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Astrology for the Soul November 22, 2017 [VIDEO]

Kaypacha Lescher Published on Nov 22, 2017 Nothing simply happens as any astrologer knows, It’s my own and the collective unconscious, Setting me up to grow, So the more deeply I look and listen, The more smoothly it all will flow. OK, welcome to the Venus/Mars mutual reception! I could have brought this up awhile ago since it has been active since Venus went into Scorpio (11/7), but still…….. This mutual reception brings up all our relationship issues to the surface to be seen, felt, and dealt with. Probably the biggest one is the passionate desire to connect that...

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The Oracle Report – Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Oracle Report SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR THOSE WITH NATAL SUN, CHIRON, OR BLACK MOON IN CANCER OR CAPRICORN: Hello “Rebirthing” Wise Owl – The Moon has moved into Capricorn, making a couple of “Black Moon Days” — days when one of the stages of your nine-month “energetic renaissance” will be more intensive. For your reference and data: 1 – The Moon moved into Capricorn overnight (November 21) at 2:14 am ET/9:14 pm UT. 2 – The Moon then made conjunction with the Black Moon (November 21) at 5:00 am ET/midnight UT. 3 – The Moon will conjunct Pluto (square Mars...

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Collective Evolution Astrology is an ancient art and science dating back thousands of years. It appears in many cultures, but as with most ancient wisdom, much of it was and has been concealed and forbidden from public viewing. Secret societies, both those whose hearts are grounded in the good will for all of humanity, and those driven by greed and personal gain, have also used this type of ancient knowledge. From Atlantis to ancient Sumer, Vedic astrology to ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt, many great minds throughout the ages have practiced astrology, and for good reason. Despite its many skeptics, astrology has much to offer. It’s also...

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Intuitive Astrology: November New Moon 2017

ForeverConscious Intuitive Astrology: November New Moon 2017 by Tanaaz The Scorpio New Moon on November 18th is deeply personal and transformative, and is going to touch all of us on a soul level. Scorpio is the sign that rules over the transformative art of death and rebirth Every day when the Sun sets we experience a type of death and everyday when the Sun rises we experience a type of rebirth. Life is always giving us opportunities to shed ourselves and to be reborn into something new, and that is exactly what this New Moon energy is beckoning us to...

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Jupiter’s mysterious clouds

SOTT Jupiter’s mysterious clouds John Ackerman Acksblog Sun, 12 Nov 2017 Most people do not realize that the various colored clouds which cover the entire giant planet Jupiter are still a mystery. The first probe that reached the vicinity of Jupiter was Pioneer 10 in 3 Dec. 1973, roughly 34 years ago. Since that mission another 12 missions have visited the giant, each carrying a different complement of instruments. Juno, currently orbiting Jupiter, has made eight close passes to refine the data of earlier missions without explaining the makeup of the clouds. Planetary scientists still believe that the giant planets comprise...

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The Oracle Report – Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Oracle Report  THEME FOR SOLAR-LUNAR MONTH 27 LIBRA: “an airplane sails high in the clear sky” (clarity, rising above) EMISSARY OF THE AEON SOPHIA (WISDOM) Tara, Goddess Who Guides EMISSARY OF THE AEON THELETE (WILL) Elias, God of the West JOIN THE MAILING LIST Wednesday, November 15, 2017 NEW AUDIO: “New Moon in Scorpio 2017: Amok Time” Also, Andrew is addressing the daily Sabian symbols on Oracle Report Academy and Oracle Report Facebook: Home Much love-...

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Sonja Francis – New Moon in Scorpio Nov. 2017 — Reclaim Your Inner Power [VIDEO]

AstrologerCoach Published on Nov 13, 2017 Join Sonja as she shares about several upcoming astrological events: * New Moon in 26 degrees of Scorpio (on Nov. 18th, 2017 at 6:42am EST) * Chiron in Pisces trines the New Moon * Uranus in Aries quincunxes the New Moon * Neptune in Pisces is currently exalted in the sky — due to its station phase — makes a trine to Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio * Pluto (modern ruler of Scorpio) squares Mars (the traditional ruler of Scorpio) What if all is well, even when you are experiencing discomfort and uncertainty? What...

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Ritual and Spiritual Significance of 11/11/2017

ForeverConscious Ritual and Spiritual Significance of 11/11/2017 by Tanaaz In numerology, 11 is considered a Master Number and is said to hold an angelic vibration that makes wishes and dreams manifest more easily. 11 is also believed to be the number of spiritual awakenings and signifies the rising of consciousness On the 11th day of the 11th month this energy is amplified, making this date highly magical and auspicious for all of us. When you frequently see 11:11 on the clock or when you are drawn to repetitive patterns of number 11, it often indicates an upcoming change or awakening that is on the horizon. Angels, Spirit...

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Where Are We Going? | Sun’s Motion In The Galaxy (1) [VIDEO]

SuspiciousObservers Where Are We Going? | Sun’s Motion In The Galaxy (1) Nov 5, 2017 What To Watch Next: Part 2: Watch Part 3: Video and images provided by: NASA, National Geographic,

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Scientists on new supernova: WTF have we been looking at?

ArsTechnica Scientists on new supernova: WTF have we been looking at? Like a regular supernova but not slowing down and glowing for more than 600 days. JOHN TIMMER –  11/8/2017 A supernova may be one of the most extraordinary events in the Universe, but the Universe is a very big place, and the extraordinary happens with great regularity. We’ve now observed a huge number of these events and have managed to break them down into categories based on patterns in the light they produce. Astrophysicists have built models of exploding stars that explain these properties, matching them to the mass of...

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Intergalactic Plasma Filaments Confirmed? | Space News [VIDEO]

ThunderboltsProject Intergalactic Plasma Filaments Confirmed? | Space News Nov 2, 2017 EU2017: Future Science — Rebroadcast—only $29: In the Space News series, a clear picture of cosmic scale phenomena has emerged: networks of filaments pervade space and are closely linked to the formation and evolution of stars and galaxies. The electric universe and plasma cosmology have always predicted that the filaments are in fact electrical Birkeland currents which light the stars and connect celestial bodies across vast cosmic distances. Recently, two separate teams of scientists, both of whom were attempting to resolve the so-called missing baryon problem, have...

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Christine Clemmer – Cosmic Consciousness Weekly

The Cosmic Path For the week of November 6 – 12, 2017: Get ready for a powerful and ultra refined week of elevation and transformation.  The aspects this week require our undivided attention from the highest observer’s perch to connect with the frequencies available.  It’s not an easy week to navigate, because the aspects aren’t in plain sight.  We’re being asked to journey inward, and trust the wiring or our inner navigation system while seated in the cockpit of the heart.  There’s an awakening on tap that completely shifts and redesigns the foundational structure we’re manifesting from, which changes...

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The Oracle Report – Special Alert for Atlanta – Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Oracle Report FIRST WATCH” TAKEN BY MICHAEL MORSE AND SENT BY WISE OWL KAREN Wednesday, November 1, 2017 Dear Wise Owls – Below is the link to last night’s Phoenix Rising Radio show when I joined Phoenix and Ney Sey (in the second hour) to discuss yesterday’s attack in New York and the astrology for the Full Moon this Saturday, November 4 – the day that the cabal-originated “Antifa” has proclaimed as a day of violence.  The pattern in the astrology and the astrocartography puts Atlanta in high focus, but also highlights the cities of: Miami New Orleans Chicago Austin, Texas San...

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Magenta Pixie: Alignment to the Vibration of Creation (A Manifestation Incantation for the Samhain Full Moon) [VIDEO]

MagentaPixie Alignment to the Vibration of Creation (A Manifestation Incantation for the Samhain Full Moon) Nov 1, 2017 In your current time period you move into the energetic cycle that contains the consciousness sphere of time you call Samhain. This, a time for an opening of the portal that lies close to the gateway of the full moon, it is the full moon that holds the energies of the Samhain seed point creating an opening betwixt the matter and antimatter realms. Here then is your incantation… Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Video compiled by...

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Taurus Full Moon Ritual for Abundance November 2017

ForeverConscious Taurus Full Moon Ritual for Abundance November 2017 by Tanaaz The Taurus Full Moon on November 3/4th is all about bringing abundance into your life. This can be an abundance of prosperity, health, love, wellness, gratitude or even laughter. Whatever you need most right now, the Universe is going to be on your side and will be helping deliver it into your life. But, in order to activate this energy you need to start taking small, methodical steps forward. The Taurus Full Moon on November 3/4th is all about bringing abundance into your life. This can be an abundance of prosperity, health, love, wellness,...

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Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: October 30-November 5, 2017

ForeverConscious Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: October 30-November 5, 2017 by Nikki Fogerty 2 of Wands, Dominion and Knight of Cups Hey little ones, do you feel both the Jupiter meets Sun energy and the Scorpio Season energy? Are you ready to move, shake and get things done? Well, the cards feel it too, and coming into our power is the theme of the cards this week. The 2 of Wands, or Dominion, is about ownership. The word Dominion may sound scary, but it comes from a place of power and truth, not of greed or abuse. This card describes our ability to be...

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