

The planets that form the core government of the old empire are filthy, degraded slave society of mindless taxpaying workers that practice cannabilism.

False civilizations were installed in their memories so that they looked completely different from the old empire.  The earliest ones started out and were hypnotically commanded to follow various cultures in India, spread to Mesopotamia, Egypt, Meso America, Archae, Greece, Rome, Mid-evil Europe and the New World.   This is to disguise the actual time and place they were originally imprisoned on the planet. Languages, costumes, and cultures are all created to support the amnesia.  It is easier to replicate a pattern that has already been created.

The percentage of breathable atmosphere planets are very small and especially those that have resources the beings can feed off of.

The Aryan people invaded India bringing the vedic hymns with them.  The vedas were memorized and spoken for 7000 yerars before being written down.  Rig-Veda was with the DEF.An attempt to bring down the Egyptian patheon was undertaken.  The priesthood was set-up to reinforce that we are only biological bodies not spiritual immortal beings.  Between 1500 BC and 1200 BC the domain attempted to spread teachings to a few select beings on earth.

Moses grew up in the following surroundings-Amenhotep III-Akhenaten (Nefertiti)- Tutankhamen – proclaimed the monotheistic god concept

Brothers of the Serpent was an ancietn secret society in Egypt under the priests of Amun. Amen represents the old empire forces.

Moses was tricked to believe that he had made contact with the one god through hypnotic commands.  Jews revere Yaweh, a single god

but Yaweh means anonymous because the operative that mind controlled him had to protect his cover.

The last thing the old empire wants to do is reveal themselves because they believe this will restore the inmates memories.  This is why

all space contact is hidden, disguised and covered up!!! The ten commandments are hypnotic commands which still impact and influence

all of our thought patterns on planet earth.

Yaweh wrote the Torah.  The Vedic Hymns eventually replaced the brutality of older religious texts.

Other space civilizations do not land here because it takes a very brave being to land within an uncontrolled psychotic population.

The earth itself is unstable:land masses cracking and crumbling continually, largely volcanic in nature and subject to earthquakes and volcanic explosions, the magnetic poles shift every 20,000 years causing tidal waves and mass destruction, very distant from center of galaxy or any other significant galactic civilization (only good for a pit stop – better on moon or an asteroid belt), heavy gravity planet with heavy magnetic soil and atmosphere making it impossible for navigation.  There are 60 billion earth like planets in milky way galaxy alone (sun type 12, class 7).

There are traps set-up that the more the earthling tries to resist the more they are pulled in and become stuck.

Very few of us have avoided or been exempted from warfare.  We are subjected to being in a prison (our biological bodies) within a prison.  Operations are performed by renegade secret police using mind control methods through governmental psychologists.  Earth is a ghetto planet as the result of an intergalactic holocaust, where those imprisoned here are1) too insane, a revolutionary threat.  The erasure of their identities, memories,  and abilities are forcefully erased by psychopathic criminals of the old empire.

The original 3000 of the DEF still have not been contacted because they do not remember who they are, despite tracking them for over 8000 years.  Therefore it is wiser to avoid contact until such time where the amnesia machinery and force scree can be located and taken down.

 Relics and mythology have been introduced into earth’s history deliberately.  The true history of planet earth is indecipherable.

208,000BCE Invasion of Ursa Major by old empire with nuclear weapons.

before 75,000BCE Atlanta and Lemur coexisted at about the same time.There is no conclusive evidence as to how they fell. Lemurian survivors are the earliest Chinese.  Australia was the center of the Lemurian society and north of that.  Could have been colossal volcanic explosions, such as rain for 40 days and 40 nights.

During the dinsaur age, some 70 million years ago, due to intergalactic warfare with atomic weapons, atmospheric fallout was rampant within this sector of the solar system and most planets became uninhabitbale deserts.  

Before 30,000 BCE, earth began to be used as a dumping station for criminals and non-conformists.  They were trapped, encapsulated in electronic traps, and transported to earth.  Amnesia underground bases were set up in Mars, Rwenzori Mountains, Africa, Pyrenees Mountains, Portugal, and steppes of Mongolia.  These are electronic monitoring points that create force screens which capture the bodies that die to reprogram them.  They are extremely difficult to attack or destroy.

The pyramid civilizations were intentionally created as part of the prison system.  Pyramids are supposed to represent wisdom, which for the old empire meant mass, meaning, and mystery (opposite of the immortal who has no mass, or meaning and is because it thinks it is.  Pyramids were heavy, massive, dense, solid creating the illusion of eternity but in reality is the opposite of the immortal.  False meanings prevent knowledge of the truth.  When truth is known a lie no longer exists and a mystery disappears.  The mysteries of the earth divert us away from the reality that w were imprisoned far from our own home.

Every person on earth is from another planetary system.  No one person is a native to planet earth.  Human beings did not evolve on earth.  Basically our amnesia was to prevent us from knowing who murdering us, captured us, stole all of our possessions, and sent us to earth putting us through the amnesia mind control.  With amnesia we can never return to reclaim our possessions.

We dont have a soul.  We are a soul.

Around 15,000BCE The old empire oversaw mining operations in the Andes Mountains including the building of the massive stone building at Kalasasaya.

11,600BCE –  massive polar shift

10,450 BCE – construction of Pyramid of Giza- alignment with constellation with Orion-earthly representation of milkway

10,400 BCE – doubtful that old Atlantean electronic technology is buried in paw of Sphinx due to old empire absconding with it.

8212 BCE- Vedic Hymns introduced to give wisdom to escape the prison planet

8050 BCE – destruction of old planet home in this galaxy.  Totally destroyed in 1280 AD

6750 BCE – Babylon, Egypt, China, Meso America – space ports, service stations, quarry operations set up for false civilization.  Egypt actually comes from Het-Ka-Ptah or House of the Spirit of Ptah.  Ptah was a construction engineer, the god of reincarnation, who began the ritual of opening up mouths to release the souls of corpses. Souls were released given amnesi, captured, and returned to Earth.  The rulers that followed Ptah were Watchers or Guardians with a symbol of a serpent or dragon, secret preisthood called the Brothers of the Serpent.

All of these massive buildings were to create a veil of illusion.

6248 BCE – beginning of space command and old empire galactic war.

5965 BCE – discovered old empire bases on mars.  The domain set up bases on Venus and the asteroid belt.

3450-3100 BCE – Old empire forced to replace themsleves with human rulers or pharoahs or Men Men-efer means the Beauty of Men

3200 BCE – under attack between Domain and Old Empire – there is no evidence for evolutionary transitions

3172 BCE – layout of astronomical grid at sites such as Andes, Tiahuanaco, Cuzco, Quito, Ollantaytambu, Machupiccu, Pachacamac for mining of rare metals.

2450 BCE- Great Pyramid completed and built precisely at the exact center of land masses on earth.  Shafts aligned with Orion, Canuis Major, and Sirius, Ainitak, Alpha Draconis, and Beta  Ursa Minor…and the Big Dipper (where the old empire home existed).  Giza  Pyramid was to be a mirror image of old empire system in sky

2181 BCE- Min/Pan escaped old empire system of amnesia

2160-2040 BCE – Humans took over and old empire rulers retreated back to the heavens.  Capital of Egypt was moved from Memphis

1500 BCE – invasion of Atlantean people – Minoan civilization on Crete escaped volcano and tidal waves of Mt. Thera.

1351-1337 BCE- waged war against the Priesthood of Amun/Brothers of the Serpent – Akhenaton abolished it – but old empire spoiled it

1193 BCE- Greeks and Trojans war brought down Troy, and at same time war over nearing space stations around earh was being fought by Domain

850 BCE – Homer wrote “The Gods” which details those who successfully overcame amnesiac mind control

700 BCE – Vedic hymns translated into greek – brought about democratic governments

638-558 BCE – Reported existence of Atlantis

630 BCE – Ahura Mazda – another diversion of monotheistic god

604 BCE – Loazi wrote “The Way” on how to overcome amnesiac mind control

593 BCE – Jews refer to the sons of god mating with earthly women – these were renegades or merchant pirates of space – but who would live here? Ezekiel discusses a space craft.  Serpent reps the old empire.

Our bodies are suppose to last 150 years on this sort of planet. Die more often so we can recycle more often through amnesiac programming.

580 BCE – Oracle of Delphi – communciation center sending electronic beacons miles above the earth – displayed when priesthood dispersed

559 BCE – A commanding officer of DEF detected, located,  and sent in as Cyrus II of Persia – brought unique system of organization – an exhaustive search party for the missining members of the battalion – one of the tools to detect these members was called a Tree of Life.  This was a tool to detect the presence of life, a large electronic screen generator used to permeate large areas.  It was an interwoven lattice of generators and receivers.  It will detect the presence of commander or crew member whether in body or out.  The DEF carried small devices connected to this – scanner shaped like pinecones or stylized buckets.  Oannes were the search parties in the ocean – appearing like mermen.  On land the search party were Annunaki – nephilim-our history has misunderstood the Annunaki.  The space unit of the search party referred to as winged.  Cyrus referred to as a messiah by Jews and Muslims.  Highly ethical leader.  Undertook massive construction projects.

200 BCE – Teotihuacan pyramid civilization – aztec Place of the gods or where men are transformed into gods – accurately reflects inner planets and asteroid belt – builders had info from other sources – used snake or dragon to create an illusion that gods are reptillian.  The gods are not reptiles although they behave like snakes.

1034-1124 AD – Entire Arab world enslaved through Mohamaddism – extremely brutal mind control — assassins were made up of young men knocked out, came to with alluring women and told they could stay in paradise if they murdered who they were told to murder.  Continually knocked out

1119 AD – Knight Templar established – started nas Christian military but was transformed into unit for international banking system to accumulate wealth.

1135 – 1230 Ad –   DEF annihilated old empire space fleet but thought operation in tact

1307 AD – disbanded by King Philip IV who owed them a ton of money – the majority of Templars escaped to Switzerland and started the banking system which secretly control the earth’s monetary system.

1250 Ad – a Renaissance of invention began with the destruction of the old empire space fleet

The Vedic Hymns became the basis of every religion on the planet, especially Hinduism.

When we inhabit an object, we are the source of life!

All species were eugenically created in  a laboratory off world – genetic manipulation is required to create such diversity of species on earth.  They are self replicating life forms. Planetary governments did not want to keep replenishing creatures – creature production.  The food chain was created – every flowering plant needs symbiotic relationship with insects.  Co wanted to promote life forms needed other life forms.  Before this time, all species consumed sunlight.  But when this new biz came about, proposed that other companies use sexual reproduction and produced blueprints.  Imprinted into all life forms.  Lead into corruption of industry of biotech world.  The technology of creating life no longer exist.  This is why species are going extinct.  Domain wants to protect the species left on earth.  Starvation is another way to keep reproduction going.

There are heirarchy of bodies –  the flesh bodies are the lowest.  The bodies are too fragile for space travel – can not withstand radiation exposure, atmospheric chemicals and vacumn of space.  Flesh bodies require food, sleep, defecation, atmospheric conditions and air pressure.  Also bacteria gives off odors from flesh bodies which are not acceptable on space craft.  Can only hadnle a small variance of temperature but in space travel you may experience hundreds of degrees in change in seconds.  We have lost most of our native abilities and power and nothing has been found to rehabilitate it.  Space travel requires travelling millions of light years per mission at times.  The time to transverse space between galaxies is significant.

First biological bodies developed 74 trillion years ago.  It was for amusement for experiencing physical sensations.  People became permanently trapped in bodies though, some due to people wanting their own slave system.  Using bodies as a symbol of each class  is used by the old empire and the domain.

Suntype 12, class 7 planet neans heavy gravity, nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere with biological life forms to a single yellow, medium size, low radiation sun/type 12 star.

In the last 74 trillion years, an extremely large array of flesh bodies have been created for planetary systems as well.

Imagine what it would be like if the Teslas of the world did not die and kept on researching and increasing their knowledge base.  Where would our society be today?  EVERYTHING in the Universe has come about from a thought.

Don’t look to scientists to save earth.  Their science does not look to the importance of the spiritual spark that ignites all life and creation.


We are the source and creators of illusions. We can create space by imagining a location.We are not physical universe entities.  We are a source of energy and illusion.  We are not located in space and time.   We can create space however, place particles in space, create energy, shape particles into various forms, cause the motion of forms, and animate forms.  Any form that is animated by us is called life.  We can decide to agree that we are located in space and time, that we are an object, etc.  If we crate an illusion, it must be continually created or it will disappear.  It requires incessant attntion to detail of the illusion in order to sustain it.  We have no measurable beginning or end.  We simply exist for an everlasting now.  We desire that our illusions are admired by others.  Sometimes a universe is a collaborative effort by two or more of us earthlings.  We diminish our abilities just in order to play a game and will withstand pain, suffering, stupidity, undesirable conditions, etc just to play.  There are as many universes as there are of us to imagine, build and perceive them.One rule of the pysical universe is that energy can be created but not destroyed.  So the universe will keep expanding as long as we keep adding more energy to it.  It is nearly infinite.  Humjan beings describe us as gods; all-knowing, all-powerful, and infinite.  So how do you stop being a god?You pretend not to know.  How do you play hide and seek if you always know where the other is hiding?  You pretend not to know where they are so you can go off to seek them.  This is how games are created.  You have forgotten that you are pretending.  And because of this, we have become trapped in maze of our own devising.  You are taught that only god can create universes.  So the responsibility for another action is assigned to another god.  Never oneself.  None of us accepts that we are gods and this is the source of our entrapment.

The body type and function assigned to an officer depends on rank, class, longevity, training level, command level, service record, and meritorious citations earned by the individual.

Each force generator is very difficult to detect, locate and destroy.   


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