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Category: Biology and Animals

Butterfly numbers in the UK’s woods have dropped by almost 60% since 1990

DailyMail Butterfly numbers in the UK’s woods have dropped by almost 60% since 1990 in the latest sign of an ‘ecological Armageddon’ Woodland species are down by 58% and farmland species down by 27% Loss of natural areas and increasing use of pesticides is believed to be at fault  Charities such as the National Trust and WWF have called for new farming laws  Following Brexit, new policy and regulation is needed to protect wildlife  By JOE PINKSTONE 22 June 2018 Butterfly numbers in the UK are in decline due to poor land management, a new report has warned. Since...

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Honeybees Can Understand A Complex Mathematical Concept, Study Proves

Truth Theory By Markab Algedi via The Mind Unleashed A couple days ago, a quite interesting study was published that claims to identify the fact that bees are capable of understanding the mathematical concept of “zero.” The study reportedly confirms that the honeybee is fully capable of understanding the quantitative value of nothing. Not only that, but they are gifted with the ability to correctly place zero at the beginning of a line of sequential numbers: they can understand zero, one, two, ect. Of all insects out there, this is supposed to be the first concrete evidence to prove that the brain of an...

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Can Cat Poop Make You Crazy? The Possible Correlation Between Toxoplasmosis and Schizophrenia

PBS Toxoplasma Gondii is a parasite that invades the brains of mice and alters their behavior. Spread through cat feces, the parasite can infect most birds and mammals, including humans, resulting in a potentially dangerous disease called Toxoplasmosis. Although scientists estimate that one-third of the human population has been infected, Toxoplasma research is still in its early stages, and the extent of its effects on the human body and brain are poorly understood.  Watch Video HERE...

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The neurons that rewrite traumatic memories

Science Daily Credit: © zhu difeng / Fotolia Memories of traumatic experiences can lead to mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which can destroy a person’s life. It is currently estimated that almost a third of all people will suffer from fear- or stress-related disorders at one point in their lives. Now, a new study shows — at the cellular level — how therapy can treat even long-term memories of trauma. “Our findings shed, for the first time, light onto the processes that underlie the successful treatment of traumatic memories,” says EPFL Professor Johannes Gräff, whose...

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Irish Bumblebee Populations Hit Record 6-Year Low, Threatened With Extinction

Natural Blaze By Brandon Turbeville, Natural Blaze As bee populations continue to decline the world over, even more bad news is headed our way. According to numbers recorded in 2017, Irish bumblebee populations were at the lowest level since monitoring began six years earlier. The results indicated a relative marked loss in critical native bee species. The decline in the bee populations were confirmed by All Ireland Bumblebee Monitoring Scheme which is coordinated by Dr. Tomas Murray, National Biodiversity Data Centre Senior ecologist in Waterford County. Ireland has 21 different species of bumblebee, all of which are vital in the pollination process for...

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U.S. Intelligence Community Wants To Use DNA For Data Storage

ActivistPost U.S. Intelligence Community Wants To Use DNA For Data Storage JUNE 13, 2018 By Aaron Kesel The U.S. intelligence community wants to unlock more efficient ways to store troves of data humans generate every day, and it believes inside DNA is the storage area, NextGov reported. The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity last month issued a broad agency announcement seeking research teams for the agency’s Molecular Information Storage program, which aims to create a system for storing vast quantities of data on sequence-controlled polymers, like human DNA. Selected teams would have two primary assignments over the four-year initiative: build a table-top device that...

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Where does body fat go when you lose it? A surprising number of health care professionals don’t know

NaturalNews Where does body fat go when you lose it? A surprising number of health care professionals don’t know Wednesday, June 13, 2018 by: Edsel Cook You wouldn’t happen to know where that fat you shed goes, would you? If you don’t, you’re not alone. According to an article in The Conversation, 98 percent of health professionals failed to explain the process of weight loss. Out of 150 doctors, dietitians, and personal trainers surveyed, only three gave the right answer. And no, it was not “fat turns into energy,” as most people think. Neither was it “fat turns into muscle.” It’s not...

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The Rothschild Mercury Mines of Almadén: Population Control Agent of Antiquity

The Mind Unleashed Mercury is one of the most toxic substances on Earth, a classic poison that can be found in nature. In its various compounds, it is known to cause depression, anxiety, neurological disorders, thoughts of suicide, chronic illness, fatigue and a litany of other health problems. It takes a person “down a notch,” in every possible way hormonally, mentally, and physically. Historically it has been extracted from its red cinnabar ore most notably in Spain and the central European country of Slovenia. It is used in fluorescent light bulbs, mercury amalgam dental fillings, and other applications that always end up poisoning...

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Stunning new study found human and all animal species today originated only 100,000 to 200,000 years ago

FellowshipoftheMinds Stunning new study found human and all animal species today originated only 100,000 to 200,000 years ago Posted on June 7, 2018 by Dr. Eowyn | 19 Comments Research by two scientists on DNA and mitochrondria found that over 90% of animal species in existence today — including humans — had originated only 100,000 to 200,000 years ago. While the two scientists shied away from saying it, their finding that humans and all animals date back to at most only 200,000 years ago is contrary to what evolutionists have been telling us, that the Earth and its life forms had taken millions of years to...

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A rare great ape, a 130-foot-tall tree and an extinct marsupial lion make the Top 10 New Species list for 2018 The highest branches of a Brazilian forest. The permanent darkness of a cave in China. The deepest place on Earth. Life has carved niches for itself in the most extreme and stunning habitats. As a result, it has taken on surprising—and just plain weird—physical attributes and behaviors. In celebration of this biodiversity, the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry has compiled a list of the Top 10 new species that were described by science in the previous year. “I’m constantly amazed at how many new species show up and the range of things that are discovered,” Quentin...

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DNA Website MyHeritage Hacked; 92 Million User Accounts Exposed

Zero Hedge   In an odd coincidence, earlier today we asked rhetorically “what could go wrong” if millions of Americans trust a DNA collecting company – in this case – with their genetic code. At almost the exact same time, Bloomberg reported that the Israeli-based consumer genealogy website, MyHeritage had been hacked, and that the email addresses and password information linked to more than 92 million user accounts have been “compromised.” According to MyHeritage, its security officer had received a message from a researcher who unearthed a file named “myheritage” containing email addresses and hashed passwords of 92,283,889 of its...

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Collective Evolution If you have been following genetic and epigenetic studies conducted within the edifices of modern science over the past couple of decades, you likely have suspected what I am about to tell you: Mr. Darwin has already left the building, his disheveled ‘Theory of Evolution’ in tow. A massive new genetic study by Mark Stoeckle from The Rockefeller University in New York and David Thaler at the University of Basel in Switzerland puts a few more nails into an already-rotting coffin, opening the door for new theories about our origins and the mechanisms behind the evolution of species on our planet....

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Even Ants Use Natural Medicine Because IT WORKS

GreenMedInfo Even Ants Use Natural Medicine Because IT WORKS August 24th 2015 By: Sayer Ji, From humans to insects, using natural substances to treat infection is a concept as old as time itself. A fascinating article published on TechTimes online titled, “Ants Treat Their Own Fungal Infections With Natural Medicine,” illustrates how universal the use of natural substances to maintain health is across the animal kingdom. Researchers discovered that ants infected with a deadly fungus will ingest a naturally occurring — albeit pro-oxidative — molecule known as hydrogen peroxide when offered in combination with honey, presumably in order to medicate themselves: Scientists studying an ant...

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WakingTimes NEUROSCIENCE SHOWS WHY BREATH PRACTICES DURING MEDITATION HELP WITH ADHD May 30, 2018 Based on recent research, it seems that there’s potential for breath-focused practices to help with ADHD, cognitive decline, and other ailments that affect our ability focus. The Brain’s Response to Breath Practices For thousands of years, Yogic masters and Buddhist sages have alleged that breathing practices, such as yogic panayama and meditation, can benefit the body and mind. They’ve claimed that breath work can increase our ability to focus, while calming the wondering mind. As well, practicing breath patterns can result in more positive emotions, decreasing our...

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Ancient Origins The study recently published in the journal Nature—titled Hybrid human–chicken embryos illuminate key developmental milestone—describes the revolutionary breakthrough as “A new technique reveals the earliest stages of human development without the need for human embryos.” A group of stem cell scientists has made an unprecedented accomplishment as they have successfully combined artificial human cells with the embryo of chickens, in a shocking scientific experiment that aims to understand better how life develops. Scientists had never before been able to understand and answer how specific cells in a developing human embryo arrange themselves to become muscles or libs, while...

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Can Our Bodies Predict the Future?

How to Exit the Matrix By Tia Ghose People’s bodies know a big event is coming just before it happens, at least according to a new study. If true, the research, published Oct. 17 in the journal Frontiers of Perception, suggests something fundamental about the laws of nature has yet to be discovered. “The claim is that events can be predicted without any cues,” said Julia Mossbridge, a Northwestern University neuroscientist who co-authored the study. “This evidence suggests the effect is real but small. So the question is: How does it work? Other scientists are skeptical of this...

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Crypto-canid or wolfdog? Mysterious wolf-like animal killed in Montana

SOTT Crypto-canid or wolfdog? Mysterious wolf-like animal killed in Montana David Murray Great Falls Tribune Fri, 25 May 2018 Days after a wolf-like creature was fatally shot on a ranch in Denton, Montana, officials are still unable to determine what type of animal it is. Was it a wolf, some type of hybrid, or a creature that hasn’t been seen in Montana since the Ice Age? On May 16 a lone wolf-like animal was shot and killed on a ranch outside Denton. With long grayish fur, a large head and an extended snout, the animal shared many of the...

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Tiny Crystals In Our Brain Could Unlock Psychic Powers [VIDEO]

Gaia Tiny Crystals In Our Brain Could Unlock Psychic Powers May 21, 2018 We know that earth’s magnetic fields affect everything from our mood to our ability to learn. Even stranger, research has begun to provide links between the electromagnetic field of our planet and psychic abilities. Could magnetic crystals act like tiny antennas connecting our brains to each other and to the entire planet? It may sound far-fetched, but surprisingly, the evidence is there. For more original shows, documentaries, and films that seek the truth sign up for Gaia: See sources for this video: Connect with us on...

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