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Abby Martin Busts Open Myths on Venezuela’s Food Crisis: ‘Shelves Fully Stocked’

Telesur TV Martin discovers that while there are shortages, these are a product of an “economic war.” In her latest Empire Files episode, acclaimed journalist Abby Martin exposes the media bias behind “distorted” depictions of Venezuela’s food and political crisis. RELATED: Abby Martin in Venezuela: ‘Semi-Armed Protesters Are Using Violent Tactics’ As part of the episode “Abby Martin in Venezuela – Supermarkets to Black Markets,” Martin enters local grocery stores, big and small, with hidden cameras to see if they are completely out of stock — as they are commonly depicted by mainstream media. She notes, “We just went to...

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Free Money? Utilizing YOUR Treasury Direct Accounts (Birth Certificate/Strawman Trust/Bond) — Understanding the Law, Risks, and Potential Consequences

Stillness in the Storm by Justin Deschamps, What if we could pay our debts with money from a government account? Well a small group of individuals appear to have found a way to do just that. They are accessing what are apparently called Treasury Direct Accounts to pay credit cards, mortgages, student loans and so on. It might sound like the latest internet scam—and I’m not necessarily saying that it isn’t—but there’s a very real lawful and legal reality to comprehend behind this latest promise for “legal remedy.” But before you get your latest credit card bill out, there are some...

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Keiser Report: Zombie Economic Woes (Summer Solutions E1098) [VIDEO]

RT Published on Jul 18, 2017 Check Keiser Report website for more: In this episode of the Keiser Report’s annual Summer Solutions series Max and Stacy talk to Steve Keen, author of Debunking Economics, about whether or not allowing for the return of the business cycle might be a solution to our zombie economic woes. In the second half Karl Denninger of offers his solution to the ever-worsening not so affordable healthcare crisis in America. WATCH all Keiser Report shows here:… (E1-E200)… (E201-E400)… (E401-E600)… (E601-E800)… (E801-E1000)… (E1001 – Current) RT LIVE Subscribe to RT!… Like us on Facebook

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People Keep Getting Charged With a Crime for Selling Bitcoin

VICE We called a lawyer to find out when selling bitcoin is “operating an illegal money transmission business” in the eyes of the law. With all of the headlines about the astronomical prices of various cryptocurrencies, you may have missed a troubling trend: US law enforcement keeps charging people with a crime for selling bitcoin. In May of this year, a man from Nixa, Missouri waived his right to a grand jury and pleaded guilty to “conducting an illegal money transmission business.” According to a posting by the US Department of Justice, Jason Klein had conducted five separate in-person transactions of cash...

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Dollar Tumbles, Euro Soars After Obamacare Repeal Dies; China Intervenes To Halt Rout

Zero Hedge Bulletin headline summary from RanSquawk The USD-index dropped to 10 month lows amid fading hopes of US reforms after Obamacare repeal effectively died last night. Soft CPI from the UK and NZ weigh on both currencies Looking ahead, highlights include BoE’s Carney and the API Crude report The Dollar Index sank to its lowest level since September, a fresh 10-month low, after two more Republican defections on Monday night doomed the proposed GOP healthcare plan in the Senate. And while Treasuries rose on concerns about inflationary pressures and the viability of the Trump stimulus agenda, S&P futures rebounded...

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Blacklisted News Since the beginning of Greece’s crisis in 2009 Germany’s Finance Ministry has cashed in to the tune of €1.3 billion as a result of its loans to Athens and its debt buying programs reports Euractiv. Eurozone members initially agreed to hand any interest back to the Greek central bank as a point of EU solidarity. However, when the second bailout program started in 2015, the pay-back operation was halted. The interest was not mentioned in the German federal budget that year, and therefore the interest was never paid back to Athens. Since then Berlin has refused to...

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Smaulgld Citizens Claim Right to Create Scriptural Euros. Citizens conjure Euros out of thin air, just like banks. You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin through Coinbase. Click HERE to open a coin base account and get $10 of free Bitcoin.* Check out all the Smaulgld podcasts here. Not a Smaulgld subscriber? Sign up here. Donate To via...

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Bitcoin Soars As Much-Feared Network Split Appears To Be Avoided

Zero Hedge 0 SHARES Bitcoin and other virtual currencies have rallied this week as growing support for a controversial software update suggests that a long-feared network split might be averted, and the issue settled…at least for now. “Traders are excited by the prospect of a resolution to the scaling debate, which is why the price has rallied,” Thomas Glucksmann, head of marketing at Hong Kong-based bitcoin exchange Gatecoin, told Bloomberg. Indeed, bitcoin is up 10% in early trade Tuesday, building on Monday’s 20% climb: And Ethereum is surging… The reason? Bitcoin miners weren’t expected to start signaling for Segwit2x until July 21, but...

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Bitcoin In Crisis-What Should Investors do? [VIDEO]

The Common Sense Show Published on Jul 16, 2017 Learn To Make Money Everyday From Home – Use promo code: hodges for 50% OFF the entire store! Noble Gold & Silver – or call 888-596-7916 Life Change Tea – Rid Your Body From Toxins! THE COMMON SENSE SHOW Freeing America One Enslaved Mind At A Time...

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5 Ways To Keep A Tax Farm (Citizens) Producing

Activist Post By Joe Jarvis The government depends on the citizens to produce, to create value from which the ruling classes can leech. They need to keep us working and spending in ways that they prescribe in order to insert themselves into transactions which would otherwise have nothing to do with them. Here are five ways that they keep the tax farm going. 1. Credit Cards and Debt Credit cards, student loan debt, home loans, and car loans all represent an obligation to work full time. Once you have been saddled with debt, you cannot make the choice to take...

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Benjamin Fulford – Russians Chinese and Americans plan massive campaign to flush secret Khazarian government into the open

Benjamin Fulford High level meetings between Chinese, Russian and US military types have reached the conclusion that a short sharp war may be necessary in order to flush out the Nazis and their secret world network, Asian secret society and Pentagon sources say. The plan to flush out the secret government will take the form of a joint US, Russian and Chinese military attack on North Korea, the sources say. “This will force North Korea’s ET backers out into the open,” the Asian secret society sources say. Years of forensic research by this writer have revealed a secret network...

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Earth’s Economy Glorifies Waste, Exploitation, Debt, Expediency and Magical Thinking

Of Two Minds Humanity appears to default to magical thinking when faced with untenable situations that demand systemic change. How would extraterrestrial anthropologists characterize Earth’s dominant socio-economic system? It’s not difficult to imagine their dismaying report: “Earth’s economy glorifies waste. Its economists rejoice when a product is disposed as waste and replaced with a new product. This waste is perversely labeled ‘growth.’ Aimless wandering that consumes fossil fuels is likewise rejoiced as ‘growth.’ The stripping of the planet’s oceans for a few favored species of edible fish is also considered ‘growth’ as the process of destroying the ocean ecosystem generates...

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Fedcoin: The U.S. Will Issue E-Currency That You Will Use

Bitcoin The U.S. Federal Reserve will not only issue its own cryptocurrency but will also make sure Americans use it. That’s the prediction of currency guru Doug Casey who has an uncanny record of being correct about economic and political trends. His latest book, Surviving Fedcoin: How to Protect Yourself (and Profit) from America’s Coming Currency Change, is a public bet that the U.S. government will issue its own bitcoin which Casey views as “the last arrow” in its money quiver. How will the dynamic play out? He speculates, “To start with, I suspect it’s going to be a parallel currency. Perhaps usable just within the...

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Dying Middle Class: The Number Of Americans That Can’t Afford Their Own Homes Has More Than Doubled

The Economic Collapse Blog Have you lost your spot in the middle class yet?  For years I have been documenting all of the numbers that show that the middle class in America has been steadily shrinking, and we just got another one.  According to a report that was produced by researchers at Harvard University, the number of Americans that spend more than 30 percent of their incomes on housing has more than doubled.  In 2001, nearly 16 million Americans couldn’t afford the homes that they were currently living in, but by 2015 that figure had jumped to 38 million. When...

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All Eyes On Yellen As Dollar Slumps On Trump Revelations, Stocks Rebound

Zero Hedge The dollar was broadly weaker after dovish comments from Fed Governor Lael Brainard amid reverberations from reports of Donald Trump Jr.’s contact with a Russian lawyer; European equities rebounded with oil while S&P futures were 0.2% higher at 2,428; Treasury yields are 1-2bps lower across the curve with the 10y at 2.346% ahead of Yellen’s much anticipated testimony this morning (House today, Senate tomorrow) for further clues on the trajectory of monetary policy while the Bank of Canada is expected to hike rates later. The release of emails by President Donald Trump’s son that said Russia backed...

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Stock Market Tsunami Siren Goes Off

Wolf Street Stock Market Tsunami Siren Goes Off by Wolf Richter It will be ignored until it’s too late. Everyone who’s watching the stock market has their own reasons for their endless optimism, their doom-and-gloom visions, their bouts of anxiety that come with trying to sit on the fence until the very last moment, or their blasé attitude that nothing can go wrong because the Fed has their back. But there are some factors that are like a tsunami siren that should send inhabitants scrambling to higher ground. Since July 2012 – so over the past five years – the...

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11 Ways Jeff Bezos and Amazon Is Crushing the Competition to Rule Over the Ways We Consume Everything

New Paradigm News by Ralph Nader / AlterNet For his smallish stature, Amazon Boss Jeff Bezos has a booming, uproarious laugh. Unleashed during workdays, its sonic burst startles people, given it comes from as harsh and driven a taskmaster as exists on the stage of corporate giantism. Is Bezos’s outward giddiness a worrisome reflection of what Bezos is feeling on the inside? Is he laughing at all of us? Is Bezos laughing at the tax collectors, having avoided paying most states’ sales taxes for years on all the billions of books he sold online, thereby giving him an immediate 6 to 9 percent...

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Rothschild Controlled Media Outlet — “Get Ready For A World Currency By 2018”

Activist Post By Jay Syrmopoulos The Economist magazine published an article almost thirty years ago, discussing the prospect of a world currency that should be expected around the year 2018. The 1988 article foreshadows a methodical movement towards a centralized world currency that we have, in many ways, seen play out over the past few decades. One must also keep in mind that the controlling interest of The Economist is held by the powerful Rothschild family, who regard themselves as the “custodians of The Economist magazine’s legacy.” In essence, the magazine operates as a quasi-propaganda arm for the Rothschild banking empire and related businesses and, is in many...

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