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Category: Alexandra’s Personal & Prime Creator Messages

More than For Meditation: Essential Oils and a Dramatic Healing Story [VIDEO]

GalacticConnectionMore than For Meditation: Essential Oils and a Dramatic Healing Story June 3, 2018 Alexandra sits down with Laura Legere for an enlightening conversation about the uses of essential oils. The conversation focuses on Laura’s dramatic story of healing following a horrific biking accident in Mexico. Essential oils played a crucial role in spiritually managing the psychological effects as well as contributing to physical changes that we are not allowed to specify for fear of repercussions from the corporate owned “regulatory” agencies. Tune in for a fascinating discussion and hear Laura’s unique way of relating a terrible event with...

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Another Dose of Creator’s Light – How is This Impacting Us and Our World? May 8, 2018 [VIDEO]

GalacticConnection Another Dose of Creator’s Light – How is This Impacting Us and Our World? May 8, 2018 May 9, 2018 Update from Alexandra – reviewing world events through a galactic lens. Alexandra presents a positive assessment on the progress of the light in the 3D and beyond. Reviewing the world situation may try one’s patience, but Alexandra shows there is substantial reason for hope. She explains that the difficulties we continue to face on the planet are those we contracted from our thousands of past lives. While we still may hit some walls, the discordance is being resolved...

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Update for February 26, 2018

  Update for February 26, 2018 Hey There Fellow Galactarians! I would really like to give everyone a heads up regarding some energy changes that have taken place on the planet. As of five days ago, a “filtering system” implemented by extraterrestrial forces was removed by The Creator. These supposed friendly ET’s were claiming they were doing us a favor by filtering the spectacular energies Creator has been releasing into the contained space of this matrix. If these energies had been allowed to stream in as originally intended, all of us would have been gradually bathed with this upliftment over the course of many years WITHOUT RESTRAINT. Now that the “filtering system” has be removed, you may be noticing a tremendous layering of peace from this Opening of Light. You might also be noticing an intense ramping up of health issues as these pure light frequencies climb. Please note the reference to friendly ET’s. It would be well worth the time to contemplate why another group of beings claiming to be our allies has made this decision FOR US! It is not something that I would have agreed to. How ‘bout you? Friendlies are not always what they appear to be…. With this influx of energies, many have contacted me with accelerated and ramped up health issues. I am seeing a similar theme among most, where unresolved physical, emotional,...

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INTEL DIRECTLY FROM PRIME CREATOR Good morning all you Awesome Galactarians! We had a most amazing and eventful evening last night on planet earth! One which we have all been waiting for! Please send LOVE and GRATITUDE to all those who performed these amazing missions throughout the night and continue to put their lives on the line for the greater good of The All. Here are some of the events that occurred: 27 arrested at The Pentagon for High Treason 7 underground bases infiltrated with arrests included military factions in Kuwait were taken down I want to thank a...

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Prime Creator – The End Is The Beginning And The Beginning Is The End – December 12, 2017 [VIDEO]

December 10, 2017 Hello My Children, The time has come for Me to relay more truth and transparency in My series of Prime Creator messages! Through this letter, you will gain an understanding that mishaps do occur in higher planes of existence but only continue playing out in much lower realms. I would also like to clarify that when you read “I” in this letter, it is representing Me, The Prime Creator. Today I am providing you additional SOFT DISCLOSURE on simple basic questions such as “why you ended up on Earth” and “how did life on earth really...

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URGENT: A Compelling Message from Prime Creator, Love #5, Sector of Creation on September 21, 2017 PLEASE NOTE: ~This video has multiple healing frequencies from the love lineage, including Prime Creator, Love, Jesus, Sananda, Ashtar, Alcyone #1, Alcyone #3, and Alcyone #5, etc. ~You will receive healing every single time you play this video. ~Listening to this once will take ten days to process. ~It will continue to peel away the layers of density for all who listen. Q & A with Prime Creator Alexandra: Good afternoon PC. I understand that this is your final message to the world...

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URGENT: Message From Prime Creator – August 19, 2017

August 19, 2017 To Alexandra: I am contacting you today with my final message to my Children of Earth. First I want to say I have never allowed anyone to channel me. Nor have I relayed any of these direct messages from me to you other than through Alexandra. I designated her to be the receiver of my messages to give to my children. All others are impersonators of your game with the purpose to deceive you into keeping the game going. Now I am providing my final message to my children of this world! It is time to...

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Alexandra at the Paradigm Shift Conference: Time to Choose; The Endgame is Here Aug 1, 2017 [VIDEO]

Galactic Connection Published on Aug 1, 2017 We present the talk given by Alexandra Meadors at the July 18, 2017 Paradigm Shift Online Conference organized by Lana and David Love. The ball gets rolling when Alexandra is asked about the conference theme, “paradigm shift.” This topic is perfect for Alexandra. This is her first major public statement since her extraordinary, prolonged, brutal and wildly successful mission in Ireland and Scotland. She now shares new inspirations and revelations, deriving from that extraordinary trip, unexpected in so many ways. Here she proceeds to fill out her understanding of the massive world-changes...

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Alexandra Meadors: Helping Humanity Discover Its Galactic Connection, May 16, 2017

Galactic Connection Published on May 16, 2017 Andrew Fischer of “Nature Of Reality Radio” interviewed Alexandra on May 3, 2017. As Alexandra is presently on a mission in Europe, and not available to host her regularly scheduled program on BBS Radio, Galactic Connection is posting this interview instead. Finally, we get to hear Alexandra on the other side of the microphone. Fascinating insights and riveting stories emerge as Alexandra gets to speak about her own life and experiences. The range of topics discussed covers all bases. Andrew and Alexandra talk about President Trump and the obscure goings-on of US...

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To Those Who ARE ASCENDING WITH THEIR PHYSICAL STRUCTURE: New Message From Prime Creator, May 25, 2017

To Those Who ARE ASCENDING WITH THEIR PHYSICAL STRUCTURE: Message From Prime Creator, May 25, 2017 Alexandra, Here is some of the information for a part of the last phase of ascension we are now experiencing. The time has come for those of you who are ascending with the physical shell to consciously make a new choice. This choice is not for all, nor did all make this choice. All must understand that all will ascend and go where they are supposed to be. This message is specifically presented to those ascending with a physical shell. I suggest you...

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May 3rd, 2017 As of Monday morning May 1st, 2017 THE VEIL HAS OFFICIALLY DROPPED. THIS IS ABSOLUTE. Everyone will now see the truth in everything and everyone and those that are masking their true intentions and identity will be revealed. Do NOT get lured into internet drama or taking sides. Just observe and be in peace that all is coming to completion as Prime Creator intended. As I was driving to an appointment yesterday morning, I was distinctly directed to look at the side of the road where a dead coyote was lying. The message of the coyote...

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Special Update from Alexandra – April 3, 2017

  April 3, 2017 Hey Fellow Guardians and Galactarians! I woke up again to a 3rd exquisitely gorgeous day with clean skies and naturally fluffy clouds everywhere…and then I felt Their presence, meaning my Galactic Family within the clouds. This is going to continue happening as We have dismantled more and more of Team Dark’s oppressive technologies. Let’s see how they respond to this message since chemtrailing is included in this dismantling….it ought to be very telling. The silence and peace today was also somewhat confirming with so many victories as of late by Our Support Team. Prime Creator...

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Update from Alexandra – March 29, 2017

March 29, 2017 Hello Everyone! With all of these energetic waves gracefully making our acquaintance, one prevalent thought has incessantly darted its way across my mind.…..”Alexandra, go and smell the roses.” It has occurred so often that no matter how full my day is, I cannot escape it. What I did was stop everything and perch myself on my balcony one sunny morning. Oddly enough, I craved for moments when I could do just this, soaking in the sun, communicating with a butterfly flitting by, merging with the cooling breeze tickling my face, syncing myself with the neighboring dog’s...

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A Groundbreaking Message to The World and Beyond [w/ VIDEO]

GalacticConnectionA Groundbreaking Message to The World and Beyond March 22, 2017 1)   Final preparations are ongoing and being made for Humanity to Return Home – this includes “All of God’s Children!” You have once and for all been freed from all separation, a lack of anything which was a “creation of the mind and fear.” Clearly all of you have exhausted this experience to the outermost degree.  Yet, there are those amongst you who have chosen to remain in the fear, refusing to awaken and will therefore continue to experience this to its fullest expression – of a 100-fold,...

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An Era of Distinctiveness – A Crucial New Years Message From Prime Creator – January 1, 2017

December 30, 2016 To Alexandra The final stage has been set for Ascension of All things with a consciousness, for earth and humanity which reside in the farthest point from which this event started.  This Ascension includes 350,000 billion quadrillion sectors that will be ascending simultaneously.  All will be where they are supposed to be at the time of full ascension. This is the time we have all been waiting for, for such a very long time.  You all must well know your level of consciousness is a large part of what you will experience and how you will experience...

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Please Note: The I AM text is added at bottom. URGENT MESSAGE: HISTORICAL UNSTOPPABLE DEFEAT OF THE DARK IS UNDERWAY…BUT THE DEFEATED ARE HAVING A CHALLENGE ACCEPTING THE INEVITABLE’ In this video, Alexandra delivers an exciting and historic message from Prime Creator. She precedes the message with a summary of recent events that attest to the remarkable changes the world is going through. Good Morning Folks! I did not get the text attached to the video message in time but am sending it now. The statements suggested by Prime Creator are in bold. Thank all of you for the...

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I have been sitting on much information for some time and am called to put out this latest message: As of 8:18:46 pm Tuesday night PDT A Great Event Occurred! The final “pillar” of the matrix came tumbling down. All curtains fell and all as we have known to be this reality is no more. There will be a delayed effect from this anticipated Moment and occurrence and all will begin to see an even greater acceleration in the dismantling of what was once The Matrix, all Matrix Systems, programing, and its components. As was previously stated, all systems...

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Prime Creator: HUGE MASSIVE VICTORY FOR HUMANITY – November 18, 2016

Galactic ConnectionPrime Creator: HUGE MASSIVE VICTORY FOR HUMANITY – November 18, 2016 To Alexandra Here are some of the undertakings that have been completed for Humanity: 1) There were some Dark Satellites which are referred to as Black Knight Satellites. These have all been dismantled so they are now inoperable along with an additional 7 unknown other satellites which were not fully activated. 2) These devices were used as a delivery system to the black box attached to the left side of head on the outside. This gave them full access to the mind, body, and soul through manipulation,...

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