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The Astrology of September 2013 and More

The Astrology of September 2013 and More
Rapidly Changing Lives in a Rapidly Changing World
This month, I will further discuss the partially formed Grand Sextile and the Kite that will linger thru the summer of 2014. I would like to add to our scant store of information about the Grand Sextile in particular. I will also discuss how September ushers in a time of greater responsiveness to moral issues.
Major Aspects as Filters
Let’s begin by considering some of the major aspects as filters that in some mysterious way determine which kind of events will manifestation.
The Grand Trine, for example, would be a filter that allows primarily supportive and protective events to manifest. It correlates with very high levels of positive synchronicity.
The Mystic Rectangle would be a filter, or buffer, that diverts negative influences into constructive channels; it gently dissuades us from ill-advised actions and protects us from the worst effects of our missteps.
The Kite would be a filter that takes sharp conflicts and channels them constructively, supporting occasionally strenuous progress toward a specific goal.
The Grand Cross would be a filter that channels disruptions and obstacles into our path. Negative synchronicity prevails. People and events work at cross purposes. Progress halts.
A Grand Sextile would be a complex filter that allows all kinds of events through at once, helpful, unhelpful and everything in between. The events manifested during a Grand Sextile have such complex effects on our lives that they cannot be easily categorized as good or bad, helpful or unhelpful, and so on.
Under the influence of a Grand Sextile, we become aware of complexity. Whole new areas of reality are suddenly illuminated. Old ideas are made to seem both outdated and simplistic. We cannot immediately form new ideas because the landscape is changing too fast.
Obamacare is being implemented. But less obvious changes are also going into effect. Same-sex couples can now file their tax returns as couples. The US Attorney General is pushing for dramatic sentencing reform. These seemingly simple, rule changes and others like them will have sweeping transformative effects on life in the US.
Then there is the issue of electronic surveillance and everything related to it. In the blink of an eye, we went from relative ignorance about electronic surveillance to knowing that a global electronic surveillance system was in place and growing rapidly.
The Lathe of Heaven
Under the yearlong influence of a Grand Sextile, through, subtle and not so subtle changes, our world views and our societies will be deeply transformed. Ideally the world will come out better suited to our needs and our world views in better accord with reality.

We must all expect political turbulence as dysfunctional societies break down and the world’s trouble spots become more troubled under the strain of continual change.
Just be aware that, for all the seeming chaos, the aspects are essentially constructive. The global economy is recovering in countless small but substantive ways – three steps forward and two back still adds up to one step forward.
But don’t expect many seemingly old stories to have the same old endings. Things are changing fundamentally. New, different endings are becoming possible.
As the earth rotates on its axis, every point on the Earth will be exposed every day to every facet of the Grand Sextile’s transformative energies. Much as if our world were being reshaped on a cosmic lathe.

September’s Composite Chart
The Kite is the most visibly persistent part of the Grand Sextile. Much like a compass needle, it changes position in the composite charts from month to month as the focus of the wildly transformative energies of the Grand Sextile shift month to month.
In September as in August, the axis of the Kite lines up with the financial axis of the chart, but the polarities are reversed.
In August, the energetic focus was on grassroots economics; in September, the focus is on Big Finance. We can expect efforts to reform big banks and our other major financial institutions to come to the fore. But at his point, the themes and events of one month overlap those of the previous month. They simply add another layer of transformative events.
Capturing Conscience
Most notably, though, September is the month when standards of truth, standards of behavior, standards of performance, and so on, become important again.
Over the last several decades, lowered standards have become the expectation. Sex, drugs and rocknroll 24/7, smash and grab economics, hit and miss job performance standards, anything goes business practices, buyer be extremely wary . . . virtually anything goes, now. September will mark a reversal of this trend.
September will bring demands for greater integrity higher standards of behavior, but it will also bring demands for greater clarity in our reasoning. Better behavior goes hand in hand with better reasoning.

This is all because of a Saturn/North Node conjunction.

In real time, the conjunction is September 17th at 4:40 AM GMT.

In the September composite chart, cast for  Greenwich Observatory, the Saturn/North Node conjunction will take place in Scorpio in the 12th house, the natural house of Pisces. The conjunction is exact to within half a degree .

Saturn conjoins the North Node every 12 years or so, a periodic, essentially routine astrological event. I believe September’s conjunction is significantly more powerful than other such conjunctions, however; the world will be in a highly charged, unusually receptive state because of the Grand Sextile and the Kite.
Also, the conjunction itself, as placed in the composite chart, taps into every source of authority and power in the Zodiac.
  • Saturn represents secular authority and power.
  • The North Node represents high spiritual authority and the power of dharma and karma.
  • The 12th house is the house of religious and spiritual authority. Governed by Neptune, it also represents the considerable authority and power of human ideals generally.
  • Scorpio represents the many kinds of power created collectively, including military, economic, social, cultural and political power, among others.
  • Scorpio is the home of Pluto, the root source of all power and authority.
This cosmic call to conscience will resonate deeply and long in our consciousness.
September will ask us for tough and costly moral choices. It’s time to do the right thing even if that means a sacrifice or conflict with the powers that be.
It is also well to be mindful that misplaced moral fervor and religious zealotry will also be stimulated by this conjunction. They are an abundant source of violent conflict.

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