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Joseph Farrell: “High Octane Speculation” on Recent Bank Outages and Bankster ‘Suicides’ [VIDEO]

GizaDeathStarCommunity NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM JULY 20 2017 Streamed live 9 hours ago Yet another bank experiences “downtime”, stranding 46,000,000 of its “customers”, and a Spanish banker is dead of a shotgun blast to the chest, which (note wording) they have “ruled out a homicide. and Joseph has another hare-brained bit of high octane speculation to add to his list of high octane speculations about it:…...

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Charles Hugh Smith: The Over-Quantification of Life

OfTwoMinds The Over-Quantification of Life By Charles Hugh Smith TUESDAY, JULY 18, 2017 The idea that all endeavors can be distilled down to statistics has put us in the Over-Quantification Box. Correspondent Chad D. recently submitted a thought-provoking commentary on the Over-Quantification of Life: “I think you could constructively explore the over-QUANTIFICATION of the US. Or we could call it the Wal-Martization of the US. The only that that counts is a number (i.e. price, sales, clients, patients, tickets, arrests, convictions, fines, sex partners, scores, averages, etc.). What is missing is quality. I think you’ve mentioned something similar before...

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Russia & China Declare All Out War on US Petrodollar — Prepare for Exclusive Trade in Gold

TheFreeThoughtProject Russia & China Declare All Out War on US Petrodollar — Prepare for Exclusive Trade in Gold The death of the petrodollar could be imminent which would drastically reduce America’s ability to wage war with other people’s money. By Jay Syrmopoulos  – July 16, 2017 The formation of a BRICS gold marketplace, which could bypass the U.S. Petrodollar in bilateral trade, continues to take shape as Russia’s largest bank, state-owned Sberbank, announced this week that its Swiss subsidiary had begun trading in gold on the Shanghai Gold Exchange. Russian officials have repeatedly signaled that they plan to conduct transactions...

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Rand Paul Exposes GOP Health Care Bill as “Giant Bailout Superfund for Insurance Companies”

TheFreeThoughtProject Rand Paul Exposes GOP Health Care Bill as “Giant Bailout Superfund for Insurance Companies” By Matt Agorist  – July 18, 2017 As Democrats fear monger over the loss of Obamacare, according to Republican Senator Rand Paul, they need not be scared, as the GOP bill is not a repeal at all. “I think the longer the bill is out there, the more conservative Republicans are going to discover that it’s not a repeal, and the more that everybody is going to discover that it keeps the fundamental flaw of Obamacare.” Paul said on CBS’ Face The Nation. As Paul notes,...

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Anna von Reitz: People– You Must Learn From Your Mistakes / Hello? Campers? WAKE UP!!!

AnnaVonReitzAnnaVonReitz People– You Must Learn From Your Mistakes By Anna Von Reitz Suddenly there are all these “offers” — the so-called M1 “Prosperity Bonds” and now “Treasury Direct Accounts”. Remember the Trojan Horse and Esau’s bowl of porridge. By accepting these offers you don’t know what you are giving up. You are doing precisely the same thing your parents did– signing up for things and obligating yourselves without knowing the consequences. Just STOP. You have just been set free. Don’t run in willy-nilly and entrap yourselves again. And don’t give away the birthright that has been won back for...

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The Hamilton Hustle – Why Have Liberals Embraced America’s Most Reactionary Founder?

Zerohedge The Hamilton Hustle – Why Have Liberals Embraced America’s Most Reactionary Founder? Excerpted from ‘The Hamilton Hustle’ via The Baffler, authored by Matt Stoller, As Donald Trump settles into The White House, elites in the political class are beginning to recognize that democracy is not necessarily a permanent state of political organization. “Donald Trump’s candidacy is the first time American politics has left me truly afraid,” wrote Vox cofounder Ezra Klein just before the election. Andrew Sullivan argued in New York magazine that American democracy is susceptible, “in stressful times, to the appeal of a shameless demagogue.” Paul Krugman wrote...

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Neoliberal Globalization: Is There an Alternative to Plundering the Earth?

GlobalResearch Neoliberal Globalization: Is There an Alternative to Plundering the Earth? Excerpt from “The Global Economic Crisis: The Great Depression of the XXI Century” By Prof. Claudia von Werlhof Global Research, July 12, 2017 Global Research 19 April 2011 The following is a preview of a chapter by Prof. Claudia von Werlhof in  “The Global Economic Crisis: The Great Depression of the XXI Century.”  (2009) To read more, order the book online. Help us spread the word: “like” the book on Facebook and share with your friends! … Is there an alternative to plundering the earth? Is there an alternative to making war? Is there...

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SGTReport Catherine Austin Fitts: HOW TO SAVE OUR NATION & OUR LIVES BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE Published on Jul 11, 2017 Former US Assistant Housing Secretary and Publisher of the Solari Report Catherine Austin Fitts joins me to discuss the TRILLIONS of dollars missing from the coffers of the DOD, NASA and HUD. Catherine says that the same forces the have looted our nation are also interested in destroying the US Constitution. Fitts explains, “The people who run this country want to implement slavery. They believe in slavery. They practice slavery. They will chip you. They will take your...

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Stock Market Tsunami Siren Goes Off

Wolf Street Stock Market Tsunami Siren Goes Off by Wolf Richter It will be ignored until it’s too late. Everyone who’s watching the stock market has their own reasons for their endless optimism, their doom-and-gloom visions, their bouts of anxiety that come with trying to sit on the fence until the very last moment, or their blasé attitude that nothing can go wrong because the Fed has their back. But there are some factors that are like a tsunami siren that should send inhabitants scrambling to higher ground. Since July 2012 – so over the past five years – the...

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X22 Report: The Economy Is Being Prepped, Everything Is About To Change: V & CJ [VIDEO]

X22ReportThe Economy Is Being Prepped, Everything Is About To Change: V & CJ Published on Jul 1, 2017 Today’s Guest: V & CJ Websites: Rogue Money YouTube Rogue Money… Twitter @theroguemoney Most of artwork that are included with these videos have been created by X22 Report and they are used as a representation of the subject matter. The representative artwork included with these videos shall not be construed as the actual events that are taking place. Intro Music: YouTube Free Music Hey Sailor by Letter Box Fair Use Notice: This video contains some copyrighted material whose...

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Saudi Royals Not At G-20: Humiliated by Qatar? Or to Stave Off a Coup at Home?

TheDuranFarsNews Following Qatar rebuff humiliated Saudi King and Crown Prince stay away from G20 summit ALEXANDER MERCOURIS Following rejection of their ultimatum, and with no cards to play, a humiliated King Salman of Saudi Arabia and his maverick son Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman stay away from the G20 summit. As my colleague Adam Garrie has written, Qatar has rebuffed the insanely worded ultimatum served on it 2 weeks ago by the Saudi led coalition.  A meeting that coalition held thereafter in Cairo however failed to come up with any new measures.  Instead it announced – weakly – that the current...

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Banks Begin To Mutiny Against The Fed: “If We Are Right, Central Banks Will Be Wrong”

Zerohedge Banks Begin To Mutiny Against The Fed: “If We Are Right, Central Banks Will Be Wrong” It has been a trying time for the world’s central bankers, who for decades have been used to the “high finance” community’s adulation, derived from the deliverance of policy wrapped in so much opacity, gibberish and contradictions, that neither the central bankers, nor the markets, had any idea what was going on (see the Greenspan tenure), or dared to admit it was all meaningless drivel, resulting in phases during which the market was on “autopilot” and culminating with a bubble and subsequent...

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Jim Willie: Enter The NatGas Cartel

GoldseekEnter The NatGas Cartel By: Jim Willie CB, 5 July 2017 The King Dollar is mortally wounded. Many notice but the masses seem largely unaware. Since 1971, the Gold Standard has been removed from its anchor position. But since 1973, the Petro-Dollar has taken its place. It has called for crude oil sales led by the Saudis and OPEC to be transacted in USDollar terms, for oil surpluses to be stored in USTreasury Bonds, and for some kickbacks from the Saudis to the USMilitary complex for weapons purchases. Of course, the US is ready willing and able to...

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Greg Hunter interviews Lynette Zang: Monetary Velocity Crashing – Reset Coming [VIDEO]

USAWatchdogGregHunterLynette Zang – Next Market Meltdown Means Frozen Financial System Published on Jul 1, 2017 What will the next financial meltdown look like to the man on the street? Market analyst Lynette Zang predicts, “The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) showed how they would bail in the banks over the weekend. It’s pretty easy to see if you look across the pond to Greece. You will have no access to your wealth. You may have a pretty statement that says you have xyz (stocks) in there. You just can’t touch it. It will be the same thing with your...

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Qatar May Be Turning Its Back on the US Dollar — and We All Know What That Means

GovtSlavesQatar May Be Turning Its Back on the US Dollar — and We All Know What That Means JULY 4, 2017 Darius Shahtahmasebi–Late last week, Saudi Arabia and other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) that are involved in attempting to isolate Qatar sent the tiny Gulf nation a list of 13 demands. They are insisting that Qatar meet these demands within ten days or face unspecified further action. The list of demands includes Qatar shutting down Al-Jazeera and its affiliate stations; shutting down other news outlets that Qatar funds, including Middle East Eye; curbing diplomatic ties with Iran and expelling members of...

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Sheldan Nidle Update~7-4-17~Light and all its wonderment

PAO from Planetary Activation Organization The Age of the dark is ending, and the Time of the Light is now upon you. Be encouraged, and act in a manner that truly mirrors this most divine time. It is when the Light and all its wonderment is to finally fully shine upon you!! 5 Ahau, 3 Kumku, 13 Caban Selamat Jalwa! Some additional progress is steadily being made. The major problems that we have discussed previously with the older and more limiting banking system are systematically being corrected. This will allow the delivery group to again move forward to a phase...

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Crop Circle – Boreham Wood, Nr Lockeridge, Wiltshire. Reported 1st July

Crop Circle Connector Summoning higher powers for the protection against evil: this seven-pointed star also resembles a “Seal of the Seven Archangels” or “Grand Pentacle” or “heptagram”, used supposedly as a magical sign in religious rituals It was noted on the Comments page that this crop picture resembles our “bright Sun”, as it will enter a solar eclipse in 52 days. Seven isolated, standing tufts around the centre likewise suggest (7.5 x 7) = 52 or 53 days until that eclipse from July 1 to August 21. Yet most authentic crop pictures have two, or even three, overlapping conceptual...

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Is Your Job Safe From Automation and Robot Takeover?

New Paradigm -By Paul A Philips There are increasing media reports published from time to time on the disturbing subject of rising job loss through automation and robot takeover. Take for instance the recent announcement made by McDonald’s. The food giant plans to install some 2,500 electronic kiosks for self-service ordering in the near future. Then there are plans to install another 3,000 of these kiosks and a mobile ordering system which is expected to be completed by the end of 2018 in 14,000 establishments across the USA. -That’s bad news for the human workforce affected. As a consequence,...

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