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Transforming Money into Sacred Reciprocity

Cynthia Robinson | Paititi Institute   One of the topics I encounter often on my path is around the integrity of receiving money for spiritual work. Many comment that authentic spiritual work should be free and accessible to everyone or that in traditional societies money was never exchanged for spiritual work. This is a complex and non-linear subject. I have personally spent quite a bit of time contemplating the nature of energy exchange and reciprocity and am inspired to share my own insights in order to open this for feedback and further reflection of our community. Reciprocity & the...

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Jim Willie on our economic crossroads: “Crisis, Dullards And Wake-up Call”

GoldenJackassCrisis, Dullards And Wake-up Call By: Jim Willie CB, Friday, 6 January 2017 Many people who have been steady loyal dedicated even honorable investors in the gold & silver trade as personal protection for life savings have endured struggles with the family and friends. Whether the conversations are with dullards or stubborn types, maybe educated and formerly successful types, maybe those who are stuck in the paper world of shuffled investments of seemingly no basis, it is of no matter. The battle has been for a few years to convince those around us that a deep contracted crisis is...

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Sheldan Nidle Update – January 17, 2017

PAO 6 Eb, 15 Chen, 13 Caban Dratzo! The procedures agreed upon continue to move forward at their own slow pace. The emphasis as always remains security and the maintenance of an even flow. This operation has thus been reduced to proceeding with major sequences and keeping the public in the dark until certain primary security points are reached. This has become paramount to the success of this process. The initial elements remain the global introduction of the new treasury monies from the new Republic, the complex RV operation in America and the breakout of the GCR. These new...

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Will Silver and Gold Rally in 2017 Under Trump?

Activist Post By Steven Maxwell Unstable economic conditions and a Trump presidency may cause a rally in precious metals. Trump’s protectionist policies and his support for auditing the Federal Reserve could make silver and gold an attractive hedge in 2017. Couple that with a bubble economy that has many bloated sectors ready to be pricked, sending capital flooding out of paper assets into safer places. Under Obama, silver hit a low of $9.46/ounce on November 6th 2008, a mere two days after Obama was elected as the 44th US president. After an epic real estate and stock market meltdown led to...

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Pound Soars Most Since 2008 After UK’s May Calls For Parliamentary Vote On Brexit

Zero Hedge Having plunged to flash-crash lows on Sunday night following leaks of UK PM Theresa May’s Brexit speech, cable is soaring this morning as she delivered the speech confirming that both houses of Parliament will vote on the final Brexit deal. We warned the “surprise” was priced in… Surprise taken out of tomorrow’s speech. GBPUSD squeeze next? — zerohedge (@zerohedge) January 16, 2017 And as Bloomberg notes, U.K. PM May’s announcement that both houses of Parliament will vote on the final Brexit deal is positive for the pound as the process should ensure that extreme outcomes are avoided,...

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Dollar Tumbles After Trump Calls Currency “Too Strong”, Slams Border-Adjustment Tax

Zero Hedge 108 SHARES One can probably put the time of death of the Trumpflation rally as 11:47pm on Monday night. That’s when the WSJ published the latest excerpt of its Friday interview with Donald Trump, in which the president-elect himself said the dollar was already “too strong”and blamed this is in part due to China holding down its currency and added that “our companies can’t compete with them now because our currency is too strong. And it’s killing us.” The yuan is “dropping like a rock,” Mr. Trump said, dismissing recent Chinese actions to support it as done...

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Lisa Renee – Poverty Consciousness

Energetic Synthesis January 2017 Poverty Consciousness Lisa Renee Dear Ascending Family, As many of us may be sensing, over this next year we will likely see the cracks in the old paradigms and systems grow wider.  We are in a unique position, during the bifurcation, to begin to lay the seeds for the new cycle in ourselves.  This is a time to ask ourselves what we truly value and examine anything the keeps us from living in alignment to those values.  In the coming years there will be opportunities for trustworthy people to rise to leadership to help lay...

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Andrew Bartzis – Revocation of Banking Systems

Andrew Bartzis I CALL TO ALL SPIRITUAL CONTRACTS THAT EXIST… Within my past, present and future beings, selves and existences in this dimension and time stream, all time streams above and below the Earthcentric sine wave of co- existence… At this exact moment in the ever-present co-creating moment: I summon all DNA lineage ancestors to create a unified-proper spiritual court of equity so I may find remedy and resolve with all contracts that have inserted fine print during the pre-birth and birth process. I call to the 4 elements -Air, Earth, Water and Fire. I call forth the spiritual...

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India’s Caste System, Social Inequality and Demonetization

 Global Research For over a millennium one of the recurring debates among Indian philosophers was whether this world was real or a mere dream. To be more precise, the claim was, we are all part of Maha Vishnu’s dream as He sleeps peacefully on a giant serpent, with a lotus blooming from His navel. Paradoxically, those who preached most passionately that our senses mislead us and everything around was Maya or an illusion, went on to corner the largest chunk of material reality. Behind the smokescreen of clever mythology, it was they, who grabbed the lion’s share of everything...

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European Union wants to register and track all citizens who own Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Nexus News Feed The European Council seeks to introduce an anti-terrorism measure that will ensure a stricter handling on cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple. If the motion gets accepted by the heads of state and the governments of the member countries, the listed currencies will be managed by the EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive. According to the German media outlet, the platforms that “deal with cryptocurrencies or exchange them into traditional currencies” will need to store both the identity and the address of the user electronic wallets in a central database. The measures by the EU Council...

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#DefundDAPL Has Divested $40 Million from Dakota Access Pipeline

Sacred Stone Camp On January 1st, 2017, during the Vikings/Bears football game at the Minneapolis US Bank Stadium, two water protectors rappelled from the rafters to display a large banner urging US Bank to divest from the Dakota Access Pipeline. They held space in this prime real estate for the duration of the game, with some livestream videos reaching over one million views. The next day in Los Angeles, hundreds of water protectors took the street after the Rose Parade with a human-powered float and 150-foot-long black pipeline in Los Angeles. This follows the recent month of #NoDAPL action...

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What 12 financial experts predict for the economy in 2017

Nexus News Feed What lies ahead for the economy this year? Will the economy finally collapse as predicted by many or will the early positive signs in stock markets around the world continue and the global economy will flourish? I’ve taken a lot of heat for being “gloomy” and for “fear-mongering” lately when I’ve said that President-Elect Trump is inheriting a mess of epic proportions and that we may still be in for a rough financial ride. While I do think that Trump is a far better choice than Hillary Clinton ever could have been, when a situation has...

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A Well-Kept Open Secret: Washington Is Behind India’s Brutal Demonetization Project

Global Research In early November, without warning, the Indian government declared the two largest denomination bills invalid, abolishing over 80 percent of circulating cash by value. Amidst all the commotion and outrage this caused, nobody seems to have taken note of the decisive role that Washington played in this. That is surprising, as Washington’s role has been disguised only very superficially. US-President Barack Obama has declared the strategic partnership with India a priority of his foreign policy. China needs to be reined in. In the context of this partnership, the US government’s development agency USAID has negotiated cooperation agreements with the Indian ministry of finance. One of these...

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Peso Plunges To Record Low After Trump Tweet

Zero Hedge The Mexican Peso is plunging once again this morning – very close to all-time record lows – as fears spread that Ford’s decision yesterday may become the norm following president-elect Trump’s tweet that “this is just the beginning.” Thank you to Ford for scrapping a new plant in Mexico and creating 700 new jobs in the U.S. This is just the beginning – much more to follow — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 4, 2017 Bloomberg notes that Ford’s move, which follows a similar decision by United Technologies Corp.’s Carrier in November, makes it all the more important for...

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Greece Unleashes ‘Soft’ Cash Ban

Zero Hedge The spread of global cash bans continues with Greece unveiling their so-called ‘soft’ approach by which taxpayers will only be granted tax-allowances or deductions when payments are made via credit or debit cards. As KeepTalkingGreeece reports, the new guidelines refer to employees, pensioners, farmers, and also the unemployed. Accepted expenditure will be: purchases for food and supermarket products, electronic and electric devices, household equipment, footwear, clothing, fuel, furniture, cigarettes, drinks Restaurants, cafeterias,bars and hotels Services like by hairdressers and beauty parlors, gyms and dance schools, car repair, plumbers, electricians, painters, carpenters, lawyers and accountants. For doctors and...

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Finland Embarks On Two-Year Experiment Providing Unemployed With a Basic Monthly Income

Newsline According to an Associated Press report, the ‘Universal Basic Income’ also called as ‘unconditional basic income’ (is a form of the welfare security system in which a country citizen receives guaranteed income from the government regardless of how much they work) continues to go viral. Finland has launched its own version of the experiment; the European government is going to provide a guaranteed basic monthly income, amounting €560 ($587) to 2,000 randomly-picked jobless citizens. The trial will run for a two-year period. Finland hopes the experiment would decrease the country’s 213,000 or nearly 8.1 percent unemployed citizens out of...

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The Agenda for a Cashless Society Surged Forward in 2016

Activist Post By Vin Armani In the video below, after a short Australian propaganda video sponsored by the banks, Vin Armani breaks down signs the establishment agenda for a cashless society is moving forward full steam ahead moving into 2017. The Australian cashless propaganda piece was titled $100 note to be scrapped? Australia to crack down on cash payments and states, Australia looks set to follow in the footsteps of Venezuela and India by abolishing the country’s highest-denomination banknote in a bid to crack down on the “black economy”. Speaking to ABC radio on Wednesday, Revenue and Financial Services Minister...

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