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Your Imagination is the Most Important Asset You Possess

Free Will AstrologyRob Brezny’s Free Will Astrology week of December 8, 2016 Your imagination is the most important asset you possess My book Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia is available at Amazon and Powells. Below is an excerpt. YOU ARE A PROPHET Your imagination is the single most important asset you possess. It’s your power to create mental pictures of things that don’t exist yet and that you want to bring into being. It’s the magic wand you use to shape your future. And so in your own way, you are a prophet. You generate countless predictions every day. Your imagination is...

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Georgi Stankov: The Beginning of the Final Ascension Shift Period on December 5th, 2016

StankovUniversalLaw The Beginning of the Final Ascension Shift Period on December 5th, 2016 by GEORGI STANKOV posted on DECEMBER 6, 2016 Yesterday we entered with aplomb the final ascension shift period that is intended to culminate around winter solstice. For me it began as usual with a massive cc-wave from the source causing excruciating headache, stomach crisis, skin burning and a complete shock of the body elemental. This continued throughout the night with left eye socket pain and throat pain causing a severe coughing attack. I knew that we have entered the final period of ascension. Today Patrick made me aware of...

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Astrology for the Soul December 7, 2016 [VIDEO]

Published on Dec 7, 2016 If, by chance, I lose my way, But sincerely desire to grow, Spirit will surely bring to me, Brothers and sisters who know. The Gemini Full Moon Tuesday, and indeed Mars and Venus in Aquarius all week portends networking with new friends to build future dreams. What I didn’t mention in the report is that this is accomplished by getting over some of our judgements about ourselves and others. It is so easy to approach relationships from either a place of superiority or inferiority! Both of those get in the way of truly connecting...

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Christine Clemmer – Cosmic Consciousness Weekly

For the week of December 5 – 11, 2016 The week ahead promises to be very resourceful as we dive deep into the “12” vibration month of December, manifesting a new octave of unity and oneness from the heart.  Every step of the way this week reveals more layers of truth and inspiration, giving us the clarity we need to open to new possibilities, liberating our hearts and minds.   With Venus back in the ecliptic, we begin shedding light on our hearts’ recent journey through uncharted territory, providing clarity of all we’ve been sensing and feeling but unable...

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Secure Team: Sun Being Tilted By Large Unknown Space Object [VIDEO]

Secure Team Published on Dec 3, 2016 Source: Secureteam10 is your source for reporting the best in new UFO sighting news, info on the government coverup, and the strange activity happening on and off of our planet. Email us YOUR footage and help us continue the good fight for...

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The main theme for December is COMPASSION: THE HIGHER ROAD [w/ AUDIO]

Power Path The main theme for December is COMPASSION: THE HIGHER ROAD. This month is all about turning our focus away from anger, blame, self-judgment, hopelessness, frustration, fear and worry. These are all attitudes and emotions that belong to a lower vibration and they do not serve us at this time. We need to be turning ourselves in the direction of the higher vibration of COMPASSION if we are to be effective in our lives, with ourselves and with others. The definition of COMPASSION is: “Sympathetic consciousness of others’ (or personal) distress together with a desire to alleviate it.” COMPASSION...

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Mercury Retrograde This December in Capricorn and Sagittarius

TheEarthChild Mercury Retrograde This December in Capricorn and Sagittarius – This Is What It Means For You!   BY  THE EARTH CHILD ADMINDECEMBER 1, 2016 by Jamie | Pandora Astrology December 19, 2016 to January 8, 2017 from 15º Capricorn to 28º Sagittarius Mercury retrograde in Capricorn focuses on career, reputation and achievement. In Sagittarius Mercury focuses on hopes, education, inspiration and travel. So what does it mean when Mercury begins a retrograde period in Capricorn, then backs up into Sagittarius? Fame, money, glory, success. . . all these are empty if they don’t have any meaning behind them. Do you want...

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The Oracle Report – Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Oracle Report   Tuesday, November 29, 2016 New Moon Phase (7:18 am ET/12:18 pm UT): beginnings, set intentions for the lunar month (aim high) Moon in Sagittarius Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom):  Bhuvaneshvari, Goddess Whose Body Is the World, The World Nurse, Goddess of Peace, today with Matangi, Goddess of the Wind, Goddess Who Reprocesses and with Bhairavi, Goddess Who Fortifies the Heart Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Elias, God of the West Skill: turn toward the new True Alignments:  deep internal changes and deep mental changes, getting fired up or enthusiastic about something (what would...

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Christine Clemmer – Cosmic Consciousness Weekly

The Cosmic Path For the week of November 28 – December 4, 2016: Get ready for an empowering week ahead, full of choices and opportunities to shed light on the truth and untangle the knots of confusion and separation once and for all.   Love is the light and the language of clarity, and our hearts are awakening as the authority of divine Love. When we step into each opening with an awakened heart, the highest potential can become reality.  If our hearts are asleep or held back by fear, we may hesitate in that opening, doubting or resisting,...

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Lynda Hill – New Elements Being Formed Beneath Surface Appearances: The Sagittarius New Moon

Sabian Symbols The new Moon in Sagittarius occurs on Tuesday November 29, and, it’s another very interesting, challenging and rather confronting one. This new Moon is exactly conjunct Juno and is squaring the Moon’s nodes, and, Neptune. This can have us wondering about our direction; where to from here, how can we make it to there, what’s next in a world of possibilities, how can we trust, how can we rally faith, how can we feel sure of our direction? Mercury is trine Uranus and square Chiron, so, it is by listening to the stories that we tell ourselves that we...

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Intuitive Astrology: November New Moon 2016

Forever Conscious Intuitive Astrology: November New Moon 2016 by Tanaaz Out of the ashes and into the light, this New Moon is going to be helping us to think bigger and open our hearts to a new wave of positive and abundant energy.  The New Moon represents the starting of a new cycle. The last New Moon fell in the watery, intuitive sign of Scorpio. In this cycle we were all encouraged by the Universe to dig deep and uncover hidden emotions in order to release them. November brings a new cycle however, which will kick into gear on the Sagittarius New...

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Glenn & Cameron Broughton: Earth Spirit – Whisperings from a Ley Line [VIDEO]

MegalithomaniaUKGlenn & Cameron Broughton: Earth Spirit – Whisperings from a Ley Line FULL LECTURE Published on Nov 8, 2016 Subscribe here: Glenn & Cameron’s website is Running from coast to coast across Southern England, the famous St. Michael leyline stretches for 350 miles with many powerful ancient sacred sites such as St. Michael’s Mount, Glastonbury, Avebury stone circle and Bury St. Edmond’s Abbey. Winding around this ley are the twin Earth energy currents of Mary & Michael. Glenn and Cameron have traveled the length of the leyline visiting ninety nine sacred sites. They present a photo journal of their...

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CosmicIntelligenceAgency WHO ARE YOU? THE MUTABLE FIRE NEW MOON IN SAGITTARIUS. 29TH NOVEMBER 2016 by Andrew Smith Who are you? The Mutable Fire New Moon in Sagittarius. 12:19 GMT on the 29th November 2016 All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players” – Shakespeare   It is so easy to get lost. There are so many distractions, often too subtle to notice, that knowing who it is that you are is a virtually impossible question to answer. And yet, answer it you must. Who are you? This is not a question reserved for times...

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How Solar Flares Directly Affect Human Consciousness

Humans Are Free How Solar Flares Directly Affect Human Consciousness Everything within this dense configuration of reality that we call the Universe is interconnected. Through this interconnectedness, everything affects everything else. From the dawn of human spiritual experiences to present-day scientific discoveries, the reality of oneness and interconnectedness has continued to permeate as a recurring aspect of existence within the vastness of what we refer to as Reality. We are realizing, with a continuously-growing conviction, that change and transformation, whether it be in society, consciousness, or otherwise is directly affected by other elements of our universe that we sometimes...

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CosmicIntelligenceAgency NEPTUNE DIRECT: NOV 20TH 2016 TILL JUNE 16TH 2017 by Agent 56 Cassandra Joan Butler Neptune, the god of the sea, stations direct on Saturday November 19, 2016, 9 degrees of Pisces at 11:39 pm EST. Time to reconnect with our inner intuitive self, our dreams, our divinity and the `namaste’ presence. It’s time to bring forward the dreams of June which went `underground’ when Neptune retrograde.  It’s time to affirm how we fit into the `bigger picture.’  Neptune reflects the notion that each particulate is a part of something. No one stands alone. No wonder water is the...

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The Oracle Report – Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Oracle Report Tuesday, November 22, 2016 Third Quarter Moon Phase: revise, realign Moon in Virgo Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Kamala, Goddess Who Transcends Limitations Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Elias, God of the West Skill: quiet the chaos, dive within True Alignments: wish fulfillment, focus, what one is passionate about, mobilization, stabilization, deep emotions, harnessing personal power, objectivity, healthy detachment for analysis, protection, strength, permanence Catalysts for Change: over the top, heightened anger, concealing truth, irritable, playing with fire, overestimation, waiting for something that may not come or is not worth it, dependence and codependence,...

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