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The Astrology of June 2013

Help is on The Way
May Recap
The focus of May’s chart was a set of aspects connecting Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and Venus. It involved an explosive but controlled release of tightly channeled Uranus/Pluto energy. The energy was channeled into the formation of grassroots action groups that will expand the battle for grassroots interests.

May’s chart was especially intense because all the signs were in their natural houses. A number of disruptive astrological events spaced throughout May added to the intensity.

Mars opposed retrograde Saturn on May 1st. There was a Solar Eclipse May 10th. Uranus squared retrograde Pluto on May 20th. Finally, there was a lunar Eclipse May 25th, the third in a series of eclipses that began in April.
The general opinion seems to be that May lived up to its billing. By all accounts it was a rough month. The good news is that May is the last in long series of rough months. The vibes for the rest of 2013 and into 2013 are far more constructive and supportive. This summer is especially promising. Clearly, challenges will continue; these are interesting and difficult times.  However, we can expect significant relief.
Good News for the Second Half of 2013 and Beyond
The chart for the 2nd half of 2013 combines a Kite, a very supportive configuration, and a Grand Square, a major blocking aspect. This combination of supportive and blocking aspects means, we will see significant forward strides alongside the gradual resolution of deep-rooted, long-standing issues – on all levels, in all areas.

In other words, these aspects will not allow us to simply exploit supportive aspects for short-term gain. They will virtually demand that we also solve underlying problems.

Charts for the first half of 2014 continue this supportive and wholesome trend.

Jupiter Takes over the US Chart
There are clear astrological signs that the US economy will show its considerable strength in June. If Jupiter does not jolt the US out of its economic slump this summer, it’s hard to imagine what would. The US is one of the major engines of the global economy; rising strength in the US economy means improved economic conditions globally.

The US natal Jupiter is exalted in Cancer in the 8th house of collective finances, which, with the 2nd house, forms the financial axis of the chart. The economic power of the US is obvious in its natal chart.
When Jupiter enters Cancer on June 25th, it will recharge the strongly placed US Jupiter. Jupiter will go on to conjoin US natal Jupiter on July 22 and the US Sun on August 28. Indeed, Jupiter will transit the entire US 8th house stellium.

This strong infusion of Jupiter energy does not, however, mean that economic challenges will simply vanish overnight. But it does likely mean that a sense of progress and growth will supersede the feeling of stalemate and scarcity.

Supportive Resonances and Reciprocities
Jupiter transits Cancer every 12 years, of course, but this will be no ordinary Jupiter transit of Cancer. Also, we have seen some economically rough planetary placements in recent years. However, the problematic planets have now worked themselves into placements that are unusually supportive of this Jupiter transit.
Tracing a few representative subtleties will clearly illustrate the exceptional power of this Jupiter transit:
  • Saturn, which could dampen the positive effects of a strong Jupiter, is in Scorpio, trining Cancer.
  • Uranus is squaring Pluto, both forming a T-Square with Cancer, another potentially damping effect on Jupiter. But Uranus is in Aries; Scorpio governs Aries. Uranus is also exalted in Scorpio, which is Pluto’s home turf. These  underlying reciprocities will soften any adverse effects of the Uranus/Pluto square on Jupiter’s expansive powers.
  • More generally, Saturn and Pluto can cause high levels of dissonance and disruption, which could overpower other positive indicators. However, Saturn and Pluto are now in sextile relationship and in mutual reception. This will suppress, or at least moderate, the darker potentials of Saturn/Pluto.
These positive, harmonious resonances will all but turn potentially difficult planetary relationships into major economic assets.

In any case, I think we can see why this Jupiter transit is exceptional and why we need not fear that its benefits will be negated by prevailing conditions.

June’s Composite Chart
June’s composite chart takes us across a threshold into a new and different astrological environment. I will postpone discussion of specific themes for another time and focus on what makes it different – different in a good way.

This month, I will focus on what makes this chart so supportive as compared to so many charts of the recent past. Specifically, I will discuss a structure similar in important ways to the structure that dominates the composite chart for the last 6 months of 2013 mentioned above.

Operation Bootstrap
June’s chart is dominated by a Kite. Overall, the Kite combines Neptune, Chiron, Pluto, the North Node, Saturn, Jupiter and the Sun. It is a synergistic combination of supportive and challenging aspects. The challenge lines, the lines of the T-Square, connect retrograde Pluto, Uranus and Mercury and Venus.
June’s chart is characterized, then, by a Kite, an essentially supportive, synergistic aspect. Helpful trines and sextiles are intertwined with a challenging T-Square. It challenges us but also enables us to overcome obstacles to success.
The difficult lines (red) provide the grounding that will make the progress enabled by the supportive lines (blue) substantive and lasting.

Taken by itself, this T-square is highly disruptive of existing personal identity, family and other important relationships. It will confront us with conflicts between the changing world and our personality, existing social bonds and personal loyalties.
The supportive lines, however, let us address these relationship challenges successfully. They also harmonize relationship changes with changes we must make to pursue emerging economic opportunities.
Overall, the Kite supports a robust, multi-faceted, successful effort to harmonize our personality, our lifestyle and our social bonds with important economically driven changes. It will also help us overcome challenges left over from the past as well as new ones arising from rapidly changing life conditions. It will, that is, support deep, positive foundational changes.
It will also help us harmonize all of the above with emerging economic opportunities.
Misalignments Means Wiggle Room
All the lines in the Kite converge on Pluto and the Part of Fortune at the base of the Kite, near the 4th House cusp. Pluto is a source of power, motivation and insight. The Part of Fortune is an important source of positive synchronicity. The entire Kite structure draws on this power and synchronicity.

However, the T-Square and the supportive lines in the Kite are misaligned at the apex.
This misalignment lends the Kite flexibility. We can safely and successfully divide our attention and our energies between different facets of the task before us.
At the top of the Kite, the difficult lines converge on Mercury and Venus; the supportive lines converge on Jupiter and the Sun, splitting the energetic focus.
This lets us, indeed, compels us to divide our effort between the interpersonal (Mercury/Venus) and the economic (Jupiter/Sun). It insures that we will not adopt a facile, expedient solution to relationship issues for short-term economic advantage, and vice versa. Nor will we have to devise some unhappy compromise that does justice to neither relationships nor career. Relationship and economic issues will not derail each other.
Nor need we make everything work perfectly now. We will have time for adjustments as we proceed.
Angular T-Square
Of the two focal points in the chart, the economic and the interpersonal, the interpersonal focus is significantly stronger. June will seriously affect the balance of power as well as the emotional, ethical and moral facets of our important relationships.
The intense, disruptive and transformative energy of the T-square is focused on the angles of the chart. It aligns with the vertical, power axis and the horizontal, relationship axis. This dramatically increases its power and importance in the chart.
Concern for these issues will be uppermost in our minds in June and for some time following. We want to advance economically, but we want our important relationships to thrive.
Essentially, then, our whole lives, but especially our relationships and our career, are caught up in a two-pronged transformative process in June.
And Afterward
This dual, challenging/supportive dynamic carries through the rest of 2013. The focus and intensity of the energy might vary from month to month, but one thing remains the same. We will pursue a dual track: rapidly emerging opportunities and the resolution of core issues.
A first look indicates that this highly supportive, dual dynamic extends at least into the first half of 2014.
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