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Villages covered in ash after volcano erupts in Indonesia

ABC A volcano on Indonesia’s Sumatra island sent columns of ash shooting into the sky on Monday, prompting a “code red” warning to airlines by an Australian agency monitoring volcanic ash. Interested in Volcanoes? Add Volcanoes as an interest to stay up to date on the latest Volcanoes news, video, and analysis from ABC News. Villages in the Karo region near the volcano were covered in layers of grey ash, which settled on trees and the tops of buildings, motorcycles and cars. Endro Rusharyanto/APMotorists ride on a road covered in volcanic ash from the eruption of Mount Sinabung in Gurukinayan,...

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Proof Giants built the Burial Mounds of North America [VIDEO]

Disclosure Nation Published on Feb 19, 2018 For more than a century now across the eastern portion of North America, burials of ancient people who possessed a very tall stature have been uncovered. Ages of the Giants utilizes actual archaeological reports and the records of American Antiquarians, along with numerous historical chronicles and press accounts to document the cultures of a distinct sub-population of large, powerfully-built individuals of extraordinary height who inhabited ancient North America for thousands of years. The product of a decade of research, including fieldwork at ancient sites and the study of thousands of pages of...

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NO full moon in February? – Crazy Clouds over Calgary – Schumann Res HOT! [VIDEO]

MrMBB333 Published on Feb 18, 2018 SUBSCRIBE 116KSubscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe February 18, 2018: RARE / No Full Moon in February? Occurrence so rare only happens maybe 4 times every 100 years. If you like my research and my daily dedication to all my loyal subscribers, and would like to show financial support, you can do so via Patreon or PayPal. Please see links below. Your financial support is greatly appreciated. Thank you! Become A Patron Patreon DONATE TO ME DIRECTLY-PayPal (Safe & secure one time user friendly method) Support My Channel Using PayPal… Thank you for watching! Please...

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2/17/2018 — Largest earthquake in 100 years strikes Wales UK — Unrest spreads across plates

dutchsinse Published on Feb 17, 2018 Download the full version of earthquake3D here : Free version here: Earthquake3D interactive live feed : _______ If you like my earthquake forecasting research , and want to help support all of my operations, there are three ways to give: Give directly: Via patreon:… Mail to : Michael Janitch PO Box 1562 Marthasville, MO 63357 _____ The non-earthquake related graphics, images, background, content , video, voice content captured on this property , and which are on this stream are NOT intended for redistribution, copying, or repeating unless otherwise...

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The Search for Aliens Starts Now—in Antarctica

Georgia Tech Submitted by amorain on Thu, 2018-01-25 16:20 It’s hard to get over putting your life’s work in harm’s way. Britney Schmidt hasn’t. The Georgia Tech researcher has tested the limits of underwater robots swimming beneath Antarctic ice shelves, a dry run for looking for life in outer space, and it hasn’t gotten any easier. Anytime you take your whole program’s work and dangle it off of a fiber optic cable through meters of ice…it’s a little unnerving,” Schmidt tells Popular Mechanics, emailing from the Antarctic research station on the south tip of Ross Island. This week, Schmidt and her team...

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‘Tsunami bomb’ tested off New Zealand coast

Please Note: Older article, but pertinent in correlation to current events. The Telegraph By Jonathan Pearlman, Sydney 2:50PM GMT 01 Jan 2013 The tests were carried out in waters around New Caledonia and Auckland during the Second World War and showed that the weapon was feasible and a series of 10 large offshore blasts could potentially create a 33-foot tsunami capable of inundating a small city. The top secret operation, code-named “Project Seal”, tested the doomsday device as a possible rival to the nuclear bomb. About 3,700 bombs were exploded during the tests, first in New Caledonia and later at Whangaparaoa...

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Mysterious Purple Anomaly Hovers Over the Philippines For Several Minutes before Vanishing [VIDEO]

ModernGalaxy Published on Feb 15, 2018 This strange purple light was recorded in the sky over the Philippines recently. The light was seen for several minutes before vanishing. Subscribe to our channel here… Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.To request the removal of content please contact us at...

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The Armageddon Line [VIDEO]

R. Crosby Lyles Published on Feb 12, 2017 To support me on Patreon: -My Paypal Tip Jar-… Magnetic Feild Effects On Ocean Currents Not referenced in the video, this video from the PBS Space Time channel has an excellent explanation of the periodic nature of glaciation. Opening Armageddon skeletal warriors with horns Title “Hades of the under world tatoo” Pinterest… Snow crushes house… Mason Dixon Line… Watch 25 Years of Arctic Sea Ice Disappear in 1 Minute climatecentraldotorg… Surface of Venus/sorry it’s mars Actual Venus… Ice… Gulf Stream...

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Something Weird Went Down in the Woods of Washington

Mysterious Universe An unexplained incident happened in the forests of Olympic National Park on the shores of Washington state, and park service officials and scientists have been left baffled by a lack of definitive explanations. In the early morning hours of January 27th, an extremely powerful force of some kind knocked down over one hundred trees along the north shore of Lake Quinault on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. While high winds or some other meteorological phenomenon were immediately assumed to be the cause, weather data show that nothing out of the meteorological ordinary occurred. So then what exactly happened in...

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Suspicious Observers – Earth’s Magnetic Flip | Severe Weather Events [VIDEO]

Suspicious0bservers Published on Feb 11, 2018 Previous Episodes Earth’s Magnetic Flip | Earthquakes & Volcanoes: Earth’s Magnetic Flip | Grand Solar Minimum: For a ton of great videos, click our name and find the playlists at the bottom of the page!… Facebook:… Alerts on Twitter:

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Loud “booms” heard across Southern New Hampshire

WMUR NASHUA, N.H. — Nashua police say they don’t know what caused several loud “booms” Saturday afternoon that were heard across Southern New Hampshire. Many reports came from Nashua and surrounding towns, but the sounds were reported as far north as Manchester and as far south as Westford, Massachusetts. Some who heard it in Nashua said they felt their houses shake. Police and fire departments said they have not been alerted to any incidents related to the noise in the area. The cause is still...

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Science of Cycles – South Atlantic Anomaly and Magnetic Field Reversal

Science of Cycles Geophysicists has recently taken an increased interest in the present rate of Earth’s weakening magnetic field. The current rate of decreases corresponds to approximately a 10% – 12% decline over the last 150 years. This rate has accelerated over the last couple of decades. What could be described as the epicenter of Earth’s weakening magnetic field, is known as the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAS). The region of the SAS is the result of a decaying dipole geomagnetic field which is now so pronounced, that it allows the close approach of Earth’s radiation streams known as the...

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Earthquake strikes city of Hualien in Taiwan, hotel collapses   Related Stories Victoria mayor defends tsunami evacuation plan as text-alert subscriptions soar A magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck just to the northeast of the city of Hualien in Taiwan late on Tuesday, causing a hotel to collapse and forcing the closure of a nearby highway, the Taiwanese government said. The quake struck about 20 kilometres northeast of the city shortly before midnight local time, and the epicentre was very shallow, at a depth of just under 10 kilometres, the U.S. Geological Survey said. An official from the interior ministry’s fire station division told Reuters by phone that people were trapped in buildings in Hualien....

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