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New study suggests there could be a hidden biosphere six miles below us, under the Earth’s crust [VIDEO]

UFOmania – The truth is out there     Published on Apr 19, 2017 The Hollow Earth hypothesis proposes that the planet Earth either is entirely hollow or otherwise contains a substantial interior space. The scientific community has dismissed the notion since at least the late 18th century. Now a new study finds an ecosystem 6 miles beneath the earth crust. The study, published in The Proceedings of the National Academies of Science, documents the results of a deep-sea drilling expedition at the South Chamorro mud volcano. Source:… Read here:… Follow us on facebook:

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Mandela Effect? The U.S.has a CERN in CHICAGO since 60’s! [VIDEO]

Affected Collective   Published on Apr 11, 2017 This vid covers my bizarre findings about FERMILAB, the U.S. version of CERN. Fermilab is located near Chicago & has at least 7 particle collision accelerators ON SITE. It’s been in operation since 1967, but much like info I find about CERN, there are MANY inconsistencies in the exact dates/years/details of Fermilab’s history. This seems to imply there may be alternate timelines running congruent to our own, all searching for the missing “keys to the universe,” which are apparently secrets held by as-of-yet-undiscovered particles…. Here is a link to FERMILAB’S website:...

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The Facebook Experiment and Its CIA Roots

Wall Street on Parade Originally published July 3, 2014 by Pam Martens and Russ Martens Let us see if we have this straight: Facebook is a company that has been publicly traded for just slightly more than two years. It pays no dividend so its key attraction for its shareholders is that it knows how to run and grow its business. Its initial public offering launch was one of the biggest fiascos in modern finance. Its core asset from which its revenues flow is based on the loyalty and growth of its user base upon whom it decided to...

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FREE Online Telesummit – Plant Medicine Summit 2017

 Debra Recommends Plant Medicine Summit 25+ Leading Ecological Experts & Health Practitioners WHEN: Monday March 20th – Friday March 24th WHERE: FREE Online Telesummit – Replay Available COST: Free   Plant Medicine Summit March 20-24, 2017 What if the power to heal was all around you in the natural world?Since the dawn of humanity, people from across the globe have used what was in “nature’s pharmacy” to heal themselves – botanical treatments, healing tinctures and medicinal remedies from the herbs, flowers and flora that surrounded them. While the advances of modern medicine are miraculous, as we’ve pursued the newest...

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80 Students Removed From Class For Being Unvaccinated: Crossing the Line of Coercion

The Mind Unleashed 80 students were ordered out of class last week in Minneapolis, Minnesota because they didn’t provide evidence that they received vaccines. According to a local CBS News article: “Rochester Public School Board members voted last week to enforce a state law that requires students be immunized or be officially exempt for reasons such as health or religion. Students had to submit the proper paperwork to the school district in order to prove they are exempt by Wednesday. The Rochester School district said the decision to prohibit students from attending class that did not have official documentation...

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This Elementary School Banned Homework And The Results Were Amazing

TrueActivistThis Elementary School Banned Homework And The Results Were Amazing ByBrianna Acuesta Posted on March 9, 201 The kids are choosing to read daily at home instead. When Mark Trifilio, Principal of the public pre-K-5th grade Orchard School in Vermont, took a good look at his students and the way they were learning, he realized that the inconsistencies with assigning homework might be hindering students rather than helping them. Since different teachers in the same grade often have separate lesson plans and homework goals, the children were being unfairly subjected to varying homework loads that weighed them down. After considering the...

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Secret Space Program Books Top Amazon Best Seller List for UFOs

Exopolitics On March 5, three Secret Space Program books were at the top of the Amazon Best Seller lists for the UFO category. Two of the books, deal with a highly secretive program run by the US Navy, while the other deals with the US Air Force’s better known program run out of Area 51. The current number 1 is The US Navy’s Secret Space Program and Nordic Extraterrestrial Alliance just released on March 1 that focuses on the testimony of retired aerospace engineer William Tompkins. The book uses extensive documentation to validate his claim of being directly involved...

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Ten Basic Rules For Better Living by Manly P. Hall

Gnostic Warrior 1. Stop worrying The popular idea that a worrier is a thoughtful and conscientious citizen is false. The Egyptians realized this when they included worry among the cardinal sins. Do not confuse thoughtfulness and worry. The thoughtful person plans solutions, but the worrier merely dissolves in his own doubt. If you think straight, you will have less cause for worrying. The worrier not only suffers the same disaster many times, but undermines his health and annoys all others with whom he comes into contact. There are many things in this world that require thoughtful consideration, but there...

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Is the CA Oroville Dam Failure a False Flag?

Please Note: Our goal is to disseminate information and discernment is needed. Please take in what resonates and throw out what does not. Reddit Conspiracy by Novusod WHAT: The Oroville Dam known as the tallest earthen dam in the world may soon fail after cavitation opened up a 200ft hole in the spillway on Tuesday. The hole prevents controlled releases of water as the reservoir levels continue to climb. Water flowing over loose dirt will further erode and widen the hole. The dam is 50ft taller than the Hoover Dam and holds back over 4 cubic kilometers of water....

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Aftershock rattles Philippines after deadly quake

CTV News SURIGAO, Philippines — Philippine officials on Sunday warned survivors of a powerful earthquake that left at least eight people dead in the country’s south to ensure their homes and buildings are sturdy enough before venturing back amid continuing aftershocks. A strong aftershock alarmed residents, some of whom screamed in fear, while waiting for President Rodrigo Duterte to arrive to console earthquake survivors gathered in a gymnasium in the hard-hit capital of Surigao del Norte province. The magnitude 6.7 quake struck late Friday, killing at least eight people, injuring more than 200 and damaging the main provincial airport...

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The Dying Art of the Skilled Trade: The Importance of Working With Our Hands

Mother Earth News The age of the entrepreneur is dividing us into two classes of beings – the digital trailblazer, and the heart and soul craftsman. On one hand, you have a limitless arsenal of information at the disposal of the masses, and with it, people are turning soft skill sets into full-scale digital empires, hawking their services and establishing their brand. (Yep, that’s me.) On the other though, you have a group of people that I for one, am far more inspired by – the group that has or is acquiring tactile skills, and producing real tangible products...

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America’s Problem with Student Loans Is Much Bigger Than Anybody Realized

the Anti-Media (ANTIMEDIA Op-Ed) The Department of Education recently released a memo admitting that repayment rates on student loans have been grossly exaggerated. Data from 99.8% of schools across the country has been manipulated to cover up growing problems with the $1.3 trillion in outstanding student loans. New calculations show that more than half of all borrowers from 1,000 different institutions have defaulted on or not paid back a single dollar of their loans over the last seven years. This comes in stark contrast to previous claims and should call into question any statistics provided by government agencies. The American people...

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1984 & 9 Other Eye-Opening, Must Read Books

The Mind Unleashed With George Orwell’s classic book, 1984, trending in the U.S. right now, it’s time we also take a look at other books that are eye-opening and those that can raise awareness and create dialogue on important issues that have happened in the past and issues that we face in our world today.   1984 by George Orwell: Though it was written as fiction, it is viewed in the eyes of many as what our society has become due to the police state that has been implemented to a large degree here in the U.S. A classic....

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Havasupai Native Children Sue U.S. Government For Right to Quality Education

Colorlines Nine Native children from the Havasupai Indian Reservation in Supai, Arizona, sued the U.S. Bureau of Indian Education in U.S. District Court yesterday (January 12), alleging that it does not provide the quality education guaranteed by federal regulations. “Federal law requires that the federal government provide Native children with educational opportunities that equal or exceed those for all other students in the United States,” reads the introduction to Stephen C. V. Bureau of Indian Affairs. “The government must provide for not only the basic elementary and secondary education needs of Native students, but also the unique educational and cultural academic needs of...

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How To Opt Out: Build Without a Permit, Drive Without a License [VIDEO]

Published on Apr 20, 2015 Adam sits down with Tom Hyland to get his incredible story of asserting his freedom of movement (driving without a license or registration) in a house that he built himself without a permit. The Tom Hyland Story: A Long Strange Trip… Tom Hyland, Santa Fe Sign Maker Get the most important book ever for free in every format including audiobook at: Audiobook on YT: Please support FREEDOM! by liking this video, subscribing, and sharing! Then go here for everything else:    ...

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This Sunday November 27 on Radio Free Kanata: A Workshop on the Common Law Revolution

ITCCS Live at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern on Canada, England and all other “Crown” nations are convicted criminal regimes whose lawful authority is null and void. Every free born man and woman in these countries is obligated now to break free from such tyrannies and establish a new sovereign jurisdiction of self-governing nations under the common law.   How can this revolution be enacted today, in our local communities? What is the procedure for convening common law courts to establish sovereign Republics of Equals? How do we protect our liberties and our communities from a criminal corporatocracy?...

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Zuckerberg Just Revealed Facebook’s 7-Point Plan to Censor “Fake News” and It’s Chilling

Activist Post By Claire Bernish Until corporate media and the neoliberal establishment refused to acknowledge their direct role in the election of Donald Trump and threw a temper-tantrum about misinformation on social media to scapegoat blame, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg balked at the notion faulty reports circulating on social media had anything at all to do with the November 8th shocker. “Of all the content on Facebook, more than 99 percent of what people see is authentic. Only a very small amount is fake news and hoaxes,” Zuckerberg wrote in a post to his platform last Saturday. “The hoaxes...

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The Unanswered Mysteries of the Anasazi

Ivan   The great American southwest is considered by many as a place of extremes, ancient people, spirits and legends that even today, inhabit the region. Thousands of years ago, an ancient culture flourished in the region and left amazing footprints in the sub-American continent, giant cities, dwellings in the cliffs and ceremonial chambers called kivas, were found, and all of them belonged to the Anasazi. Even today, there are people who firmly believe in these stories, and that the spirits of this ancient culture still inhabit the lands. Today most of the world’s population lives in cities surrounded...

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