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Forcing a Total, Saturated 5G Future… Without Safety Checks

Truthstream Media Published on Aug 19, 2017 Support us on Patreon, read our goals here: Truthstream Can Be Found Here: Website: Minds: @InformedDissent (Join here! … we’re going to dump Facebook soon.) FB: Twitter: @TruthstreamNews DONATE: Amazon Affiliate Link (help support TSM with every Amazon purchase, no cost to you!): Newsletter: ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*­~*~*~*~*~ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips...

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STAR TREK | The Future Is Now! Technologies Become Reality

Matrix World Disclosure STAR TREK | The science-fiction writers ‘visions go through the scientists’ laboratories and become, from time to time, reality. Although R. Daneel Olivaw, Isaac Asimov’s most famous positronic robot, is still not waiting for the metro with humans, humanoid robots are already becoming more and more frequent in research laboratories.   But there are technologies invented by writers half a century ago that are now upgraded and used. The first private space flight or computer glasses are just a few of the futuristic technologies that came true this year. Few were the science-fiction creations that inspired...

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Embedded beings: how we blended our minds with our devices

Aeon Like life itself, technologies evolve. So it is that the telephone became the smartphone, that near-at-hand portal to the information superhighway. We have held these powerful devices in the palms of our hands for the better part of a decade now, but there is a palpable sense that in recent years something has shifted, that our relationship with technology is becoming more intimate. Some people worry that one day soon we might physically attach computer chips to our minds, but we don’t actually need to plug ourselves in: proximity is a red herring. The real issue is the...

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EFF Urges Supreme Court to Protect Your Cell Phone Location Data from Over-Curious Cops

EFF Outdated ‘Third Party’ Doctrine Lets Law Enforcement Violate Your Privacy Washington, D.C – The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) urged the U.S. Supreme Court today to curb law enforcement’s expansive tracking of suspects’ cell phones, arguing that police must get a warrant before collecting the detailed location data that all phones generate as part of their routine functioning. The defendants in U.S. v. Carpenter were convicted after hundreds of days of location data collected from their wireless carriers associated them with a string of armed robberies. But investigators obtained those location records through a lower legal standard than needed for a...

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DOJ demands info on 1.3M visitors to protest-organizing website

Engadget   Aaron Bernstein / Reuters A month ago, the Department of Justice served a warrant (PDF) to Dreamhost regarding one of its clients. This is routine for law enforcement to make such requests, the website hosting service said in a blog post — except the page in question,, had helped organize protests of Trump’s inauguration. And the DOJ is demanding personal info and 1.3 million IP addresses of visitors to the site. According to Dreamhost, that personal info includes “contact information, email content, and photos of thousands of people.” That could easily lead the DOJ to identify anyone who used the site in service...

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EFF To Court: Border Agents Need Warrants to Search Contents of Digital Devices

Electric Frontier Foundation Whether Conducted Manually or Using Forensic Software, Cell Phone Searches Are Highly Intrusive New Orleans, Louisiana—Searches of mobile phones, laptops, and other digital devices by federal agents at international airports and U.S. land borders are highly intrusive forays into travelers’ private information that require a warrant, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) said in a court filing yesterday. EFF urged the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit to require law enforcement officers at the border to obtain a warrant before performing manual or forensic searches of digital devices. Warrantless border searches of backpacks, purses, or luggage are...

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Natural News targeted in massive, well-funded, multi-nation DDoS attack to silence debate on vaccines

Thanks Nancy! Natural News (Natural News) SECURITY ALERT: For the last 48 hours, Natural News has been subjected to a large-scale, extremely well-funded DDoS attack that caused intermittent outages of site availability. The attack began shortly after Natural News linked to this White House petition demanding an end to legal immunity for the vaccine industry. The attack has already been waged for over 48 hours and continues. While Natural News servers were never brought down, the initial wave of the attack successfully overwhelmed the hardware firewall protecting Natural News servers, causing gateway traffic failures. At its peak, the attack bombarded Natural...

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These Lawmakers Are Speaking out Against the FCC’s Plan to Dismantle Net Neutrality

Futurism A group of 10 lawmakers has written a comment regarding the FCC’s plan to move forward with a proposal that kills net neutrality. The plan would give ISPs the ability to limit a person’s control over which legal sites and services they could access online. THE LETTER OF THE LAW Under the leadership of Ajit Pai, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced plans to repeal net neutrality rules that were approved in 2015. These rules classify an internet service provider (ISP) as a “telecommunications service” and not an “information service.” Anyone can comment on the plan, which the FCC is calling “Restoring Internet Freedom,” via the FCC site until August...

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Google And Youtube Target “Conspiracy Theories” In New Quality Control Update

Activist Post By Aaron Kesel Google continues to make George Orwell’s book 1984 a reality by censoring free speech and free flow of information. On July 27, 2017 Google updated their quality raters guidelines. The latest update to its rating guidelines brings many changes but the biggest are focused on conspiracy theory websites and query results in the non-English language and satirical pages that don’t make it clearly known they are satire. Months before Google updated their guidelines for raters twice once on May 11, 2017 with some smaller changes and then again on March 14th with bigger controversial changes classifying what “offensive, upsetting,...

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We Have Added A New Feedly Live Feed

Our team at Galactic Connection has compiled two new Feedly live feeds.  In case you are not familiar with Feedly, it is an aggregator of RSS live feeds.  In layman’s terms you can compile news feeds from a variety of online sources that update in real time. We have created a new one for financial concerns around the globe, you can view it here: Financial Issues...

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WikiLeaks Publishes New ‘Vault 7’ Exploits Tested on Older Macs Running Snow Leopard and Lion

Kopitiam Bot (Source: Now, the leakers have shared two new exploits that are said to have been created under the codenamed “ In the Achilles user guide, it’s explained that the trojaned .dmg file would behave similarly to the original file, and that all of the operator’s intended executables would run the first time the app is launched. Afterwards, all traces of Achilles would be “removed securely” from the .app file and that file would “exactly resemble” the original, un-trojaned application. Achilles was only tested on OS X 10.6, which is Apple’s Snow Leopard operating system that launched in...

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Massive Hack! Italy’s Largest Bank Has 400K Accounts Stolen In Security Breach [VIDEO]

DAHBOO77 Published on Jul 27, 2017 ITALY’S top bank UniCredit has been targeted in a huge hacking attack in Europe’s largest banking security breach this year. Learn More:… Your Support of Independent Media Is Appreciated: Dahboo7 BTCBitcoin Address- 1DvJRF2u9KUf1sfxx7Q5jtNQFtHzhc7XWm Official Gear- My Other Youtube Channel-… B Rich: Erick M:… ToBeFree:… EnterThe5t4rz:

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Surveillance: German police ready to hack WhatsApp messages

DW According to an internal Interior Ministry progress report published this week by the independent news outlet Netzpolitik, a new version of the German police’s Remote Communication Interception Software (RCIS) will be ready for use before the end of the year. Unlike the first version, RCIS 2.0 is not limited to the surveillance of desktop computers, but can be used on mobile devices with Android, iOS, and Blackberry operating systems. It circumvents the encryption built into services such as WhatsApp and Telegram by hacking the phones themselves and reading the messages “at source” on users’ screens. Last month, the...

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Astroturfing: Government shills are flooding the web

Blasting the News The rapid technological evolution has made the world a different place. Our society has, undoubtedly, evolved along with technology. The internet has changed the way we consume information and the way we live. It has become an integral part of our lives. This has not gone unnoticed bycorporations and governments all over the world. They understand the potential of the world wide web, and they are constantly trying to find ways to monopolize the virtual space. Astroturfing: Definition and examples By definition, #astroturfing is “the practice of masking the sponsors of a message or organization to make it appear as...

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Artificial Intelligence: Good or Bad for Humanity? [VIDEO]

Sarah Westall Published on Jul 25, 2017 International AI expert and futurist, Mark Minevich, joins the program to discuss how AI will affect humanity into the future. He is passionate about forming an ethical framework for AI to grow and to be a positive force for humanity. He will explain his work towards educating leaders and executives on the power of AI, both the dangers and the positive benefits. You can see more of his work at **Support the program at

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence and Universal Basic Income

Futurism Probably not. But that doesn’t mean I’m not concerned that A.I. and robotics will massively impact the future of the work force. McKinsey & Co. predicts that 45 percent of jobs today will be automated out of existence in only 20 years — this concept weighs on me. But we’ve seen such change before — America went from a society of farmers (84% in 1810), to only 2% farmers today). So it’s not the the magnitude of the coming change that bothers me, it is the speed of the change that I’m worried about. Which is exactly why I want to focus...

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Mark Cuban Says AI Will be The Biggest Disruption to Jobs We’ve Seen in 30 Years

Futurism In a recent speech, Mark Cuban argued that AI will replace a significant number of jobs — however, according to previous statements from Cuban, he does not believe that universal basic income is a solution. His views contrast with other technology industry leaders. CUBAN’S WARNING Mark Cuban warned against the potential dangers that artificial intelligence (AI) poses to the work force, asserting during a one-to-one question session at OZY Fest on Sunday that: There’s going to be a lot of unemployed people replaced with technology and if we don’t start dealing with that now, we’re going to have some real problems. Cuban added...

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