Oh My God!!! – Look at this Grand Cross Coming in April……..

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April 2014 heralds a very rare astrological event, where four planets (Pluto opposing Jupiter and Mars opposing Uranus), are at exact 90 degree angles to one another, hence forming a Grand Cross Alignment.

In addition, each of these planets are sitting in ’13 degrees’ of 4 cardinal signs (Pluto 13 degrees Capricorn, Jupiter 13 degrees Cancer, Mars 13 degrees Libra & Uranus 13 degrees Aries).

To add to this melting pot of transformational energies, the climax of this Cardinal Grand Cross on the 23/24 April 2014 takes place between two eclipses; a Total Lunar Eclipse on the 14 April 2014 followed by a Solar Eclipse on the 28 April 2014.

In actual fact, this Cardinal Grand Cross is having a major effect on us over a 7 month period January to July 2014… or you could say this all started many years ago… but more about that in a moment.

For now… lets just focus on what the climax of this Cardinal Grand Cross that takes on the  23/24 April 2014 means to us energetically !

Cardinal Grand Cross – 23/24 April 2014

Details coming very soon …. stayed tuned !