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Category: Geology and Weather

A Conspiracy No More: US Government Openly Meets to Discuss Future of Chemtrails/ Geoengineering

Thanks Rebecca! Humans Are Free Wednesday marked the first time that the U.S. government openly acknowledged and discussed the reality of chemtrails — or as they and their ilk call it, “geoengineering.” Politicians and members of various fields convened for the US House Subcommittee on Environment and Subcommittee on Energy Hearing, discussing everything from funding the controversial sky-spraying operations to closely regulating them to prevent significant damage to the public. “One concern,” said Committee Chairman Lamar Smith during the hearing, “is that brightening clouds could alter rain patterns, making it rain more in some places or less in others. We still...

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There’s a new planet in the neighborhood — and it looks like a nice place to live

Breaking News 24/7 Published on Nov 15, 2017 One of our closest celestial neighbors is a warm, rocky world, scientists say.Writing in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics, scientists report the discovery of an Earth-size exoplanet orbiting the star Ross 128, a dim red dwarf just 11 light-years away.The newfound world, dubbed Ross 128 b, is the closest temperate planet known to orbit a “quiet star” — one that isn’t prone to devastating and potentially life-obliterating bursts of radiation.And it appears to meet some of the basic requirements for habitability.The planet is slightly more massive than Earth, so it is probably a rocky world with a...

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Dr. Michael Salla – Possible New Source on Discovery of Frozen City under Antarctic Ice

Exopolitics A possible new source has come forward with corroborating information about the discovery of a large frozen city two miles under the Antarctic ice, located roughly 16 miles from the geographic South Pole. The breakthrough to the city occurred in August 2016, according to this latest source, and it was visited a few months later by VIPs such as John Kerry and Buzz Aldrin. On November 18th, the source’s testimony was introduced in a video published by “Pete”, host of the Creepy Little Book Youtube channel.  He says that he decided to go forward in releasing the information since he had found...

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Mysterious energy appearing on Tennessee seismographs – MAJOR fireball over So Cal!

MrMBB333 Published on Nov 19, 2017 November 19, 2017: Update on the football field size asteroid approaching earth. Yet ANOTHER large fireball spotted by 100’s of citizens in Southern California. (11/18/2017) Two Tennessee seismographs are displaying very odd energy signatures that are not consistent with earthquake energy.…… #MrMBB333 SUBSCRIBE for UPDATES **Subscribe to my channels below** YouTube: (Subscribe) CLIMATE CHAOS Channel YouTube:… B BRANDON...

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Linda Moulton Howe Interview of Naval Officer – Antarctica [VIDEO]

Earthfiles Published on Nov 11, 2017 Linda Moulton Howe interviews Brian “S” Linda received an email from a now 61-year-old Navy officer who was in Antarctica – his C130 crew encountered high strangeness from 1984/85 to 1987. Several times he and the crew all watched silver discs darting around the sky. He said he saw an entrance to a human/ET collaboration base. Brian was told by his superiors that, “you did not see…”. Phenomenon Radio is a show concept blending one of the most high-profile experiencers with an Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist to bring the most up to date...

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CME Impacts, Storm Watch, Top News | S0 News Nov.14.2017 [VIDEO]

Suspicious0bservers Published on Nov 14, 2017 Books and Conference Registration: Facebook:… Alerts on Twitter: The Disaster Prediction App: Android:… Apple:… How to Use the App: Our Book “Weatherman’s Guide to the Sun” [PDF DOWNLOAD: ] Wanted- Earthquake Forecasters: Earthquake Forecasting Contest: Contest Information: Today’s Featured Links: Ocean Currents: Perseus and Home Similar:… China/India Pollution:… One Light is Actually Two:… Music by...

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Iran-Iraq earthquake: Rescuers in race for survivors

Alijazeera Rescue efforts are under way in Iraq and Iran after a 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck the border region between the two countries, killing more than 450 people and injuring an estimated 7,400. As aftershocks continued on Monday and as rescuers scrambled to find survivors, Tasnim news agency reported that the death toll in Iran has reached 445, while 7,100 have been injured. In the Iraqi side of the border, Rudaw news website reported at least seven dead and more than 300 injured in the Kurdish region. The US Geological Survey (USGS) said Sunday’s powerful quake hit close to Halabjah, southeast of Sulaimaniyah, a city in...

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Strong quake hits Costa Rica, no reports of major damage

Reuters SAN JOSE (Reuters) – A strong 6.5 magnitude quake struck the Pacific coast of Costa Rica near its capital city San Jose on Sunday night, but there were no initial reports of injuries or significant damage to infrastructure. Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solis said authorities were gathering information and asked residents to remain calm and to be prepared for any possible aftershocks. A Reuters witness said the quake was felt very briefly in San Jose, but it was enough to startle residents. “We’re very scared. It’s been years since we felt such a strong one,” said Otto...

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Powerful 7.2 Magnitude Quake Occurs on Iran-Iraq Border – Reports

Sputnik News Tremors have been felt by many countries in the Middle East after a major earthquake hit the border region between Iran and Iraq, according to the European-Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC). Local media have made contradictory reports, saying that at least 200 people have been severely injured and about 30 people killed. A 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit a remote border region about 20 miles southwest of the Iraqi town of Halabja near the Iran-Iraq border on Sunday, the EMSC reported. The epicenter of the earthquake was reportedly located some 127 miles north-east of Iraq’s Baghdad, and 67 miles west of Iran’s Kermanshah at a depth of 6 miles. For...

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New Aerial Images Show Mysterious Lost City In The Middle Of The Pacific Ocean

IFL Science Nan Madol is an ancient and remote city that has long been out of reach for archaeologists. Now, new tech has given scholars unprecedented access to the site, which was once the seat of the Saudeleur Dynasty (1100 CE to 1600 CE). The “floating” city sits on a coral reef in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of the island of Pohnpei, the capital of the Federated States of Micronesia, 4,000 kilometers (2,500 miles) from Los Angeles and 2,575 kilometers (1,600 miles) from Australia. In the latest episode of What On Earth? on the Science Channel, viewers can gaze at recently taken satellite...

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One Sun is NOT Enough—This NASA Patent Describes The Creation of Artificial Sun

Alien Policy This NASA patent describes an artificial star ever since the 1960s, suddenly fueling belief that the two suns we see in different videos might be more than fiction. I have to admit that whenever I came across a “two Suns” video I usually ignored it due to the high probability of it being a lens flare or some other cheap trick. But now, I have to admit that my self-defense mechanism inside my brain made me ignore this issue which, surprisingly enough, might be as real as people claim to be. Coming across this NASA patent field...

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WWII air raid shelter converted to grow food beneath London’s streets

ABC.NET/AU The old lift creaks into life and we slowly descend 33 metres below the busy streets of Clapham in south London. It is a journey thousands took to escape the bombs of Nazi Germany more than 70 years ago. But unlike those who lived through that traumatic period, we are not greeted with austere bunk beds in long-dark tunnels. PHOTO: This lift and stairwell offer no hints to the fascinating underground farm that lies below. (ABC: James Glenday) When the lift opens, I’m handed a coat, a pair of boots and a few samples of salad in a room bathed...

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China unveils massive island-building vessel

Japan Times China has shown off its largest and most advanced dredging vessel — which it calls “a magic island-maker” — state-run media reported Saturday. The dredger, the same kind of vessel used to create several China-held islets in the disputed South China Sea, was launched Friday at a port in eastern Jiangsu province, the China Daily newspaper said. “With a full displacement of 17,000 metric tons, the 140-meter-long ship is capable of dredging as much as 6,000 cubic meters of sand or clay per hour from 35 meters below the water’s surface, a capacity that means it could...

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Waking Times Buck Rogers, Staff Writer Waking Times Some things happening on planet earth today just don’t make sense if you’re looking at them from the perspective of an ordinary human being. For one example, look at the amount of financial debt being accrued around the world. We’re talking trillions and trillions of dollars. It seems utterly cartoonish that human beings could owe this much money to other human beings. The numbers actually make more sense if consider that our creditors may actually be off-planet entities. Take also for example, the widespread industrial scale destruction of the planet. The Athabasca oil...

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What Is China HIDING UNDER The Desert? 10/30/17 [VIDEO]

secureteam10 Published on Oct 30, 2017 Please support this work: Map: Secureteam is your source for reporting the best in new UFO sighting news, and the strange activity happening on and off of our planet. Email me YOUR footage and help us continue the good search for disclosure! ➨E-mail me your ideas & footage: ➨Secureteam Shirts! ➨Twitter: ➨Facebook: Send fanmail to: Secureteam 1712 11th St. Portsmouth, OH 45662 Box 372 Intro Music: Spellbound by Kevin Macleod Outro Music: “Dark Trap” by...

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Huge Hole The Size of The Netherlands Cracks Open in The Antarctic Ice

Alien Policy A large hole the size of the Netherlands has opened up in the thick layer of Antarctic ice. Ice researchers say it’s “premature” to link this anomaly to climate change, although it comes after another event where an iceberg more than double the size of Paris has been displaced from the Pine Island Glacier of Western Antarctica just a few weeks ago. Winter has ended recently in the southern hemisphere, and such brisk and unexpected changes were not on the radar of scientists studying the Antarctic region who are still struggling to understand how this abnormality occurred....

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Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 21, 2017 [VIDEO]

Dane Wigington Published on Oct 21, 2017 TO READ OR POST COMMENTS ON THIS VIDEO, PLEASE GO DIRECTLY TO THE ARTICLE… Our hope and goal is for this video to be shared far and wide, DO NOT re-upload this copyrighted video without prior written permission and conditions from Resource wars continue to be waged all over the planet. Which countries military do we find at the front line of the conflicts in nearly every case? The USA. With a military machine that is as large as the next 10 largest militaries combined, the USA is also...

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The Power Path We tend to think of our bodies as a whole unit but we also know that the body is made up of trillions of cells, each with a task and a mission.  When our bodies are injured by something as small as a splinter or by something as traumatic as a bullet the millions of cells right around the wound respond immediately to close, disinfect, and heal the injury. The body responds with shock in the case of a larger wound in order to prevent the injury from spreading to other organs of the body possibly...

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