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Autism and teens: Sydney father James Best’s radical experiment to help son, Sam

ABC.NET/AU When Sydney GP Dr James Best announced that he was going backpacking across Africa with his teenage son who has autism, the reactions varied from aghast to incredulous. Key points: Father and son spent six months in Africa Sam encouraged to talk to new people, order meals and care for himself Research showed Sam made 78 per cent increase in eye contact and 75 per cent reduction in abrupt conversation topic changes “Are you nuts?” asked Autism Awareness Australia CEO Nicole Rogerson. “I tried to be supportive but mostly I just laughed.” The conventional wisdom for dealing with...

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Why is new CDC director a military Major from the U.S. Air Force?

Thanks Nancy! Natural News (Natural News) On July 7, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Tom Price announced that Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, M.D., a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist, will be taking over as head of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Dr. Fitzgerald has an extensive resume relative to her position, which includes more than 30 years as a practicing physician. She also happens to be a Major in the U.S. Air Force, having served at both the Wurtsmith Air Force Strategic Air Command (SAC) Base in Michigan and at Andrews Air Force Base...

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Root That Kills 98 Percent of Cancer Cells in 48 Hours

Era of Light Researchers are always looking for ways to fight cancer. While most of the tests fail, a few have amazing results. In fact, some show better results than chemotherapy. Let’s face it, chemo is very painful and also kills healthy cells in the body. In fact, it’s believed to cause death in most cancer patients. The study I’m about to share with you proved that it’s possible to prevent and treat cancer without experiencing pain and harming healthy cells. Canadian researchers found that dandelions have strong anti-cancer properties. Kill cancer cells with dandelions Dandelions have actually helped cancer patients treat...

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U.S. EPA Approves Limits on Mercury in California Waters

EVISA (19.07.2017) Yesterday, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced the approval of new water quality criteria for mercury in California waters. The new rules, developed by the State Water Resources Control Board, set mercury limits in fish tissue to protect human health and aquatic-dependent wildlife. New protections also have been added for tribal cultural use and subsistence fishing. Background: In California, Gold Rush-era mining operations released millions of pounds of mercury, a potent neurotoxin, into state waterways. Miners dug up 12 billion tons of earth, and used mercury to extract the gold ore. The amount of mercury required to...

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Galactic Connection They truly are a gift from God, The Ascended Masters, and Our Galactic Brothers and Sisters. I am honored to share them with you today! Each formula is designed to reinforce protection of your energy fields and grids, catalyze new perspectives, align simultaneous timelines/past lives, assist you in unifying your lower bodies with your Higher Self continually, and becoming impervious to outside dissonance. Through increasing your consciousness, these remedies bring a new spark of life with new realizations. All essences to assist you at a special pre-lauch price of $144.00 For more information and to purchase, click...

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Psychedelic drugs could tackle depression in a way that antidepressants can’t

Business Insider When Clark Martin tripped on magic mushrooms for the first time, he was flanked by two researchers in a small room at New York University. An avid sailor, Martin said the first few hours of the experience reminded him of a time he’d been knocked off his boat by a powerful wave and lost track of the vessel. “It was like falling off the boat in the open ocean, looking back, and the boat is gone. Then the water disappears. Then you disappear,” he said. But the panic was temporary. Over the next few hours, Martin felt...

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Out-of-body experiences: Neuroscience or the paranormal?

Medical News Today As you lie in slumber, your spirit body snaps free and drifts upward while your physical shell is left lonely on the bed below, connected only by a fragile, silvery cord. You turn and observe yourself peacefully sleeping. Could this be evidence of the soul? Could it be proof of life after death? Reports of out-of-body experiences (OBEs) vary. Some consist of little more than a fleeting feeling that body and mind have come loose, while others recount tales of floating far from the person’s physical body and traveling to otherworldly plains. Either way, OBEs have...

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Waking Times Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer Waking Times Shockingly, worldwide cancer rates are predicted to rise even further, and that by the year 2020, 1-in-2 women and 1-in-3 men will be diagnosed with some form of cancer. It is so common already, in fact, that it getting cancer is more common than getting married or having a first baby. The cancer industrial complex is negligent in warning people who chemotherapy is now known to actually make some cancers spread and make some tumors more aggressive. Government and its myriad regulatory agencies work diligently to prevent access to natural or alternative cancer treatments, and doctors and the...

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What Parents Should Know About EMFs And Wi-Fi

Activist Post By Catherine J. Frompovich EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) and RFs (radio frequencies) contribute to Electrosmog; both frequencies affect and compromise the human organism, especially children’s. I’ve been a consumer health researcher since the late 1970s.  I was one of the few healthcare professionals to learn and to be concerned about vaccine adverse events in the 1980s, since either doctors I knew or those I worked with began hearing Moms’ heart-wrenching stories of how their infants were damaged by vaccines and had not been the same since.  As a result of that exposure on a very definitive timeline, I’ve been...

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A Breathing Exercise to Take You Higher

Wake Up World July 16th, 2017 By Nick Polizzi Guest Writer for Wake Up World A few years ago, one of my teachers taught me a powerful breathing exercise that I’d like to share with you today. Variations of this technique have been used for millennia to induce altered states of consciousness and connect more deeply with the divine. On the surface, it’s hard to fathom how breathing alone can take us to such great heights. I had doubts myself – until I gave it a try. As it turns out, I hadn’t given my lungs enough credit – the experience was cathartic in...

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Community Demands Answers After Australian Healer Shot Dead By U.S. Police

Natural Blaze By Heather Callaghan, Editor Americans have been increasingly groomed to accept the most egregious forms of injustice from police. While the media stirs people up into a frenzy over acts of terrorism and mass shootings – the startling truth is, that police kill more Americans in one year, than all mass shootings of our history combined. Think about that… So what happens when senseless police violence inexplicably happens so often that an unsuspecting foreigner becomes the latest casualty behind occupied U.S. lines? Australian Justine Damond, aged 40, was a natural, spiritual healer and yoga teacher who helped people heal their lives through meditation and...

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Corespirit Just one night of poor sleep is enough to trigger a spike in a brain chemical linked to Alzheimer’s disease, a study has shown. Although scientists knew there was a connection between dementia and lack of sleep, it was unclear whether the disease was insomnia or vice versa. Now researchers at Stanford University and Washington Medical School have discovered that even a single night of disrupted sleep is enough to raise levels of amyloid beta – a substance which can clump together and stop brain cells communicating with each other. Although the levels returned to normal, scientists fear...

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Top 6 Executive decisions President Trump could make that would finally transform the health of Americans

Natural News (Natural News) Everybody is “up in arms” about the new healthcare bill proposal and whether it’s better, worse or just more of the same chronic punishment doled out by Obamacare. Any way you slice it and “draw it up,” it’s just more chronic sick care management that never seems to cure anything, but rather drives more disease and disorder. What a shame. Why bother getting caught up in the unaffordable Ponzi frenzy? Americans have already been hoodwinked by Obama on several fronts. He swore he’d label GMOs, but instead green-lighted even more Frankenfood. Obama swore that with...

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Secret Teachings Reborn: The Mysterious Life of Manly P. Hall

Humans Are Free The late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries saw an explosion of spiritual teachers and impresarios dealing in “secret wisdom.” Their ranks included hacks and frauds – as well as more than a few genuine scholars of esoteric traditions. Most have vanished from memory, their writings a historical footnote. There exists one distinct figure, though, whose movement and teachings not only survived his passing but are even experiencing a revival in our day. His name is Manly P. Hall. While few academicians will ever know of him, Hall was among the twentieth century’s – and perhaps any century’s...

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USC Researchers Discover How to Regenerate Your Entire Immune System in 72 Hours

Humans Are Free The immune system is something that is highly misunderstood not just by everyday people but also by the many conventional doctors who we depend on for health advice.  Most people resort to things like synthetic vitamins and medicines (ignoring better natural alternatives) to deal with colds and improve immunity, but the cycle of sickness always seems to continue. For people with compromised immune systems, there are many natural options, and now researchers have discovered what could well be one of the best ways to reset and recharge your immune system; one that happens to be free and...

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Proof That Our DNA Is Genetically Mutating RIGHT NOW!

In5D by Rosie Neal, Guest writer, So I choose to share a private sensitive issue so that it may assist others that may be going through anything similar. My hope it will bring clarity for everyone. I had a test done that showed that the cell structure of the mitochondria is not working properly and has changed. This also includes the DNA and RNA have changed on a cellular level. This creates many underlying issues physically with the parasympathetic nervous system, vascular system, muscles, lymphatic systems, sympathetic nervous system, thyroid issues issues with all forms of digestion issues, cell structures...

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The Radical Intelligence of Nature with Dr. Roger Gottlieb [VIDEO]

Theosophical Society Streamed live 2 hours ago The Radical Intelligence of Nature In the face of genetic engineering, cyborg sensibilities, and an encompassing technoculture, how can we encounter, appreciate, and learn from nature? Dr. Gottlieb will explore the resources nature, despite everything, still holds for individual spiritual development, collective sanity, and progressive political change. Nature’s radical intelligence teaches both personal tranquility and a profound unease with destructive social structures and global norms of violence and addiction. Roger S. Gottlieb, Ph.D., is professor of philosophy at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He is known for his work as a leading analyst and...

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Are There Patents To Manipulate The Human Nervous System Using Electromagnetic Frequencies?

Thanks Rebecca! Activist Post By Catherine J. Frompovich With all the “fake news,” propaganda and scares to taint impressionable minds with, one has to wonder is there any real news fit to print, to know or to do something with or about? Well, I just happen to have been “gifted” with a website link “Justia Patents,” which details some of the patents and patents pending for inventions by Hendricus G. Loos that deal with manipulating the human nervous system by the use of electromagnetic fields! Who is Hendricus G. Loos? According to the website “Quora,”  Loos may be a fictitious name that does not...

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