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Lizards Are Fleeing While The Transformation Begins

In5D by Gregg Prescott, M.S. Founder, Webmaster, & Editor, A couple days ago, Michelle and I went to the beach and a 2 foot snake crossed our path as we were leaving the beach. This morning, after a long right of rain, Michelle woke up around 2AM and saw red and blue lights flashing through my living room window. Around 9:30, 3 Florida Power & Light trucks drove past my house toward the beach. We walked down to see what happened and apparently, between 1:30 and 2AM, there were 2 loud “BOOMS” heard by our neighbors. Apparently, the first...

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The U.S. Navy Received Advanced Technologies From An Alien Race, Book Claims

Exonews by Elizabeth Gail                 January 28, 2018                  ( • William Tompkins, 2015 book Selected by Extraterrestrials is sadly, his last book as Tompkins died in August of 2017. But his book tells of a life that began with debriefing American spies embedded in Germany for the Navy in San Diego as a teenager during WWII. After the war ended Tompkins became an influential aerospace engineer with Douglas Aircraft , designing spacecraft for the US Navy’s secret space program, “Solar Warden”, including a 2.5km spacecraft...

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Benjamin Fulford – The Vatican, Chinese Communist Party, British Empire, and Pentagon plan world government

Benjamin Fulford Growing evidence signals that the Vatican, the Chinese Communist Party, the British Empire, and the Pentagon are negotiating the creation of a world government. The latest sign came in an agreement reached between the Vatican and the Chinese government to jointly select bishops for the Catholic Church in China.  While this may seem like a minor issue pertaining only to the 9 million or so Chinese Catholics, it is actually an agreement for joint world power-sharing, according to Asian Secret Society and P2 Freemason sources. The agreement means each side has veto power over who gets selected as...

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David Wilcock – Tom DeLonge Group Stunningly Debunked: Curtains for Partial Disclosure?

Divine Cosmos Tom DeLonge’s CIA and other intel advisors used a picture of a mylar party balloon from 2005 as if it was a genuine UFO, and raised over 2.2 million dollars in funding from the event featuring it. There was widespread suspicion of this “mainstream-media-sanctioned disclosure” in the UFO community, and it was just proven correct. Someone within the group obviously knew this was a fake image. We do not feel Tom DeLonge was in on it, and his silence suggests he must be very upset at this point. With the formerly-invincible Cabal on the ropes like never...

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Exopolitics – Will Antarctic German Space Program Reveal Itself & Release Advanced Technologies?

Exopolitics There has been much controversy over a February 5 blog post by former Forbes Magazine editor, Benjamin Fulford that a German Space Program based in Antarctica has secretly reached a deal with U.S. and global authorities, and is ready to reveal itself. Such a disclosure will lead to life changing antigravity and other suppressed technologies being released, according to Fulford. Fulford does not name his sources or offer any direct evidence supporting his controversial claim, but recent visits to southern Argentina by U.S. Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, does offer important circumstantial support. Fulford’s claim therefore...

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Benjamin Fulford – Question about jubilee of private debt

Benjamin Fulford Benjamin: I have a question in response to this statement in your most recent article:  “The WDS will be proposing a genuine jubilee, or one-time writeoff of all world debts, public and private.” I have a friend who is an honest businessman.  He has no debt.  He has worked hard, and has carefully saved and invested his money over the years.  A few years ago he started loaning his money privately for people who needed additional cash to purchase their homes, where he has a second lien on the homes in case the loans go bad.  He...

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Montana and Military Involvement With UFOs

Exonews by Marie Cisneros         January 19, 2018          ( • This article relates three UFO encounters, the first two occurring in Montana in 1950 and 1967, and a third in Afghanistan in 2004. • On August 15, 1950, Nicolas Mariana filmed 16 mm color movies of two UFOs that appeared as shiny, circular craft. (see 3:25 YouTube video below) This video has withstood over sixty years of scrutiny without being debunked, and is believed to be one of the strongest cases supporting the existence of UFOs. • In March 1967, at Malmstrom Air...

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Benjamin Fulford – Catholic churches burned as mass protests greet Pope in Catholic Chile | ET technologies: Benefits for all humanity

Benjamin Fulford Catholic churches burned as mass protests greet Pope in Catholic Chile This went right under the radar:  11 Catholic churches were burned as mass protests greeted the Pope in Catholic Chile.  A harbinger of things to come? Dear Friends, Please share these YouTube videos with your friends and twits : Not everyone is happy the Pope is in Chile. In Chile, pope met by protests, threats, burned churches Church burned to the ground in Chile after Pope’s visit ET technologies: Benefits for all humanity Hello Ben: A man has recently come forward with much information to impart...

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Benjamin Fulford – East-West lines drawn—will it be make love instead of make war?

Benjamin Fulford It is looking more likely now that we will see a world government rather than a world war in the coming months and years based on what is happening around the world. First of all, a year after the World Forum at Davos featured Chinese President Xi Jinping as its star, this year Western leaders gathered at Davos in force with U.S. President Donald Trump as the top attraction.  What’s interesting is that this year’s Western-dominated Davos theme, “Creating a shared future in a fractured world,” is very similar to China’s theme of “Building a community with...

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Secret Space Program Insider William Tompkins Final Interview – July 23rd, 2017 [VIDEO]

Destroying the Illusion   Published on Jan 28, 2018 As a young boy, William Tompkins’s photographic memory nearly landed him in hot water with the Navy when they found his publicly displayed models of Navy ships included specifications that were top secret. However, when the Navy found that it wasn’t a spy who made these models, but young Tompkins, they took interest in his capabilities and recruited him into their Navy Intelligence to work on classified programs. From 1942 to 1946 while in Naval Intelligence, Tompkins was a part of a top secret espionage program where he would debrief...

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Lisa Renee: Earth’s Catalogue of Genetic Material

EnergeticSynthesis Time Shift Blog Earth’s Catalogue of Genetic Material To understand more about the history of our planet, and to be better prepared to understand the purpose of disclosure in the future, it is helpful to know about the non-terrestrial interest in gaining control over the genetic library that is found on the planet earth and within the DNA of all of her inhabitants. Those non-terrestrial groups involved in genetic modification and testing experiments upon earth inhabitants carry out this agenda to gain access to a massive catalogue of genetic material. The primary reason behind abduction has been for...

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Filer’s Files #3 – 2018 Abductions and Alien Contact

Filer’s File January 18, 2018 In special reports, this week’s files cover: Abductions and Alien Contact, New York Post January 7, 2018, Paul Hill’s Interstellar Travel in “Unconventional Flying Objects,” Massive UFO and Filmed by Jet Fighters, and World Peace Pagoda Similar to a UFO. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, and Tennessee. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Argentina, Canada, France, Italy, Poland, and England in the United Kingdom and Ukraine. The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind...

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Benjamin Fulford – Future of world being negotiated in next two weeks as Super Blue Blood Moon approaches

Benjamin Fulford The shutdown of the U.S. government over the weekend is likely to become permanent as top-level negotiations continue to discuss its replacement, multiple sources agree.  The Western old-world-order leadership is gathering this week in Davos, Switzerland to debate this very issue, the sources say. Pentagon sources, meanwhile, say “the shutdown was orchestrated so Congress can be arrested, as they lose immunity while not in session.”  In addition, the sources say U.S. President Donald Trump “was summoned to meet top brass at the Pentagon on January 18th, as the Navy hunted for rogue submarines and the military uses...

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Dr. Michael Salla – The Secret Navy behind the Ballistic Missile Attack on Hawaii

Exopolitics As information continues to emerge confirming that there was a ballistic missile attack against Hawaii that was intercepted on January 13, the investigation begins to shift from what happened, to who was responsible. In this article, I analyze various sources describing the attack, and identify the mysterious naval force that was most likely responsible for launching the ballistic missile, which presumably was nuclear armed. In my January 17 article, I listed three alternative news sites referring to sources that all said that a ballistic missile was launched against Hawaii by a stealth submarine. The alternative news sources were radio host Dr....

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Collective Evolution You may think it’s quite ludicrous to even contemplate that the Moon could be harbouring as many as 250 million citizens, but it’s not. Although this may not be true, those who have looked into it know that strange anomalies have surrounded the Moon for decades. “Contemplation without investigation is the height of ignorance,” a quote attributed to Einstein holds true here. If you actually do some independent research, you might be quite shocked with what you find, especially when it comes to the credibility of the sources. As far back as 1970, two well-respected members of the...

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Sphere Being Alliance David Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock. And we are here with Emery Smith. Emery, thanks for being here. Emery Smith: Oh, thanks for having me again, Dave. Appreciate it. David: So in our previous episode, we started to talk about these genetic programs that have been done, including this idea of synthetic cells, synthetic biology. And you mentioned something that I think . . . It seems to come very easily to you, but it was probably difficult for a lot of people to really grasp: this idea that ....

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Sphere Being Alliance By David Wilcock, January 11, 2018, 11:11 pm THE ANSHAR TEMPLE COMPLEX COREY GOODE: I expected to be transported to my bedroom where I was picked up, but instead I found myself standing in the Anshar Temple Complex. I saw Aree and her sister walking towards me with very big smiles on their faces. They greeted me with enthusiastic hugs, and guided me down one of the halls that led to the cavern where their city once was. We boarded one of the Anshar Buses and entered the temporal anomaly. We landed on a domed rooftop, which...

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