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Caroline Oceana Ryan – A Message to Lightworkers – April 25, 2017

Caroline Oceana Ryan The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels and Archangels known as the Collective: Greetings, Masters of Manifestation! You are indeed such, though it may appear at times that you are stymied by one demand or another. Perhaps a larger than usual bill has arrived, or your job offers few hours, or is gone completely now. Or perhaps some other situation has built in intensity—mounting debts, or a car that must be repaired—so that you can no longer put off a large expenditure. The energy of money on the planet is in a...

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Sandra Walter – Applying Knowledge to Gain Wisdom

Sandra Walter Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~ The alchemical transmutation of emotions, karma and trauma into Divine Love can turn our baggage into our greatest strengths. These energies support the process of transforming discomfort, doubts, fears, mental pollution, and personal belief systems into alignment with the New Template. This is the alchemical process of creating the New Temple of the Divine Self. Restructuring the Etheric: Reflected in the Physical Experience Our Etheric bodies experience transformation first. Anchoring of crystalline structures within the body becomes stronger as etheric blockages, baggage, and personal akashic are transmuted. Stronger physical symptoms on a...

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Dolores Cannon Universal Knowledge and New Earth [VIDEO]

Disclosed TruthTV Published on Mar 12, 2015 Dolores Cannon on The Source of All Universal Knowledge and Coming New Earth. Down through countless centuries this knowledge was protected and shared only with the chosen few. Wars have been fought and terrible injustices have been committed in attempts to gain access to this knowledge. Those with the knowledge often died rather than let it fall into the wrong hands. Now it is no longer reserved strictly for oracles in temples, hermits in caves or wise men cloistered in hidden schools. It is returning to our time and is now available...

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Jenny Schiltz – Breaking the Mirror Concept

Jenny Schiltz We are deep in timeline collapses, personally and collectively.  For many, it has been an interesting time of feeling lost, like you are straddling two worlds or like you simply don’t belong in the one you find yourself in. With the collapsing timelines we are finding ourselves on clean up duty. I recently was connected via social media with my first boyfriend’s, best friend, what a blast from the past and perfectly timed. It brought to the forefront things that were left unfinished within me. Things I hadn’t allowed myself to see and reconcile, thus collapsing a...

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Prospering from a Vibrant New Phase in the Great 5D Shift

OpenHand The gathering tides are progressively strengthening now in the Earth’s Great 5D Shift. I can feel an underlying ‘rip tide’ having an enormous effect in the way we create our lives, in our careers, relationships and general living circumstances. For those who continue to ignore the shift, life in the old reality construct will become increasingly challenged in the years ahead. Those who align themselves with it however, will find the flow unleashes enormous potential for evolutionary growth, thereby receiving abundantly unlimited resources to support their higher self actualisation, especially where that’s encouraging the shift for other sentient...

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I’m Not Going Insane: It’s the Universal Awakening!

Wake Up World April 21st, 2017 By Rachel Horton White Guest writer for Wake Up World I woke up one morning, turned on the radio and it hit me. “Oh my God. It’s not real,” I thought. In a flash, all of the scary stories, never-ending wars and the political hype fomented in the mainstream news appeared to me as one big web of deceptions. I tried without success to convince myself I was wrong. Was I living in a delusional head space that I would eventually snap out of? Or was I waking up to what reality has...

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Choosing to Change our Mind

Becoming Conscious  April 2017 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious Link to Audio Our minds are incredibly powerful. In a sense we could say that God’s gift to each of us is our amazing and limitless mind. With our mind we can create our reality and even when life throws us a curved ball and we find ourselves in a set of circumstances that “happened to us” or that we feel we have no control over, still, through the power of our mind we can choose how we will perceive and process these circumstances and what type of effect they will...

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Achieving our Divine Potential with Aurora Juliana Ariel [VIDEO]

NewRealities Aurora’s brand of alchemy is the sacred yielding a gold one can only discover within. She is a pioneering doctor, scientist, author, musician, entrepreneur and producer, mystic, healer, a Renaissance woman for the New Millennium. Aurora has successfully healed conditions once thought incurable, irreversible or unchangeable, releasing countless individuals from life sentences of suffering. A living testimony of her own work, she is now sharing her Alchemical Keys with the global community, helping others realize a Higher Destiny than the fate their human programs would dictate. SIGN UP NOW AND RECEIVE AURORA’S FREE BOOK: The Quest...

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Pineal Gland and Sungazing

Healing Energy Tools Considered the most powerful and highest source of ethereal energy available to humans, the third eye (pineal gland) has always been important in initiating psychic powers (e.g. clairvoyance and seeing auras). To activate the ‘third eye’ and perceive higher dimensions, the pineal and the pituitary must vibrate in unison, which is achieved through meditation, chanting or sungazing. Sun Gazing is an ancient practice used to aid with the opening of the third eye chakra and enhancing psychic abilities. Sungazing is the process of staring at the sun during sunrise or sunset. During this time, the light...

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Andrew Bartzis – Prayer Of Journeying

Thanks Nancy!  – Andrew’s Insights – Prayer Of Journeying “I, in this ever present moment, acknowledging that I have a journey being offered to me, as a gift from my soul family, as a part of my direct manifestation of dream life, I take this ever present, co-creative moment to acknowledge the photonic light journey that is going to be taking place in my mind.  I bring forth the power of my heart and the power of the fetus in mother’s womb to create and co-create a circle of protection and visualization power so I may see with...

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Suzanne Lie – Remembering Unity Consciousness–A Gift To Gaia on Earth Day

Suzanne Lie The Golden Ones through Suzanne Lie The Golden Ones have been talking to me on a regular basis since about the middle of last summer, but it has always been at a time when I could only share them with one person at a time. Actually, there have been two different people that the Golden Ones have brought through me to share themselves. There have, also, been a few writings in which I was able to feel their energy field and channel their message. But, there is a particular part of their message I haven’t said because...

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Galactic update: DNA recalibration [VIDEO]

ASCENSIONPIONEERS Dear Ascension Pioneers! The New energy wave we are experiencing brought with it increased sensitivity, some Ascension symptoms and the resurfacing of deep feelings. At this time we may be feeling a bit lost or confused, which is all due to the recalibration of our bodies. With each new wave, our bodies have to slightly adjust and align with the renewed planetary Life force. These are gradual adjustments, although on a greater scale they are quite vast and intense. Each one of us is experiencing this differently, and sometimes we may think there is something wrong with us...

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Mike Quinsey Message, April 21, 2017

TreeOfTheGoldenLightMike Quinsey Message, April 21, 2017   21st April 2017. Mike Quinsey  Events are ever moving at a faster speed and they are heading for the days when the truth of your existence will be revealed. In reality there is not much time left before the changes come upon you, and it would be as well that you are prepared for them. Your main objective should be to maintain your poise and keep a calm temperament at all times, as you will find many people become upset and at a loss to understand what is happening. The turmoil and...

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Today’s Insights ~ Oh So Close To That Finish Line

LoveInActionNow Today’s Insights ~ Oh So Close To That Finish Line April 21, 2017 Good evening folks~ Going to type this one up quickly as I am semi-cognizant. I felt something in me shift today.  It was subtle but noticeable.  It’s almost as though a bag of fear left me.  This came a couple of hours after I received a message in my message place (in or near water).  I suddenly could “see” my people, who are currently in the higher dimensions, those people I shared a life with where I came from before I set out on this...

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ENERGY UPDATE – Energy Overwhelm – Forming A New Link With A Difference

In5d ENERGY UPDATE – Energy Overwhelm – Forming A New Link With A Difference In5D April 21, 2017  by Anastacia, Australian Correspondent, A very new ‘group’ frequency of energy came through in the last 24hours. One of the most massive I have felt and heard in this way. As it was many layers all at once and very intense. We know that we need to pull our energy ‘back in’ from others regularly, and now is one of those times, with a difference So much has been going on with our Spirit and Souls growth to do with others in...

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Your Journey of Ascension ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

DanielScranton Your Journey of Ascension ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council “Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. You have taken yourselves to a place where there is no turning back. There is no regressing or descending from where you are right now. There is only movement forward and your willingness to go with the flow. As you ascend, your consciousness expands, and that expansion brings you more awareness. You loosen your sense of self, and you include more in your consciousness that you could consider aspects of who you really are....

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Massive Disclosures in Sci-Fi T.V. Show ‘Babylon 5’

TruthEarth Massive Disclosures in Sci-Fi T.V. Show ‘Babylon 5’ Posted on April 18, 2017 Out of all of the movies, television shows and other forms of media used to disclose various truths to the public this show has to be the crown jewel. It has almost everything. The solar flash, the operations to liberate Earth, the Cosmic Anomaly, the Jesuits, super soldiers, the Resistance, the Galactic Confederation, a secret space program, Blue Spheres, Ascended Beings, the Illuminati/Freemasons and much more as you are about to read. I took 9 pages of notes and binge-watched 4 seasons of this show with 22 or 23 episodes for...

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