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Negative Thoughts Harm Your Health By Damaging DNA By April McCarthy via Prevent Disease (19 May 2017) Lose your temper on the road? Frustrated with colleagues at work? You may be cutting your life short, warns molecular biologist Elizabeth Blackburn–who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2009–and health psychologist Elissa Epel, who studies stress and aging.   The authors claim in their new book, The Telomere Effect, that negative thoughts harm your health at the DNA level. Research has shown that a person’s “social relationships, environments and lifestyles” affect their genes. “Even though you are born with a particular set of genes, the way you...

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Activists Sue to Block Plans to Bury 3.6 Million Pounds of Nuclear Waste Near California Beach [VIDEO]

Democracy Now! Published on May 17, 2017 – Environmental activists in California are fighting plans to store 3.6 million pounds of highly radioactive nuclear waste on a popular beach in San Diego County. In 2012, a radioactive leak at the San Onofre nuclear power plant forced an emergency shutdown. The plant was fully closed by June 2013. Now residents are fighting the permit issued by the California Coastal Commission to store the millions of pounds of nuclear waste in thin, stainless steel canisters, within 100 feet of the ocean. We speak to Ray Lutz, founder of Citizens’ Oversight,...

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Where have all the insects gone?

Thanks Pam! Science Mag Entomologists call it the windshield phenomenon. “If you talk to people, they have a gut feeling. They remember how insects used to smash on your windscreen,” says Wolfgang Wägele, director of the Leibniz Institute for Animal Biodiversity in Bonn, Germany. Today, drivers spend less time scraping and scrubbing. “I’m a very data-driven person,” says Scott Black, executive director of the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation in Portland, Oregon. “But it is a visceral reaction when you realize you don’t see that mess anymore.” Some people argue that cars today are more aerodynamic and therefore less...

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This ambitious Great Pacific Ocean Cleanup plans to start cleaning in 2018

New Paradigm Why It Matters To You Garbage and microplastics are wreaking havoc on our marine ecosystems. Ocean Cleanup looks to reverse this trend with a series of autonomous sea screens. The massive oceanic concentration of debris and microplastics –not-so-affectionately known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch– has been growing for years. Thankfully, the non-profit, Ocean Cleanup, plans to use a sailing sea screen to clean up this and other “marine trash vortices” around the globe. Originally, Ocean Cleanup had proposed anchoring a large “plastic-collecting trap” to the sea floor, nearly three miles beneath the Garbage Patch. However, the plan caused...

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Hyperactivity in children linked to pregnant mothers who talked on a mobile phone more than four times a day

Natural News (Natural News) Children born to mothers who frequently used their phones were more likely to be hyperactive, according to a recent study. As part of the study, a team of international researchers examined 83,884 mother-children pairs from Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Norway, and Korea between 1996 to 2011. According to the research team, children aged five to seven had a 28 percent increased risk of being hyperactive if their mothers used their mobile phones four times a day while being pregnant. The study revealed children born to mothers who used their mobile phones for an hour daily during...

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Wolves return to Denmark for first time in 200 years

Terra Daily At least five wolves, including one female, have returned to Denmark for the first time in two centuries, a zoologist who has obtained DNA evidence said on Thursday. The predators came from Germany to settle in western Denmark’s agricultural region, the least densely populated in the Scandinavian country. Peter Sunde, scientist at the University of Aarhus, told AFP the wolves must have walked more than 500 kilometres (310 miles). “We think these are young wolves rejected by their families who are looking for new hunting grounds,” the researcher added. Scientists have established a genetic profile from the...

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ForbiddenKnowledge WHAT PLANTS TALK ABOUT I’ve loved past films that I’ve run on this fascinating topic and this one is really good. Experimental plant ecologist JC Cahill from the University of Alberta is part of a group of scientists who are advancing the idea that plants have “behaviors” and that they lead anything but solitary and sedentary lives. This high quality film produced for PBS’ Nature shows us how plants are smarter and much more interactive than we...

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CoreSpirit For the first time, researchers from Northwestern University have now demonstrated that when a human sperm first meets an egg a bright zinc spark can be seen, not only a “remarkable” phenomenon but also one that might be a game-changer for in vitro fertilization. “It was remarkable,” said the study’s co-author Professor Teresa Woodruff. “We discovered the zinc spark just five years ago in the mouse, and to see the zinc radiate out in a burst from each human egg was breathtaking. All of biology starts at the time of fertilization, yet we know next to nothing about...

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Whales ‘whisper’ to evade predators

The Telegraph Henry Bodkin 26 APRIL 2017 • 12:01AM Humpback whales are renown for their loud, haunting songs, but new research has discovered the huge marine mammals are able to “whisper” as well. Scientists found that baby humpbacks avoid the attention of predators while communicating with their mothers by using intimate grunts and squeaks. The quiet noises enable the young to keep track of their parents during long and precarious migrations without being overheard by killer whales and sexually aggressive male humpbacks looking for an opportunity to mate. We heard a lot of rubbing sounds, like two balloons being...

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New human rights to protect against ‘mind hacking’ and brain data theft proposed

The Guardian Ian Sample Science editor @iansample Wednesday 26 April 2017 06.26 EDTLast modified on Wednesday 26 April 2017 08.54 EDT New human rights that would protect people from having their thoughts and other brain information stolen, abused or hacked have been proposed by researchers. The move is a response to the rapid advances being made with technologies that read or alter brain activity and which many expect to bring enormous benefits to people’s lives in the coming years. Much of the technology has been developed for hospitals to diagnose or treat medical conditions, but some of the tools – such...

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Roger Spurr: Mudfossils: A Mind-blowing View of Earth – April 25, 2017

Galactic Connection Published on Apr 25, 2017 Earth, we know, is a living creature recycling living creatures. But for Roger Spurr, Earth is formed of carcasses of dead creatures to its very core. Its every stone is a body part. The most remarkable of these abundant “mudfossils”, he says, are those of giants who fell to earth from heavenly battles. Some of these carcasses, of massive humanoids and dragons, stretch for hundreds of miles. In his professional life, Roger serviced nuclear missiles in the Army, worked at GE and then as a field engineer for a global electronics firm....

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Artificial Eggs and Sperm On The Global Human Plantation [VIDEO]

WeAreChange Published on Apr 24, 2017 In this interview with Max Igan of The CrowHouse, we explore the global plantation farmer’s market, which offers artificial eggs and sperm, cyborgization, and perpetual conflict among other things. Max Igan’s interview with Australian protester Brendon O’ Connell who was sent to jail for speaking words the government didn’t like, and is now on the run:… Visit our MAIN SITE for more breaking news PATREON… SNAPCHAT: LukeWeAreChange FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: STEEMIT: OH YEAH since we are not corporate or government WHORES help us out We...

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Factory Farm Meat: Why Vegetarians, Ranchers and Conscious Omnivores Need to Unite

Common Dreams The large meat industry interests have monopolized the market by brainwashing the public into believing that cheap meat, from animals raised on brutal factory farms, is the best we can do. It’s a lie. For the first time since the advent of industrial agriculture, the federal government is considering advising Americans to eat “less red and processed meat.” That advice is the outcome of studies conducted by an independent panel of “experts” which was asked by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for recommended changes to the U.S....

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How to Buy Farmland, Even If You Think You Can’t

 Mother Earth News For those of us who were born to farm but, alas, not born on a farm, the ache to have your own land can be so intense you feel it in your belly. I thought it could never happen for me. But now, after 20 years of farming and 15 years of interviewing farmers, I’m pretty sure that almost anyone can find and buy farmland by doing four things: 1. Be clear and realistic about the budget you’ll need to support yourself and your farm, and about how you’ll get the income you need. 2. Do...

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What to do about Animal Testing? [VIDEO]

Thanks Alex!! Yasmin Published on Jan 23, 2017 Cruelty free list… The Science… Makeup Base Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation Arbonne Intelligence CC cream Cover FX Cream Concealer The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer highlight Eyes Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude (may contain Carmine, unsure if vegan) Palette Kat Von D Tattoo Liner Pacifica Aquarian gaze Mascara Lips Hurraw Lip Balm...

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Can Humans Harvest The Sun’s Energy Directly Like Plants?

GreenMedInfo Can Humans Harvest The Sun’s Energy Directly Like Plants? Posted on: Monday, June 1st 2015 at 8:00 am Posted By: Gerald Pollack, PhD Much like photosynthesis in plants, can human beings utilize light and water for their energy needs? New evidence suggests that it may be happening right now in each cell of your body. In response to the title question, my answer is a definite “maybe.” On the positive side, a recently published paper by Herrera et al. (1) argues that the answer is yes. The authors pinpoint melanin as the central player in the drama of photosynthesis, arguing that...

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CollectiveEvolution HARVARD SCIENTISTS THINK THEY’VE PINPOINTED THE PHYSICAL SOURCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS KALEE BROWN APRIL 6, 2017 “Looking for consciousness in the brain is like looking inside a radio for the announcer. – Nassim Haramein The quote above is great food for thoughts before you get into this article. It also related to the video posted at the end of this article. For years, quantum physicists have been trying to catch up to what many ancient spiritual practices have been preaching for centuries. We, along with everything else in existence, are made up of consciousness. Ancient yogic, Hindu, and Buddhist texts...

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