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New GOP bill lets companies force you to take genetic tests, lets them share results with third parties

 Extreme Tech A new bill introduced by Virginia Foxx (R-NC) and approved by the House Ways and Means Committee would allow corporations to force employees to undergo genetic testing — and then share those results with third parties. In theory, this is already illegal, thanks to a 2008 law known as GINA. This type of behavior is also regulated by the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). The new House bill, HR 1313, gets around these issues by preemptively declaring that workplace wellness programs offered in conjunction with an employer’s sponsored health care plan shall be considered to be in...

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High levels of chemicals found in indoor cats

Science Daily Cats are exposed to chemicals found in electronics and furniture, chemicals that become dust and can adversely affect health, shows new research. Credit: © Photocreo Bednarek / Fotolia A study from Stockholm University have now established what was previously suspected, that the high levels of brominated flame retardants measured in cats are from the dust in our homes. The study has been published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. The study shows that cats are exposed to chemicals found in electronics and furniture, chemicals that become dust and can adversely affect health. It is the first...

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Research shows nature can beat back scientific tinkering with genes of entire species Rest easy, folks. Armies of genetically modified super-species are unlikely to conquer Earth anytime soon. In a paper recently appearing in the journal Genetics, a University of Kansas researcher and colleagues from Cornell University have revealed daunting challenges to changing the DNA of entire populations of species via the most promising techniques available today to produce “gene drive.” For decades, scientists have proposed various methods of genetically altering natural populations to solve problems that plague human beings. “A lot of times nature interferes with how humans would like the world to be,” said lead author Robert Unckless, assistant...

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The Semi-Secret Plan To Tunnel Under Fukushima Daiichi

Fukuleaks Quietly buried in technical reports was this interesting plan. Researchers have developed a method to tunnel under the reactor buildings to remove melted fuel. The very notion of such a plan raises questions about the true nature of the meltdowns. TEPCO has attempted to continue presenting a narrative that the melted fuel remained in the reactor vessels or at least remained in the containment vessels, making it more straight forward to remove. This new plan assumes fuel to have melted deeply down into the reactor building basemat concrete or potentially through the the ground below. For such a...

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Scientist Claims Humans Are Not From Earth But Evolved On Another Planet

Neon Nettle Dr. Ellis Silver has conducted an academic study into the evolution of the Homo Sapien, and arrived at a less-than-conventional theory that human beings aren’t actually from Earth, but evolved on another planet and arrived here between 60k and 200k years ago. Silver claims his research shows that man couldn’t have evolved on Earth as we are too unsuited to our environment, unlike other species that inhabit our planet. Silver isn’t the first to suggest this theory, and recently the CIA declassified documents that suggested humans actually evolved from extraterrestrials that left Mars when it lost its...

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Thanks Vegan! DONKEYS DECIMATED BY ORGANIZED TRAFFICKING OF THEIR SKIN TO CHINA. Donkeys are the primary working partners of farming families in Africa and particularly in Burkina Faso. As the only working/transport animal accessible to the poorest, they have become indispensable in all day-to-day activities in the countryside. The socio-economic benefit of the donkey is evident and, with its many roles, it contributes to the livelihoods of the poorest rural populations (agricultural traction) and local economies (ferrying firewood, water and food). Its disappearance would have dramatic consequences for farming families and yet there is already a decline in...

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Artificial Telepathy 101

Gum Shoe News by John Finch The experience of “Artificial Telepathy” is really not that extraordinary. It’s as simple as receiving a cell-phone call in one’s head. Indeed, most of the technology involved is identical to that of cell-phone technology. Satellites link the sender and the receiver. A computer “multiplexer” routes the voice signal of the sender through microwave towers to a very specifically defined location or cell. The “receiver” is located and tracked with pinpoint accuracy, to within a few feet of actual location. But the receiver is not a cell phone. It’s a human brain. Out of...

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Jon Rappoport – Genetically modified people: what could go wrong?

Jon Rappoport by Jon Rappoport February 21, 2017 I’ll get to genetically modified people; but first, the background on the grand gene hype and propaganda operation— The war against cancer has painted a picture of hope: genetic solutions. This, despite the fact that there are no successful genetic treatments, across the board, for any form of human cancer. The focus on genes is a diversion from obvious causes of cancer in the environment: industrial chemicals, pollutants, pesticides, food additives, and even pharmaceuticals. This futile human gene-fix has a direct parallel in food crops: modify plants so they can grow...

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Mythology of the Dolphin – Robert Sepehr [VIDEO]

  Published on Feb 19, 2017 Aphrodite is often depicted with dolphins, riding them or being accompanied by them. In one myth about Poseidon, dolphin messengers were sent to bring him a nymph he loved, who he later married. As a reward, he set the dolphin in the sky as a constellation. Robert Sepehr is an author, producer and anthropologist specializing in linguistics, archeology, and paleobiology (archeogenetics)....

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Council Of Light: Your 12 Strands of DNA Are Awakening

Era of Light We are here now. We love you. We are you, from your future to assist you on your path. With great joy we are witnessing humanity’s journey into the higher dimensional reality of anticipated ascension. Indeed, your soul knew all along that you are capable of making this leap into the higher dimension, through your continuing desire to create better. Dear Ones, you have entered the great gateway and portal of the Third Wave and this boost of energy will be ongoing for the next few weeks for your spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. Your physical,emotional...

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Low level of oxygen in Earth’s middle ages delayed evolution for two billion years A low level of atmospheric oxygen in Earth’s middle ages held back evolution for 2 billion years, raising fresh questions about the origins of life on this planet. New research by the University of Exeter explains how oxygen was trapped at such low levels. Professor Tim Lenton and Dr Stuart Daines of the University of Exeter Geography department, created a computer model to explain how oxygen stabilised at low levels and failed to rise any further, despite oxygen already being produced by early photosynthesis. Their research helps explain why the ‘great oxidation event‘, which introduced oxygen into the...

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Minnesota, Wisconsin and Wyoming have decided to eradicate wolves

White Wolf Pack “War on Wolves Act” Senators from Midwest and Wyoming introduce bill to strip protections from endangered gray wolves January 24, 2017 Washington, D.C. — Senators from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Wyoming yesterday introduced the “War on Wolves Act,” a companion bill to legislation introduced last week in the House that would strip federal protections from wolves and allow trophy hunting and trapping of the species in four states. If the legislation passes both chambers and gets signed by the president, it would hand the fate of wolves in Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and Wyoming over to states whose...

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Nobel Prize Winning Co-Discoverer of DNA Says Our Genes Were Brought Here By Extraterrestrials

Collective Evolution Francis Crick (8 June 1916 — 28 July 2004) was an English scientist who was most noted for being a co-discoverer of the structure of the DNA molecule in 1953 alongside James D. Watson. Francis Crick Watson and Maurice Wilkins were jointly awarded the 1962 Nobel Prize for Physiology for Medicine “for their discoveries concerning the molecular structure of nucleic acids and its significance for information transfer in living material.” He was clearly a brilliant scientist who unfortunately, like many other brilliant minds who came up with theories that challenged the accepted frameworks at the time, wasn’t given much ‘press.’...

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SeaWorld San Diego ending killer whale show

KomoNews SAN DIEGO (AP) — SeaWorld San Diego is ending its long-running killer whale show after years of outcry and falling attendance prompted it to renounce theatrical orca displays. The show that featured killer whales cavorting with trainers and leaping high out of the Shamu Stadium pool will have its final performances on Sunday. This summer, the park will unveil a new attraction in the revamped pool. Orca Encounter is being billed as an educational experience that will show how killer whales eat, communicate and navigate. The animals will still receive cues from trainers, however. “You will still see a...

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Scientific Evidence for Water’s Capacity to Store Subtle Energetic Charge

Published on Dec 8, 2014 Edited by Jeremy P.… The following presentation is entitled, “Spectrographic Signatures in Water Induced by Radiant Fields from Enclosures of Various Metals.” In it, Dr. James DeMeo offers scientific evidence for water’s capacity to hold an energetic charge that is received when the water is placed in the classic type of orgone accumulators originally designed by Wilhelm Reich. In a day and age when “water memory” is still touted by mainstream science as “pseudoscience,” this kind of solid scientific research is more important than ever. We live in a world in which water (and...

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You’re Underestimating Your Plants: The Strange and Surprising World of Intelligent Flora

Lindsay Abrams We sometimes refer to people in comas as “vegetables,” a word choice that’s begun to fall out of favor, for understandable reasons — a person, even one who has lost his or her sensory and motor capabilities, is still a person. And at the risk of sounding like a parody of political correctness, the term isn’t really fair to vegetables, either. So argues Stefano Mancuso, a Florence-based plant physiologist whom Michael Pollan dubbed the “poet-philosopher” of the plant intelligence movement. Plants, as Mancuso and co-author Allesandra Viola write in “Brilliant Green,” a short primer/manifesto on the history...

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Florida Residents Halt ‘Reckless Experimental’ GM Mosquito Release Funded by Gates Foundation

Ashtar Media   After being served with a 90-day notice of intent to sue by the Center for Food Safety and other environmental groups, the US Food and Drug Association revealed that the Florida Keys is no longer in danger of being inundated by the release of Oxitec’s genetically modified mosquitoes. Several cities in Florida were slated for a GM mosquito release, though the public had been outraged that the USFDA and Oxitec had not conducted a single environmental assessment to determine if the genetically modified insects would harm the environment and numerous endangered species. The mosquitoes were being...

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Fukushima Radiation Hits West Coast Amid Media Blackout

Higgins News Network On December 12, 2016, EnviroNews USA’s own Editor-in-Chief Emerson Urry touched off a firestorm with his news article titled, “It’s Finally Here: Radioactive Plume From Fukushima Makes Landfall on America’s West Coast,” which claimed “medical science and epidemiological studies have demonstrated time and again that there is no safe amount of radiation for a living organism to be subjected to — period.” In his piece, Urry also exposed other news agencies like NBC, the New York Post, USA Today and The Inquisitr, catching them with their pants down, in the act of repeating the false assertions...

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