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Comprehensive MKULTRA Summary – Part 1 of 6

VOAT Please note: the letters and numbers after each paragraph denote the book and page from which the information given was taken. BB=Bluebird by Colin Ross, MD MC=Mind Controllers by Armen Victorian NB=A Nation Betrayed by mind control survivor Carol Rutz In addition, normal references are numbered with brackets. A Secret Agenda Leads to First Mind Control Programs A declassified CIA document dated 7 January 1953 [1] with a section heading “Outline of Special H Cases” describes the creation of multiple personality in two 19-year old girls. “H” is shorthand for hypnotic, hypnotized, or hypnotism in these documents: “These...

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Icelandic Government Collapses After Plot to Pardon Pedophile Rapist Exposed

The Anti-Media (ANTIMEDIA) — Iceland’s justice system has received praise in recent years for its successful prosecution of multiple bankers who helped bring on the 2008 financial crisis. Though some of those bankers have been released early from prison, the latest controversy in the country stems from an entirely different miscarriage of justice. We’re revolutionizing the news industry, but we need your help! Click here to get started. Last week, it emerged that Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson knew of attempts by his father, Benedikt Sveinsson, to have the Ministry of Justice grant “restored honor” to a convicted child rapist. Benediktsson kept this secret as the rapist,...

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Russian Collusion: Hillary Clinton Invited Vladimir Putin To “Pay For Play” Event

SHTF Plan In newly released emails which the mainstream media is willfully ignoring, Hillary Clinton invited Russian president Vladimir Putin to a Clinton Foundation event. The Russian collusion between Hillary Clinton is becoming very apparent. Hillary Clinton likes to talk a tough game about Russian President Vladimir Putin. And she likes to put him on the list of those at fault for her loss in the election last November to Donald Trump. But that didn’t stop her from inviting him and other top Russian officials to a Clinton Foundation gala right after she became Secretary of State. Clinton Foundation director of foreign policy...

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From Lies To Information Overload — Methods of Hiding Reality

Gum Shoe News By G5 The recent London train bombing smells of a clumsy False Flag — the Protectors of Realms don’t always talk to each other. The current, behind the scenes noises are, that it was an ‘amateur’ device. But then the same was heard concerning: the Hilton Bombing, the Bali Bombings, and the London Train and Bus Bombings. There is always more to official renditions. Perhaps it’s an issue of Professional Amateurism or Criminal Terrorism — as it suits the prevailing narrative. Particularly since what was once regarded as Criminality, now simply slots into Terrorism. A fit...

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North Korea’s missile testing prompts flurry of military drills as US and others show force

ABC.NET.AU The United States military has staged bombing drills along with South Korea over the Korean peninsula, as Russia and China carried out naval exercises ahead of Tuesday’s meeting at the UN General Assembly where the issue of North Korea is likely to loom large. Key points: US fighter jets flew over the Korean peninsula from Guam and Japan China and Russia have repeatedly called for a peaceful solution to tensions James Mattis hints at military responses to North Korea The flurry of military drills came after Pyongyang fired another mid-range ballistic missile over Japan on Friday and conducted its sixth and...

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The World Is Creeping Toward De-Dollarization

Mises Institute The issue of when a global reserve currency begins or ends is not an exact science. There are no press releases announcing it, and neither are there big international conferences that end with the signing of treaties and a photo shoot. Nevertheless we can say with confidence that the reign of every world reserve currency has to come to and end at some point in time. During a changeover from one global currency to another, gold (and to a lesser extent silver) has always played a decisive role. Central banks and governments have long been aware that...

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Trump’s “Fiery” United Nations Speech: Full Transcript

Zero Hedge In a speech that commentators have said “the likes of which have never been heard by a U.S. leader in the United Nations”, President Trump did not disappoint expectations that his first appearance at the UN would be a fiery, memorable affair, and while laying out his view for a “nationalist” basis to US foreign policy, focusing on state sovereignty as the framework for the “great revival of nations” and future international relations while vowing to “always put America first”, Trump slammed “the scourge of our planet which is a group of rogue regimes” listing North Korea,...

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Entire Volume of CIA Files On Lee Harvey Oswald, Set to Be Released in October, Has ‘Gone Missing’

The Free Thought Project Countless concerned individuals are still searching for answers surrounding the mysterious death of the 35th president of the United States, John F. Kennedy. The official narrative, that a lone former Marine named Harvey Oswald assassinated him, is widely disputed. All available documents from all government entities are required by the Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 to be released on October 26th of 2017. But if history repeats itself, the Central Intelligence Agency may not release an entire volume of documents on Oswald, known as “volume 5.” As Sputnik reports, the release in July of 3,810 CIA and...

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Justice Department Begins Criminal Probe Into Equifax Executive Stock Sales

Zero Hedge The U.S. Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation into whether top officials at Equifax violated insider trading laws when they sold stock before the company disclosed that it had been hacked, according to people familiar with the investigation. Equifax disclosed earlier this month that it discovered a security breach on July 29. The three executives sold shares worth almost $1.8 million in early August. The company has said the managers didn’t know of the breach at the time they sold the shares. As we noted previously, Senator Heidi Heitkamp, a Democrat who sits on the Senate Banking Committee, said it was “disturbing”...

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Open Your Mind (OYM) Radio – Winston Shrout / Thomas Williams – 17th Sept 2017 [VIDEO]

OYMInternetRadio Published on Sep 18, 2017 Winston Shrout is an educator, author, researcher, and lecturer focusing on the history, origins and foundational concepts related to commerce, degree in psychology, He created ‘Solutions in Commerce’ to provide people the tools they need to understand and navigate our complicated commercial world with educational material and solutions that are dubiously absent from the standard curriculums of today, NESARA/GESARA Funds, Not Just About Money, Free Energy Devices, Healing Devices, London Terrorist Attack, False Flag, Who Is The Girl With The Long Red Hair, How Did They Catch The Guy In Dover So Quickly,...

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United States Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) Annual History Reports

The Black Vault Background INSCOM executes mission command of operational intelligence and security forces; conducts and synchronizes worldwide multi-discipline and all-source intelligence and security operations; delivers linguist support and intelligence-related advanced skills training, acquisition support, logistics, communications, and other specialized capabilities in support of Army, Joint, and Coalition Commands and the U.S. Intelligence Community. Each year, INSCOM published annual history reports detailing that year in review. In includes critical information to understanding INSCOM and its operations. Below you will find records as released under various FOIA Requests. More are pending and will be added when they are released. Document...

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Workers Strike Continues At Sensitive Nuclear Power Plant In South Carolina

True Activist The Savannah River Site, in South Carolina, is a large but little-known power plant that stores excess plutonium, produces radioactive fuel for hydrogen bombs, and recycles tritium in nuclear warheads to keep them from degrading. The site is controlled by the US Department of Energy, and they contract the private security company Centerra. Union group ‘United Professional Pro-Force of Savannah River, Local 125’ is composed of nearly 100 para military security employees from the plant. The group is currently fighting with Centerra over increases in health care costs, and a controversial new contract clause limiting the union’s power. The workers have now been...

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World Predictions Until 2050 by Remote Viewer E.M Nicolay

Humans Are Free by Dr. Kathy J. Forti, Trinfinity8 If we could all look into the future, what might we see? Remote viewer and visionary intuitive E.M. (“Gene”) Nicolay is so good at predicting future events that governments and corporations have tried to pick his brain for years. Consequently, he learned quickly to fly low under the radar, which is why you’ve probably never heard of him. He is a modern-day Nostradamus and his remarkable gift has led him to lead a very seclusionary life. I’ve known Gene for many years. In 2010 he warned me that my scheduled February 2011...

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Jon Rappoport – Intimidation of 9/11 Commission witnesses: the “minders”

Jon Rappoport by Jon Rappoport September 15, 2017 Let’s say you work for a large corporation, which is undertaking an internal investigation of possible corruption and fraud within the company. You’re sitting in a room, and an employee of the company is interviewing you. But next to you sits your boss. He hears all the questions, and he hears your answers. He takes notes on the interview. He answers questions you are supposed to answer. He is your “minder.” Getting the picture? On October 2, 2003, during the 9/11 Commission investigation into what happened on September 11, 2001, a...

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After being turned down by Iraq’s parliament yesterday, the Barzani regime now tries to make Kurdistan independent by force

Fort-RussTheNational After being turned down by Iraq’s parliament yesterday, the Barazani regime now tries to make Kurdistan independent by force September 13th, 2017 – – translated by Samer Hussein After Yesterday’s unanimous vote on not allowing Kurdistan’s separation by the Iraqi parliament, forces of the so-called Peshmerga militias (armed forces of the Iraqi Kurdistan’s ruling Barazani regime) suddenly started to spread in the areas of of Kirkuk, Daquq and Tuz Khurmatu. “These forces did not come for the purpose of the referendum, but to suppress the Arabs and Turkmens, as well as to enforce the will of the...

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German politician Sahra Wagenknecht: End NATO, and replace it with a security organization that includes Russia

Fort-Russ Wagenknecht: End NATO, and replace it with a security organization that includes Russia September 11, 2017 – Fort Russ News – –, translated from German by Tom Winter – The Left lead-candidate Sahra Wagenknecht set new impulses for Russia policy shortly before the Bundestag elections. In the interview with, the politician pleads for an end to the Russian sanctions, the dissolution of NATO and a diplomatic solution to the Ukraine crisis. You call the Russia sanctions “counterproductive.” How can the conflict in the Eastern Ukraine be solved otherwise? The conflict in the Eastern Ukraine can only be...

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Interview with ex-CIA Robert David Steele & Fmr Congresswoman Dr. Cynthia McKinney on #UNRIG so far [VIDEO]

DestroyingTheIllusion Interview with ex-CIA Robert David Steele & Fmr Congresswoman Dr. Cynthia McKinney on #UNRIG so far Sep 13, 2017 Robert David Steele is a former spy, father of the Open Source Intelligence movement, and recent nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of his development of The Open Source Way that integrates holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering. He is the founder of Earth Intelligence Network, a non-profit educational corporation, and the founder of #UNRIG, a civics education project focused on election reform. Find Mr. Steele at Cynthia Ann McKinney is the...

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