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Sweden distributes ‘be prepared for war’ leaflet to all 4.8m homes

The Guardian Jon Henley European affairs correspondent  @jonhenley Mon 21 May 2018 08.36 EDTLast modified on Mon 21 May 2018 12.29 EDT  The new pamphlet prepares the population for cyber and terror attacks and climate change, and includes a page on identifying fake news. Photograph: DinSä The Swedish government has begun sending all 4.8m of the country’s households a public information leaflet telling the population, for the first time in more than half a century, what to do in the event of a war. Om krisen eller kriget kommer (If crisis or war comes) explains how people can secure basic needs such as food, water...

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Collective Evolution Please read the article, there is a conscious message in it that ends this piece with a bright message, and a reason not to react to this information with fear, worry, anger, or any other emotion that  does not serve your highest interests. That being said, it’s ok to feel these things, we are human, but we can transform that energy into a positive force and use it for good will and help give a voice to those who do not have one.  Some ‘dark’ revelations have come to light, especially within the past 6 years alone....

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” Group affected by CIA brainwashing experiments wants public apology, compensation from government A group of Canadians affected by CIA brainwashing experiments conducted at McGill University’s Allan Memorial Institute met for the first time on Sunday to start organizing for a public apology and compensation from the federal government through a possible class-action. Around 40 people gathered at a Montreal condo to share their stories, cry and support each other. The pain, many said, was palpable in the room. “The government should offer an apology and there should be recognition of the injustice that was done,” says Gina Blasbalg, who became a patient at the Allan in her teens in 1960, and drove with her husband from...

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Benjamin Fulford – Trump’s universal trade war declaration is bringing events to a head

Benjamin Fulford U.S. President Donald Trump’s declaration of trade war with just about everybody is really just a case of Trump negotiating a Chapter 11-style bankruptcy for the United States.  A kinder way of putting it would be to say that the U.S. is revolting against an international system that has looted its people on behalf of globalist oligarchs.  Yet another way of putting it is to say the world is negotiating a replacement for the petro-dollar system.  In any case, we can now expect a lot more shouting and bluster, and possibly even the odd nuke or two,...

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Zim Focus How did we get the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? People like Jake Haas. He was driving along a southwest Denver street last week, when he saw his soon to be treasure in a trash pile in front of someone’s home. “The reason why I stopped is because I do antiques, and what I originally thought in my head is they were maps, antique maps,” said Haas. “We’re in the middle of the street with our blinkers on, digging through the trash, grabbing all this stuff out of there, and then it started hitting...

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Anna Von Reitz – Holy Moly!!!!!!! This Is the BIG ONE!

Thanks Laura! Paul Stramer By Anna Von Reitz The Fourth Maxim of Commercial Law is crucial.  It establishes the Due Process of Commercial Law by demanding that someone stick their neck out and declare their responsibility for telling the truth to the court by providing an affidavit. TRUTH IS EXPRESSED IN THE FORM OF AN AFFIDAVIT. (Lev. 5:4-5; Lev. 6:3-5; Lev. 19:11-13: Num. 30:2; Mat. 5:33; James 5: 12). I have not had much respect for Commercial Law and haven’t studied it a whole lot, mostly because I noted years ago that it was broken.  It doesn’t work the way...

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Wikipedia Is An Establishment Psyop

Medium If you haven’t been living in a hole in a cave with both fingers plugged into your ears, you may have noticed that an awful lot of fuss gets made about Russian propaganda and disinformation these days. Mainstream media outlets are now speaking openly about the need for governments to fight an “information war” against Russia, with headlines containing that peculiar phrase now turning up on an almost daily basis. Here’s one published today titled “Border guards detain Russian over ‘information war’ on Poland“, about a woman who is to be expelled from that country on the grounds that she “worked to consolidate pro-Russian...

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An Ebola vaccination campaign starts on Monday in DR Congo

euronews (in English) Published on May 20, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 448K 4,000 doses of the vaccine were shipped to Mbandaka over the weekend after the country is facing its ninth outbreak… READ MORE :… What are the top stories today? Click to watch:… euronews: the most watched news channel in Europe Subscribe!… euronews is available in 13 languages:… In...

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Navy Combat Training in Western Washington

West Coast Action Alliance UPDATE MARCH 24, 2018 ~ Comment period is closed. Thank you to everyone who made the effort. For what it’s worth, here are the joint comments of the West Coast Action Alliance and the Olympic Forest Coalition. February 15, 2018 ~ Here is how to comment on the Navy’s proposed Special Operations (combat) training in our communities. COMMENT PERIOD HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO MARCH 23, 2018 As a result of the public uproar about this training, all four members of our congressional delegation (Kilmer, Larsen, Cantwell and Murray) and Governor Inslee wrote a letter to the Navy asking for a 30-day extension of the comment period. To view a PDF of a slide show obtained from the Navy via a whistleblower, showing what combat training actions will be done at 68 sites along 265 miles of shoreline in western Puget Sound, click here. It’s 17 mb, so give it time to load. Send snail mail to: Naval Facilities Engineering Command Northwest Attention: Project Manager, EV21.AW 1101 Tautog Circle, Suite 203 Silverdale, WA 98315-1101 Or email to:    Subject line for email should be: Comments, Naval Special Operations EA–EV21.AW To download the Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) to read for yourself, click here. To download the comments we have provided below in Word, click here. For PDF, click here. Or you can simply copy and paste these comments into the body of your email, which should then include the hyperlinks....

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Mnuchin: US-China Trade War “On Hold”, But NAFTA Still “Far Apart”

Zero Hedge In what looks to us like confirmation that the US has officially kicked the can down the road, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Sunday that China and the US were putting a trade war “on hold” as the two sides work to hammer out a comprehensive trade agreement that will be acceptable to both sides. Mnuchin, who was in Beijing last week for trade talks with top Chinese officials, emphasized that Trump isn’t giving up on holding China accountable – the process is just taking longer than some had hoped. “Right now Chris we’re going to put...

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Who What Why Police and government surveillance of the residents of Chicago is already so infamous nationally that software developers a few years ago created an interactive game, Watch Dogs, which invites clever gamers to evade and escape the digital surveillance of state authorities there. But privacy may soon be even harder to come by in America’s third largest city. Chicago is infamous for its shootings and high murder rate. And just as notorious are the many civil liberties abuses by the Chicago PD. Serious concerns have been raised to whether expanded state power leads to a safer city. But...

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Survey Claiming Millennials Like GMOs Ridiculously Biased And Manipulated

Natural Blaze By Heather Callaghan, Natural Blaze Millennials lead the charge against GMOs and have more in common with their grandparents than their parents’ generation. Millennials are reviving the art of gardening, local food and food preservation so it shouldn’t be surprising to find thousands of them at the March Against Monsanto. Yet a new survey is attempting to influence the public that it is millennials who love GMOs. A new survey, according to the Telegraph, declared that “Millennials ‘have no qualms about GM crops’ unlike older generation”. Most people read headlines and headlines like this cast a major influence. All the propaganda is...

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4-Minute Film Will Make You Re-Think Social Media

Humans Are Free Facebook has been under fire in 2018 so far. It seems week after week another shot is blown to the social media giant whether it be about how it preys on people’s weaknesses or whether it be mass data breaches that cause everyone to re-think the information they are giving up about themselves. We often find it easy to blame Facebook, or blame the social media tool that has our attention, and it’s somewhat understandable that we do that. They are after all poking at our psychology. But then again, are we truly a victim to our psychology?...

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After being summoned to the Vatican over child sex abuse scandal, all 34 Chilean bishops resign

Journal IE THIRTY-FOUR CHILEAN bishops have resigned over a child sex abuse scandal within the Catholic Church after three days of meetings with Pope Francis at the Vatican, a spokesman for the bishops has said. “We, all the bishops present in Rome, have tendered our resignation to the Holy Father so that he may decide freely for each of us,” a statement read out by the spokesman said. Yesterday, Pope Francis had promised “changes” to the Chilean church to “restore justice” following a child abuse scandal that has come to haunt his papacy. In a letter to the 34...

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Global Elitists Are Not Human

Alt-Market It is often said that “other-izing” people overall can be dangerous and other-izing your enemies specifically can be tactically detrimental. For one, it can lead to a false sense of superiority over those people as you assert some kind of imagined genetic advantage. It can also lead to dangerous generalizations of vast groups as you categorize and pigeonhole millions as being exactly the same when this is rationally impossible. However, other-izing is perhaps the only option when faced with a very particular type of person embracing a very particular brand of ideology; other-izing can become a matter of...

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