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One Country’s Central Bank Is Urging Its 6 Million Citizens To Buy Gold

Activist Post By Shaun Bradley The central bank of Kyrgyzstan is encouraging its six million citizens to each own at least 3.5 oz (100 grams) of physical gold. The precious metal is the nation’s leading export but, surprisingly, the people there invest most of their money in cattle. The country’s location on China’s border seems to be playing a significant role in its choice to shift away from their traditional form of investment. A growing trend across Asia has been an increasing demand for physical metals by private and institutional investors. The Chinese and Russian governments are leading the...

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State Deals Blow to Federal Reserve, House Passes Bill To Treat Silver and Gold as Money

 The Free Thought Project As central economic planners at the Federal Reserve continue their vision of “prosperity” through crushing debt and dollar devaluation, some states are fighting back. The Arizona House took a major step toward sound money by passing a bill to eliminate penalties in the form of taxes on gold and silver specie. The move would be an important step toward currency competition and help undermine the Fed’s monopoly on money. “Rep. Mark Finchem (R-Tucson) introduced House Bill 2014 (HB2014) on Jan. 9. The legislation would eliminate state capital gains taxes on income “derived from the exchange...

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Zero Percent Down Loans In A Raging Bubble: Didn’t We Try This Before?

Zero Hedge Submitte dby Michael Shedlock via, Australian parliament member Andrew Broad wants banks to accept zero percent down loans. New.Au calls the proposal a “creative idea”. Please consider First homebuyers with a good rental history shouldn’t have to save a deposit, Federal MP says. IS THIS the lifeline struggling first home buyers have been waiting for?   Well, it’s certainly one of the more creative solutions to the country’s housing affordability crisis.   Federal Nationals MP Andrew Broad has suggested banks should forgo a deposit from first homebuyers who have a strong three-year rental history — meaning they...

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The Unthinkable Just Happened in Spain

Wolf Street Six central bankers and a financial regulator get dragged to court By Don Quijones, Spain & Mexico, editor at WOLF STREET. Untouchable. Inviolable. Immunity. Impunity. These are the sort of words and expressions that are often associated with senior central bankers, who are, by law, able to operate more or less above the law of the jurisdictions in which they operate. Rarely heard in association with senior central bankers are words or expressions like “accused”, “charged” or “under investigation.” But in Spain this week a court broke with that tradition, in emphatic style. As part of the epic,...

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Lawful Money -or- Private Credit: Why You Should Learn How to Redeem Lawful Money

Born in Equity If you knew that you have always had a choice to either endorse the private credit of an International Banking cartel, which would then lead you straight into financial hell, or to elect to turn the fiat currency note into Lawful Money by making a demand to have it redeemed for lawful money… which would you choose to do? This is an excellent starting point. FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES in their default form is an invitation to endorse private credit and slides one down the slippery slope into financial hell. However, there is always a way to...

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Senate Document 43: Proof That You Do Not Legally Own Any Property

 Thanks Nancy! Wake Up World February 14th, 2017 By Pao L. Chang Guest writer for Wake Up World As a United States Citizen or a “person”, did you know that you do not legally own anything? That is right! You do not legally own your land, your home, your car, your clothes, your money, your name, your body, or even your children — by the law of the State, they belong to the State. This is why government agents can legally take your kids and property, and throw you in jail for violating the rules they call “laws”. If you were to truly...

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Rand Price Fixing: Shady Dealings Exposed, Here Are The Banks To Be Grilled

Thanks Sandi! Buzz South Africa South African banks alongside other banks across the globe will be prosecuted for rand price fixing. From our gathering, the banks will be prosecuted by the Competition Tribunal for what is considered to be a widespread collusion in fixing the price of rand. The Competition Commission have been investigating the rand price fixing allegation which accused the banks of make fake orders to buy and sell rand just to manipulate its price since April 2015. Read Also: We Want SA Economy To Collapse So That We’ll Control It When It Rises – ANCYL Leader...

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Keiser Report: Banks appeased, crocodiles feasting (E1032) [VIDEO]

Published on Feb 14, 2017 Check Keiser Report website for more: In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss how Deutsche Bank made $462 million disappear through the magic of derivatives. In the second half, Max interviews Trond Andresen, who campaigned long ago to keep Norway out of the euro, to discuss the anti-EU mood across Europe and how the rancor could save the euro… should anyone want to save it. RT LIVE Subscribe to RT!… Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram Follow us...

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Global Stocks, Dollar Falter As Yellen Testimony Looms; S&P Futures Pressured By Flynn Resignation

Zero Hedge European, Asian stocks declined, halting a global rally that sent U.S. stocks surging to new all time highs faltered, weighing on the S&P although the index rebounded modestly after a kneejerk announcement lower overnight after Trump’s National Security Advisor announced his unexpected resignation. The dollar dropped versus most of its Group-of-10 peers ahead of uncertainty surrounding Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s testimony to Congress later Tuesday, while the pound declined after U.K. consumer-price inflation data missed economists’ forecasts. Oil gains, copper advances. Treasuries steadied. As a result, the DXY dipped 0.2 percent against a basket of currencies to...

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Is Greece Really on the Verge of Another Financial Crisis?

Strategic Culture  Athens needs economic reforms, not more money Milton EZRATI Just about every adult on earth has seen this show before. Greece faces a debt repayment that it cannot meet: for this performance, €86 billion due in July. It needs fresh bailout funds from the European Union and/or the International Monetary Fund because borrowing directly on global capital markets comes at too high a cost—10 percent to replace the maturing bonds. Germany, leading the EU, states that before Greece receives a single euro it must first commit to more severe budget policies. The IMF points out that Greece...

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Donald Trump 2-10-17, Message regarding currencies… “Very much sooner than [many] think… We will be all at a level playing field”

Kauilapele’s Blog Thanks Laura! It appears that this was more pointed towards Asian currencies, but it may very well be related to what many feel is going to happen, namely, a GCR (Global Currency Reset) and/or the (in)famous, RV (ReValuation) of certain currencies. I was amazed to find it in this video (thanks to BEP), so I checked out the WH YouTube page and found the complete press conference (with Japan PM Shinzo Abe) that contains the same information (but in much HIgher D). The initial question is at 24:30, and the part about currencies occurs at 26:27. There...

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Bank Stocks Are Sliding… Testing Key Technical Support

Zero Hedge With bond yields tumbling, and loan markets suggesting banks are not taking advantage of rising rates to earn more NIM (willingness to lend tumbling), financial stocks are tumbling for the second day in a row to a key technical support level… the green line (50-day moving average) has held for 3 weeks…   Close up – its clear the 50-day moving-average has been key support…   Makes you wonder what credit markets know? is that $50 differential really pricing in Dodd-Frank easing? And if so, why isn’t credit more excited about the drop in ‘business’...

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Chinese Reserves Unexpectedly Drop Below $3 Trillion For The First Time Since 2011

Zero Hedge Beijing surprised China-watchers this morning, when the PBOC announced that in January, China’s foreign-currency reserves dipped by $12.3 billion, below the key “psychological level” of $3 trillion, or $2.998 trillion to be exact, declining for the 7th consecutive month, and dropping to the lowest since early 2011. Consensus had expected a drop of $10.5 billion to just above $3 trillion. According to the PBOC, holdings of SDRs decreased to 2.21 trillion from 2.24 trillion in December. Gold reserves remained at 59.24mm troy ounces, however rose in dollar terms due to the increase in the price of gold...

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The Dying Art of the Skilled Trade: The Importance of Working With Our Hands

Mother Earth News The age of the entrepreneur is dividing us into two classes of beings – the digital trailblazer, and the heart and soul craftsman. On one hand, you have a limitless arsenal of information at the disposal of the masses, and with it, people are turning soft skill sets into full-scale digital empires, hawking their services and establishing their brand. (Yep, that’s me.) On the other though, you have a group of people that I for one, am far more inspired by – the group that has or is acquiring tactile skills, and producing real tangible products...

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Italy Increasingly Likely To Abandon The Euro

Zero Hedge Submitted by Mike Shedlock via, An analysis of the political setup in Italy shows eurosceptics are on the verge of taking control of the country. The only missing ingredient is an early election. And early elections are now the odds-on favorite. Let’s back up a bit to fill in the pieces as to how things got to this point. Former prime minister Matteo Renzi stepped down in December after holding a referendum that failed miserably. See Renzi Resigns Following Crushing Referendum Defeat: Beppe Grillo, Marine le Pen, Matteo Salvina Tweets Italy’s president, Sergio Mattarella, appointed Paolo...

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Is America In A Bubble (And Can It Ever Return To “Normal”)?

Zero Hedge Submitted by Chris Hamilton via Econimica blog, Analysts and talking heads have an awful lot of opinions.  Are we in a bubble or aren’t we?  Rather than offer another opinion, I’ll offer the relationship of US economic activity (GDP) against the Wilshire 5000 (representing US equities) and the Federal Reserves gauge of American wealth, Z1 Household Net Worth series.  These are the preferred establishment gauges, so take a look and then you decide. Gross domestic product (GDP) is a monetary measure of the market value of all final goods and services produced annually in the US.  The chart below shows the annual real...

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As Iran dumps dollar, Congress quietly slips in Bill for ‘use of force against Iran’

Nexus News Feed On March 21, The Islamic Republic of Iran will cease using the U.S. dollar in all of its financial reporting. The decision to stop using the dollar as a reference has been in the works for some time but was expedited after the Trump administration decided to include Iran as one of the seven countries banned from entering the United States. Iranian PressTV reported, “Valiollah Seif, the governor of the Central Bank of Iran, was quoted by domestic media as saying that Iran would either replace the US dollar with a new common foreign currency or use a basket...

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