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Tanaaz: The Peaceful Transfer of Power

ForeverConscious The Peaceful Transfer of Power by Tanaaz On January 20th, 2017 we are going to be experiencing a transfer of power in the US. When I think of the imagery associated with a “transfer of power” it is almost like one President is handing over the magic crystal ball or the wizard staff to the next. 😉 This transfer of power is going to shift things for a lot of people, but what is interesting is that it’s not just happening on a political or global level, it is also happening within us as well. Everything that happens in our external...

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Anna Merkaba: Magenta Star Astral Chakra Activation – The Ankh Key – Starseeds – Andromeda

SacredAscensionMerkaba Magenta Star Astral Chakra Activation – The Ankh Key – Starseeds – Andromeda BY ANNAMERKABA JANUARY 16, 2017 Greetings Everyone! I hope that all of you are doing phenomenally well and that this year has started off beautifully for you. The channeling that you are about to hear is talking about something very interesting, the effects of the latest energy influx on STARSEEDS and the color MAGENTA. There’s a lot that I wish to share with you. In this message I will talk about the color Magenta and what it means. The Magenta, Soul Star, Astral Chakra, 8th chakra or Alto...

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ENERGY UPDATE – Super-Charged Energy Wave Coming Through

In5d ENERGY UPDATE – Super-Charged Energy Wave Coming Through January 18, 2017 by Anastacia, Australian Correspondent, Woah, Super Charged energy wave coming through as I write this! So many options and alternatives of what we may have ‘wanted’ to do in the past is being cleared of the old right now. To ‘free’ us up, to help us to move forward and through old past ‘blocks’ we may have had in areas of our lives. It could be from tidying up around your home to commencing some project or adventure in our lives that is now coming to light…rising from the ashes like...

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Georgi Stankov: Explanation About Announced Time Points of Ascension

StankovUniversalLaw Explanation About Announced Time Points of Ascension by GEORGI STANKOV posted on JANUARY 18, 2017 Dear Georgi, good evening my name is Jacopo Parizzi, I am the son of Daniela Lupo, like my mother (who has translated into Italian two of your books) I follow the site for many years, I think since its creation. Years ago, I got to know your daughter, who stayed some time at our home in Italy if you remember, with whom I could speak of these topics. I always wondered, why there was a need to set dates for ascension, often happened in the past...

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Magenta Pixie: Mastering the Matrix and the coming Great Reveal – Jan 17, 2017

Published on Jan 17, 2017 Magenta Pixie is Alexandra’s guest for this lively, insightful, and very timely interview. Magenta Pixie, told by her guides she would be a “medium for other mediums”, produces beautiful and inspiring videos reciting her channelings from nine White Winged Beings that she calls ‘The Nine’. These channelings, and her commentaries on them, can be found on her website and at her Youtube channel (see below for links). Here she speaks with Alexandra about a wide range of topics of common, even pressing, concern for lightworkers and starseeds as we pass into a period The...

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The Planetary Awakening and How You Are Part of the Solution

Humans Are Free In the quest for global domination the powers that be and their associates have had to build up layer upon layer of deception to control the human race, which only goes to show that they cannot enslave us through outright overt aggression alone. by Paul A Philips For them, the fear of losing control is far greater than the fear experienced by the collective human race through their controlling: The controllers know that their armory is a lot thinner and more vulnerable than what they have led us to believe. In effect the controllers have made...

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Sandra Walter – Quantum Conversation Replay [VIDEO]

SandraWalterVIDEO Quantum Conversation Replay: Video  Jan 13, 2017 Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~ The replay of this week’s Quantum Conversation is now available in video version on the Ascension Integration YouTube channel (and below). It was a potent broadcast! We discussed the current Ascension energies, DNA activations, recent experiences, and what is unfolding for 2017. Be sure to join the Light Tribe on SUNday for our global Unity Meditations. Infinite grace to us all during this powerful passage! In Love, Light and Service, Sandra...

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KP: The Matrix is Unravelling, baby! “Why Donald Trump calling CNN ‘Fake News’ yesterday is such a wonderful thing!”

Kauilapele’sBlog The Matrix is Unravelling, baby! 1-12-17, by Kp… “Why Donald Trump calling CNN ‘Fake News’ yesterday is such a wonderful thing!” Posted on 2017/01/12 Trump to CNN… “Your organization is terrible” Well, this is one that’s actually written by me, rather than a re-post of one from someone else. I got quite wonderfully amused by The Donald calling out a CNN reporter who continually (and rudely, according to Donald) interrupted as he was pointing his finger to another reporter. So I’ve written a short piece, with a whole slew of videos that give a description of how this indicates that the MSM is...

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Energy Update ~ Incoming 6th Dimensional Ascension Waves Peak Today (Jan 14th)

LoveHasWon Energy Update ~ Incoming 6th Dimensional Ascension Waves to Peak Around Jan 14th January 12, 2017 By James Gilliland, 01/12/2017 I have observed some beyond realistic behavior on a grand scale unfolding on every level and if we are going to survive the days to come we are going to have to get back to basics. We are also going to have to do our own research and develop our own inner sensitivity or what some bluntly refer to as BS meter. Our last administration did bring transparency. What was transparent is the corruption and double talk; which has...

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Laura Eisenhower, Recruit Whistleblower – Mars Agenda & Secret Space Program [VIDEO]

The Leak ProjectLaura Eisenhower, Recruit Whistleblower – Mars Agenda & Secret Space Program – Jan 2017 Published on Jan 10, 2017 Great podcast with Laura Eisenhower, Great Granddaughter of President Eisenhower. She breaks open the lid on the Secret Space Program, Mars Agenda, ET’s, Source & DNA manipulation. She also does Energy work & Readings. You can check out her website @ Also our website Http://

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Your Intimate Relationship with Gaia’s Ascension–The Arcturians through Sue Lie

SuzanneLieHigher Self Your Intimate Relationship with Gaia’s Ascension–The Arcturians through Sue Lie 1-11-16   The Arcturians A house, a car, and any “possession” with which a human shares their aura on a regular basis, is greatly affected by the human’s aura that intermingles with the energy field of every third dimensional person, place, situation or thing. All reality is based on energy. Some of that energy is of such a low frequency that it attracts matter around it to become a person, place, being, or thing. Many of you will notice that when you enter the car of another...

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Quantum Existence and Reality – Newsletter – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Pauline Battell Quantum Existence and Reality – Newsletter – Lisa Transcendence Brown 09/01/2017 / LAKSHMI VISHNU Aloha beautiful love family, We’ve moved into a most powerful time (vibration), with our NEW Earth going Super Quantum with the transition through this last 11/11 – Solstice – now. Our human lives will never be the same. (Everyone say YAYYYYYYY and feel gratitude fill your every cell!) Pivotal, profound, subtle, sacred, magical and free, blissful, inspiring, exquisite… these are just a few of our words as we transcend the old matrix/limited realities from within. In the beginning, it can be tough, as many of us...

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Cosmic Awareness: About The Current State Of American Politics

Cosmic AwarenessCosmic Awareness About The Current State Of American Politics Cosmic Awareness General Reading – December 29, 2016 Michelle, Interpreter; V. Sharp Questioner & Energizer QUESTIONER: Does Awareness have a message about the current state of politics in the United States? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness observes a demonstration of the factions that run the country is coming to the surface. It is becoming increasingly obvious even to those outside the realms of conspiracy theorists that the structures of the Republican and Democratic Party are illusions. This Awareness acknowledges there are many entities that are coming forward and vying for...

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Why A Spiritual Connection With Earth Is Critical At This Time

In5d Why A Spiritual Connection With Earth Is Critical At This Time In5D January 8, 2017  by Jessie Klassen, Guest writer, Intellectually, it is easy to understand the many reasons to change the way that we live upon our earth. Erratic and unpredictable weather, depleted soils, unsafe drinking water, deforestation and vanishing wildlife are all obvious signs that the society we have created is unsustainable. But even with this glaring evidence in front of us, many people are still unwilling to change or even feel that there is no problem to fix. Or worst of all, they feel that...

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The Final Wave of Souls is Here & It’s Going to Change Everything

Humans Are Free Before proceeding, you may want to read Part One and Part Two of the series (not necessary in order to enjoy this piece). The Wave of the Future: The long awaited Third Wave of virgin Souls is now finally incarnating on Earth. In fact, most Souls incarnating today are Third Wavers or their forerunners, to help accommodate for the next step in the evolution and expansion of the human consciousness. The First few forerunners started to arrive roughly 100 years ago as scouts to make preparations for the Third Wave. Their talents were many and varied...

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